This week: coronavirus, climate, and especially, nuclear, news

October 19, 2020

Covid-19 cases across the globe hit 40 million Monday with the United States leading the world with the highest numbers of infections and deaths.  World round-up of coronavirus. cases and restrictions.

Climate change just keeps on – cycloone, floods and landslides.– Vietnam, India.  It becomes important to devlop strategies to adapt to global heating.

Nuclear news items stress the need for international agreements on arms control.

But , on the ”peaceful nukes” scene, it is quite extraordinary that propaganda has ramped up enormously, even while the pandemic has actually slowed down nuclear building and other activities, as well as the demand for electricty.

What we’re seeing is a frenzy of  small nuclear reactor (SMR) propaganda handouts masquerading as real journalism. In English language news, it’s all about America selling these uneconomic and pretty useless gimmicks to their own population and to overseas countries. The most often praised model, NuScam’s reactor, is even now being touted as ”foreign development aid”.   No doubt the global industry is doing the same confidence trick in Russian and Chinese. They need a global burst of tax-payer funded SMR building,  to stave off the collapse of the industry.

Some bits of good news We’ve had so many wins’: why the green movement can overcome climate crisis. International Monetary Fund recommends a carbon price, for the economy as well as for the climate.  Solar energy is here with a vengeance – look at South Australia.


CLIMATE. USA election result, and Australia’s response– the world’s climate in the balance.  Greens renew call for Green New Deal, describe Morrison’s climate policies as “criminal”.

NUCLEAR. South Australia  Upper House [Legislative Council] votes against any radioactive waste repository, upholds S.A.’s law opposing nuclear waste dumping.

Australia a leader in the worst sense – biodiversity loss and risk of ecosystem collapse.  Morrison government’s devastating cuts to Environmental research and teaching.

U.S. Deputy Sheriff Australia taken for a ride on an obsolete $90 billion submarine.

Michelle Fahy blows open the disgraceful collusion between Australian politicians and weapons industries.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australian Energy Market Organisation (AEMO)  takes lead role in global consortium seeking rapid energy transition.


The attack on journalism – launched with the persecution of Julian Assange.

On climate: instead of denial or despair, there’s determined resolve.  Carbon emissions are deeply embedded in our lifestyle – the challenge post-pandemic.  Climate disasters – Earth is becoming uninhabitable for millions of humans.

Elimination of nuclear weapons is vital to the “survival of life on this planet”.

Nuclear waste – a danger for countless generations to come.

Resisting nuclear colonialism on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Offshore Wind Energy, Not Nuclear, Is the Future.  Study shows that renewable energy is clearly better that nuclear at cutting greenhouse emissions.


Thorium not likely to revive the nuclear energy industry.

NEW ZEALAND. Climate and clean energy leaders win big in New Zealand, ACT elections.

ARCTIC.  Global heating is unravelling the Arctic, much faster than expected.  Climate change: Arctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes.  Reopening of a Cold-War era submarine base, as USA struggles to beat Russia to control the Arctic.

JAPAN.  Japan’s government is appealing the landmark ruling about its responsibility for Fukushima nuclear accident. Japan’s government planning to dump into the sea, the radioactive water from Fukushima No. 1 nuclear reactor.  Fukushima ‘blank spaces’ in limbo, left out of decontamination plan.

Struggling Japanese towns look to nuclear waste storing and the money associated. Mansion without a toilet: Towns in Japan seek to house, store nuclear waste out of necessity.  800-meter-long seawall being constructed, as Japan plans to reopen damaged Onagawa nuclear complex.

Japan’s government ignores U.N. nuclear ban treaty, puts out feeble anti-nuclear weapons resolution.

SOUTH ASIA. Neighbouring countries oppose Japan’s plan to release nuclear waste water into the Pacific.

RUSSIA. Putin suggests extending the START nuclear weapons control treaty for another year.



CANADA. Nuclear industry stagnates, renewables thrive- small nuclear reactors will be a terrible mistake for Canada. Small modular nuclear reactors create intensely radioactive wastes. Divisive nuclear waste programme mapped out in South Bruce, Ontario.  Canada’s government caught up in the Small Nuclear Reactor Ponzi Scheme.

NORTH KOREA.  North Korea, with its new intercontinental-range ballistic missile makes it clear that it is a nuclear weapons nation. New North Korean missile will prove a big diplomatic headache for US, expert warns.

SOUTH KOREA. After 23 yearrs and huge expense, South Korea is to close down its efoort to develop nuclear spent fuel reprocessing .

MIDDLE EAST. Policy of no uranium enrichment, no reprocessing, essential for Middle East to prevent nuclear arms proliferation.

FRANCE. France has more nuclear waste than shown in official inventory, reports the nuclear regulator. France’s nuclear company EDF promises a new design pressurised water nuclear reactor (EPR).

INDIA. India’s young anti-nuclear protestors still in trouble, police cases pending, 10 years after teir demonstration.  Cybersecurity concerns about India’s nuclear reactors.

BULGARIA. USA to market nuclear reactor to Bulgaria.

TUVALU. Tuvalu – the 47th nation to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

SOUTH AFRICA.  South Africa the first sucker to get American experimental nuclear reactor + $billions in bribes?.

Important that South Australia keeps firmly to its anti nuclear legislation

October 16, 2020
Mark Parnell MLC , No nuclear waste dump anywhere in South Australia. 16 Oct 20, 
The atmosphere in State Parliament today has been positively radioactive. Before lunch, we debated a new Radiation Protection Bill and this afternoon we will see where the parties line up to support or oppose the proposed Kimba nuclear waste dump.
I was pleased this morning that the Upper House supported a number of Greens’ amendments which make the regulation of ionizing radiation more transparent. However, making the BHP Olympic Dam mine comply with State laws was too much for Liberal or Labor. Shamefully, this mine will continue to get special treatment and legal exemptions as they have for nearly 40 years.

Culture of corruption Australian politicians and Defense spending

October 13, 2020

This week’s climate.nuclear news – Australia and overseas

October 12, 2020

The World Health Organisation has reported 338,779 new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded last week, a new daily record.

World press freedom endangered, if UK extradites Julian Assange to America.  Assange extradition case could esrablish a dangerous legal precedent.

This election isn’t just about you, America.  The world’s climate future – much depends on America’s presidential election.   Trump’s psychopathology a threat to US democracy and to global stability.

Some bits of good news – The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Goes To The World’s Largest Hunger Program.    A New Generation of Young Poll Workers is Stepping Up to Protect the Elderly From COVID-19


Murdoch media monopoly – an ‘arrogant cancer on our democracy’.

Pretty despicable -tax breaks for company exporting weapons to Saudi Arabia, UAE.

Australia needs a permanent war crimes investigation unit.

CLIMATE. Australian government has Zero interest in the climate .   Morrison government again fails on climate ation, snubs renewable energy.  Australia now the worst OECD country for climate change action.  China’s dramatic plan for switch to renewables – a warning to Australia‘s fossil-fuel economy.  Net zero emissions target for Australia could launch $63bn investment boom.   Queensland election – all about climate, coal, and minority parties.

NUCLEAR – Labor likely to amend the Nuclear Waste Bill, removing certainty about the Napandee dump happening.  Divisions in Labor, over nuclear waste dump plan.  Australian government’s controversial Nuclear Waste Bill delayed – not yet debated in Senate till atleast November 9.   Federal government hiding its toxic nuclear waste Act under the cover of budget fuss.

Uranium. Clean-up for Ranger uranium mine. Rum Jungle mine still a polluted mess.  Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association gets $millions from uranium mining: need for Royal Commission into Native Title.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Solar meets 100 per cent of South Australia demand for first time.


Why climate change is a time bomb. – Climate future depends on what action humans take.  Greta Thunberg: ‘Get everyone to vote for Joe Biden’.  Global and European temperature levels for September – hottest on record.

Countries that have included nuclear in their green stimulus plans may want to rethink their strategy.  Major study finds that renewables lower emissions substantially, and nuclear power does not. Nuclear power, irrelevant to climate change – and in fact, hinders climate action.

Promises, promises — the media keeps  buying the tired old nuclear spin, marketing small reactors.

U.S. and Russian negotiators try to salvage arms control pact.

14 million tonnes of plastic on ocean floor – more on the coasts.

Former world leaders urge those now in power to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Pro nuclear bias in  articles in Google headlines.

JAPAN.  Ageing community in Hokkaido town – mayor agrees to survey for nuclear waste dump.  Fishing industry chief opposes releasing Fukushima No. 1 water into sea.

ALGERIA. Algeria to ratify Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons “as soon as possible”.  France should reveal the location of its nuclear waste dump in Algeria.

PACIFIC ISLANDS.  Pacific Island Nations determined to say NO to nuclear weapons, and support UN Treaty Ban.


UK. Design not even finished! But UK govt to subsidise Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs).    Big doubts about the economics of small nuclear reactors for the UK.

Will the UK government sacrifice the beautiful Suffolk coast in its misguided, uneconomic, Sizewell nuclear power push?  Conflict of interest – UK’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) regarding Hinkley C nuclear project.

UKRAINEUkraine’s President enthuses over their nuclear reactors – but they’re all ageing Soviet ones.

CHINA.  China backs Iran nuclear deal, calls for new MidEast forum.    China-Saudi nuclear pact can trigger an arms race in West Asia.

INDIA. India test-fires new version of nuclear capable Shaurya missile.

CANADA3 Canadian provinces sucked in by propaganda from 3 Small Nuclear Reactor companies.

RUSSIA.  Russia’s nuclear giant Rosatom moving into renewable energy, energy storage, grid development.

FRANCE.  European Commission, and France’s Hercules project, plan to break up the nuclear company EDF.  Cracks in France’s ageing Tricastin nuclear reactor 1.

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong Un set to show off nuclear advances in message to Trump. Kim Jong Un showcases North Korea’s biggest intercontinental missile.

BELARUS.  Belarus postpones launch of nuclear reactor.

GERMANY.  Nuclear no option for hydrogen production: German government.NEW ZEALAND.  New Zealand installs its biggest solar farm, floating on a wastewater pond. Lower Saxony opposes building of nuclear power plants by Netherlands – location all too close

POLAND.  Poland to build nuclear reactor starting in 2026, excludes Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

ROMANIA. USA trying to beat China, in marketing nuclear reactors to Romania.

Up to 20,000 new clean energy jobs up for grabs as Queensland readies to vote — RenewEconomy

October 9, 2020

A new Climate Council report says renewable energy zones, clean manufacturing and renewable exports provide political leaders a chance to create thousands of new jobs. The post Up to 20,000 new clean energy jobs up for grabs as Queensland readies to vote appeared first on RenewEconomy.

Up to 20,000 new clean energy jobs up for grabs as Queensland readies to vote — RenewEconomy

Nuclear/climate news to 5 October – Australia and beyond

October 5, 2020

As happens all too often, news media is fixated on you know who. Conflicting stories – Donald Trump ‘incapacitated’ by COVID-19 drug side effects, law professor claims.  The White House’s medical team said Donald Trump “has continued to improve” since Saturday and could be released as early as Monday. Darned if I know what to think, and how this might affect the U.S. election.

Fierce fighting continues in the  Armenia, Azerbaijan conflict(The media doesn’t mention  the Azerbaijan threat to bomb Armenia’s nuclear power plant. But perhaps it’s Azerbaiji fear of radioactive pollution that prevents this)

A bit of good news – Good living standards for the world can be attained with reduced energy use


Morrison government refuses to sign  leaders’ pledge on biodiversity.  Australian State laws have weak environmental standards.

CLIMATE. China’s zero emissions target is contrasted with Australia’s inaction on global heating.

NUCLEARPine Gap could play role in accidental US-China nuclear fight .      Legacy of Maralinga bomb tests -a reminder of need for safety in matters nuclear.



‘We have a chance’: David Attenborough says $500 billion needed to save earth.  A Positive Narrative for the Anthropocene .    Extinction crisis: ′The window of opportunity is closing′Debunking myths about saving the natural world.

The climate crisis is heating up nights faster than days in many parts of the world.  Climate change responsible for record sea temperature levels, says study   Coastal flooding will disproportionately impact 31 million people globally

The safety of the world requires a nuclear-free planet.

Julian Assange could face life in America’s most dreaded ‘Supermax’ prison.

From 38 million English-language articles, study shows Trump as world’s biggest driver of coronavirus misinformation.    Nuclear power and the mainstream media – a convenient advertising platform?

Lunar base woud have to be underground, due to the danger of high radiation on the moon.  On the moon ”normal” humans (i.e males) will get 200 Times the Radiation Experienced on Earth, (what about females?).

‘Reverse course’ towards full nuclear disarmament – UN chief.

Nuclear power is now the most expensive form of generation, except for gas peaking plants’.  Nano diamond batteries from nuclear waste? Impractical and not likely to ever happen.

Exposed! Extinction Rebellion fact checks pro-nuclear frontRefuting the nuclear lobby‘s nonsense on risks of ionising radiation.  It’s important to bust the pro-nuclear spin.

Ionising radiation – the tragedy of the ”radium girls”.

ARCTIC. Accelerating rate of ice sheet loss from Greenland.


JAPAN.  Offshore wind energy could replace more than half of the nation’s generation capacity by 2050. TEPCO’s fitness to operate nuke reactors still open to question.  Court rules Fukushima nuclear disaster preventable, increases liabilities.   Japanese Government Is Ordered to Pay Damages Over Fukushima Disaster.  TEPCO: 11m seawall completed at Fukushima plant.  In Rural Fukushima, ‘The Border Between Monkeys And Humans Has Blurred’.  Tokyo Olympic torch relay to start on March 25, 2021 in Fukushima.  Fukushima and freedom of expression. Japan Struggles to Secure Radioactive Nuclear Waste Dump Sites.

UK. UK to return high-level nuclear waste to Germany.  Plans for Bradwell B nuclear power station could collapse.  UK govt to give EDF a blank cheque for building Sizewell C nuclear power plant.  Call to British govt to not allow restart of Hinkley Point B nuclear reactors, with cracks in their cores.

EUROPE.  Severe floods in Italy and France.

RUSSIA. Daunting task of removal of Russia’s spent nuclear fuel rods from Andreeva Bay.

INDIA. Tensions between 3 nuclear-armed powers are rising toward the boiling point .

ARMENIA. Heavy military clashes between Armenian and Azeri forces.

IRAQCongenital abnormalities. Thorium and uranium, in infants and children living near an active U.S. military base in Iraq.

GERMANY. Germany launches new search for permanent nuclear waste disposal site90 areas in Germany identified as potentially suitable for nuclear waste burial.

FRANCE. Flamanville nuclear reactor – patched up, but – dangerous and illegal , say groups. Two new appeals against the Flamanville EPR.    In September, French nuclear production reached its second lowest level on record.

IRAN. UN nuclear watchdog inspects second Iran site.

INDONESIA. Call to Indonesia to ratify UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

BRAZIL. Brazil has 1.2 million renewable energy jobs. — GO ECO GREEN21

PHILIPPINES. Cost and safety dangers should rule out nuclear power for the Philippines.

Grossly inadequate Senate report on National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment Bill

October 2, 2020

The report released on 14 September 2020 by the majority of the Senate committee inquiring into the National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment Site Specification,Community Fund and Other Measures) Bill  is  both grossly deficient and biased and does no credit to the members of the committee.

I can only put this down to a combination of lack of knowledge and possibly even ignorance on the part of both the committee members and the researchers from the committee secretariat of the subject of the inquiry which is of major and lasting importance to all of Australia and needs more than truck driving experience for its proper consideration.

While I do not intend to comment on all of the report in detail I will refer to some aspects of the introduction being chapter 1 including the conduct of the inquiry but more extensively to the second part of the report dealing with support for the legislative changes and the evidence of the witnesses who appeared before the committee.


……… In describing the background for the inquiry the committee has relied on rather older information which is surprising considering the very recent developments in the field of nuclear waste management which have been completely ignored in the report.
……. it seems that the committee has heavily relied on the explanatory memorandum accompanying the bill and the subsequent ministerial statements and responses having blithely accepted them with little or no proper scrutiny of their content and accuracy.
This also applies to the submissions by ANSTO and the Department of Industry Science Energy and Resources which did not elicit any questioning or testing of the accuracy of their content.
……….. the heart of the intended legislative changes  will remove various fundamental rights including seeking judicial and administrative reviews.
……….. It should have been obvious to the committee that the Barngarla will under no circumstances permit the storage and disposal of nuclear waste in any part of their lands within South Australia irrespective of what discussions and negotiations may take place even with an independent mediator.
………. The conduct of the inquiry also leaves a lot to be desired since the committee failed – and seemingly deliberately – to call any experts on nuclear waste from overseas to provide proper advice and suggestions to the committee instead of relying exclusively on the technical evidence by or on behalf of the government.
This makes the majority report even less credible which is already the view of some overseas experts who are surprised at the deficiencies in the evidence to justify the main recommendation of the report.
……. many of the supporting views are said to be based on general scientific or technical reasons but  some of these are made in sheer and blind acceptance of the government’s information without any testing or examination of their veracity..
………… The concept of the local agricultural industry coexisting with the nuclear facility is completely disingenuous as is amply demonstrated by recent situations overseas including in particular in France and to suggest that the facility will not affect the agricultural environment and produce of Kimba is nonsensical.
What is more the report has completely ignored the provisions of the Disposal Facilities Code (2018) of ARPANSA which provides at section 3.1.22 as to the criteria for the selection of a non-radiological site that “the immediate vicinity of the facility has no known significant natural resources   ………… and has little or no potential for agriculture or outdoor recreational use”
It follows that these two factors significantly displace the perceived economic benefits which should be a major consideration as to the facility’s proposed establishment..
………..from surveys a large percentage of up to 80% of the South Australian population is against the facility which is also the stated position of the state’s parliamentary opposition.
The submissions in support of the facility by the three presumably knowledgeable bodies being the Nuclear Association and Academy of Science together with the local Chamber of Mines and Energy failed to provide any really technical or scientific information and seemed to more of a political nature judging by their brevity which I understood in the case of the Nuclear Association and probably the Chamber was to enable the start of a nuclear energy industry in this country.
Again it has surprised me that the committee did not seek any meaningful explanations from these groups as presumably they would hold themselves out as having some expertise with regard to nuclear waste.
The evidence and submissions in support of the facility by the local community including the District Council are self servicing and appear to swayed by the perceived financial grants and benefits provided by the government which surely must be understood to be creating a false economy doomed to ultimate failure……….
Perhaps the most glaring examples of the insular and ignorant conduct of the community  supporters of the facility are their contentions that its establishment and the voting for its acceptance are applicable and relevant only to Kimba. Considering the importance of this issue to the whole nation and that it is to intended to be a central national facility it should and must extend well beyond their unrealistic and quite selfish attitude by is seen by their rather ludicrous contentions.
What is even more critical is that the inquiry made no attempt to ascertain the accuracy of these claims despite their national significance………..
What really makes the majority report so unconvincing is that none of the evidence has been questioned or tested as to its competence and accuracy and the committee as chosen not to call evidence from international experts who would very quickly show the incompetence of the government as to the underlying technical issues of the inquiry to justify the legislative changes.
This becomes even worse when a principal witness on behalf of the government is accused of lying which in a court of law would have lead to a preferment for perjury……….
………. the government has rejected many requests for detailed information of the radionuclides inventories and funding for an independent assessment and scrutiny of the government’s proposals which will no doubt be a consideration for ARPANSA in dealing with the licence applications
Unlike the committee stating “that the issue of radioactive material is an emotive one” it is in fact very important and scientifically technical especially as it concerns present and long term safety of the whole population.
The committee has badly failed in its inquiry in both testing the credibility of the claims by the government and other supporters of the facility proposal and in neglecting any examination of the lack of expected and prescribed requirements including among other things the safety case and the radionuclides counts.

To 28 September – climate, nuclear, (and coronavirus) news

September 28, 2020

Coronavirus, climate change and weather disasters: 2020 has been a hell of a year, so far.  Some world leaders at this week’s annual United Nations meeting are taking the long view, warning: If COVID-19 doesn’t kill us, climate change will.

On the nuclear scene, well, really, nothing much is happening. Except for the propaganda. Covid-19 is making the nuclear industry’s problems even worse, so their marketing propaganda is intensifying. Last week it was all about small nuclear reactors. This week, it’s still that, but as an extra push, it’s all about thorium.

Some bits of good news – Over 12 million children, caregivers and teachers reached by UNICEF and Millicom (TIGO) to strengthen child rights across Latin America during COVID 19.  The Aahwahan Foundation in India works towards the eradication of poverty, while also focussing on maintaining a sustainable environment.


NUCLEAR. From October 6, the Australian Senate will discuss the NATIONAL ISSUE of the Napandee nuclear waste dump plan.  Kimba nuclear waste dump – not just a local issue, but only locals were consulted. Kimba mayor Dean Johnson shows his ignorance on nuclear wastes.

Dr Helen Caldicott and Independent Australia bust the media spin on ‘small nuclear reactors’.


Australian scientists censored on speaking about climate change.  Farmers have called out the federal government’s climate change low emissions policy as selling out an industry for profit.  Forget the lobbying. It’s the spin that wins on climate, report finds.  Why Australia’s hydrogen industry should be renewables only.

Julian Assange dragged from embassy “on the orders of the president”.  Medical experts testify to court on Julian Assange’s precarious mental health.  Australia’s media disgrace – the deliberate neglect of the Julian Assange extradition hearing.  The media ignores Julian Assange and the Media ‘Trial of Century’.

Australians recorded frog calls on their smartphones after the bushfires – and the results are remarkable


Julian Assange dragged from embassy “on the orders of the president”.  Medical experts testify to court on Julian Assange’s precarious mental health.  Australia’s media disgrace – the deliberate neglect of the Julian Assange extradition hearing.  The media ignores Julian Assange and the Media ‘Trial of Century’.

When looking at impact of coronavirus, we can’t forget the long-term health effects.

45 nations have now ratified the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Latest World Nuclear Industry Status Report shows high levelised cost of nuclear power.   Small Nuclear Reactors look good – on paper!.

Radiation exposure on the moon is nearly three times that on the International Space Station.

Solar and battery ads blocked by Twitter and Facebook move against “political content” .  Recharge’s ”must read” news of the week on the energy transition.

Nurdle alert – plastic pollution the next eco calamity for decades.

ARCTIC.  The Arctic Has Entered A New Climate State.     Russia’s nuclear-powered ice-breakers lead towards military domination of the Arctic.  Arctic pollution is worse than expected – tree rings studies reveal this.


UK. Britain’s nuclear power dreams melting away – with soaring costs, and political problems.  EDF wants cash-strapped UK government to subsidise costly Sizewell nuclear plan.  Former UK Energy Minister Sir Ed Davey says new Sizewell nuclear station is too expensive.  Suffolk businesses oppose the building of Sizewell nuclear power station.

A Sellafield nuclear disaster would spread across Cumbria – new map shows.

FRANCE.  French taxpayers don’t want to pay for Sizewell nuclear station, neither do British..

CHINA.  It’s important to dispel three persistent myths about China’s nuclear weapons.

EUROPE. Bosnia and Herzegovina call for a safer location for Croatia’s nuclear waste dump plan

JAPANJapanese government dangles financial carrot to persuade reluctant communities to take nuclear wastess.  Japan’s nuclear regulator approves restart of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant, but still hurdles to overcome.

Fukushima. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Recovery That Wasn’t.  9 1/2 years after meltdowns, no end in sight for Fukushima nuke plant decommissioning.    16-meter seawall planned for Fukushima Daiichi.  Lifting Fukushima evacuation orders without decontamination should be limited.  Don’t criticize government or TEPCO, guides in Fukushima told.  Fukushima criticism for unauthorized use of radiation exposure data-Interim report on Date City.

SOUTH KOREA. S. Korea renews concerns over possible release of tainted Fukushima water.

NORTH KOREA. Satellite imagery shows North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Center is drying off after breaching of oveerflow dam. Reduced water level poses a problem for North Korea’s nuclear reactor, if it’s restarted.

CANADA. David Suzuki on nuclear power as a climate change solution ”I want to puke.” The climate crisis is still a massive threat — even in the middle of a pandemic.  Small modular nuclear reactors for Canada? – useless, expensive, untested, and a wasteful distraction. Canada to splurge $billions on non-existent small nuclear reactors, ineffective and no use against climate change.

IRAN. Iran will not renegotiate nuclear deal if Biden wins US presidency, Zarif says.

INDIA. Tsunami risk for nuclear reactors on coastlines of India and Pakistan.

RUSSIARussia rejects USA’ s terms for extending the New START arms control treaty.  Power hungry Russia foisting nuclear power on Egypt – Africa – where it is not needed.  Importing of increased amounts of uranium hexafluoride to Russia – illegal and dangerous.

INDONESIA. Indonesia: strong objections to nuclear and “new” fossil fuel technologies being called ”green” energy.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. Marshall Islands in danger of being overcome by rising sea levels.

UKRAINE. False report of a nuclear disaster in Ukraine.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia may be able to produce its own nuclear fuel – with its uranium reserves.

Kimba nuclear waste dump challenged – trumped up undemocratic process

September 26, 2020


The government failed to show overwhelming support and the proposal to site the facility in Kimba can’t proceed.

You have to remember that this poll was not a genuine contest of ideas. There was only one view put and paid for by the government. There was not a no vote argument presented to voters. This places an unfair bias in any result obtained.

As if this were not bad enough the government offered a $31 million cash handout to the voters and 45 permanent jobs, manned a permanent office in the town of Kimba advocating a yes vote.

22 November 2019
Mr Dean Johnson
District Council of Kimba

Dear Mayor Johnson
I refer to the recent ballot at Kimba to determine the level of support
for the siting of the radioactive waste facility.

The results of the Kimba ballot were:
Voting papers issued 824
Formal votes accepted 735
Yes vote 452
Did not vote ~ 283
The government are saying that the result is the percentage of yes votes of the formal votes accepted and they say this is 61.50/0.

This not a vote between two political opponents who are both free to campaign and present alternatives political views for consideration.

This is a simple yes / no vote on a proposal to establish a radioactive waste facility in a wheat field.
It is the government who are the proponent. It is they who have to get people to vote yes. They have to get 413 vote to get a simple majority.

For an overwhelming show of support they need at least a 2/3 yes vote.

You have to remember that this poll was not a genuine contest of ideas. There was only one view put and paid for by the government. There was not a no vote argument presented to voters. This places an unfair bias in any result obtained.

As if this were not bad enough the government offered a $31 million cash handout to the voters and 45 permanent jobs, manned a permanent office in the town of Kimba advocating a yes vote.

The way in which this ballot has to be interpreted is this: How many people voted yes as against how many people did not vote yes.
As a famous South Australian Mick Young the former Special Minister of State in the Hawke Government correctly put it  if they don’t say yes they mean no.”

The government has been dishonest in that their figure of 61.49% as it neglects the people who didn’t vote.
The correct methodology is the ratio of people who wanted the facility (voted yes) as against those who didn’t vote yes. This is the ratio of yes votes to the people who didn’t vote yes.

The actual number supporting the facility is then 54.850/0. To achieve an overwhelming result the Yes vote would have to be 536 votes.

The government failed to show overwhelming support and the proposal to site the facility in Kimba can’t proceed.
This view is based on my experience as a federal government minister and also in local government where I am currently the Mayor of the City of Melville in Western Australia.

Yours sincerely

George Gear

Pandemic, climate, nuclear, banks – what a week it’s been

September 22, 2020

Well, all news, by its very nature is likely to be bad. (Good behaviour is pretty ordinary, not news.) But there’s  bad news, and there’s very bad news.  And this has been a week for the very bads.

Start with the pandemic. The global death toll exceeds 957,000. cases nearly 31 million.  India’s coronavirus cases pass 5 million as hospitals scramble for oxygen. A second wave grips EuropeUK cases could grow exponentially, if no action taken. Most of the US is headed in the wrong direction again with COVID-19 cases as deaths near 200,000.

Climate. Weather extremes are more frequently with us now, and as with the pandemic, the longer term future is unceetain:  abrupt changes could bring interconnected tipping points.

Economics. The FinCEN files: Dirty little secrets of the world’s banks revealed in mass US government leak.

BUT – some good news. East Asian countries – China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore Malaysia -have learned, through their previous SARS epidemic, how to structure their health systems to plan for and manage pandemics,  mount particularly effective responses to COVID-19, and reduce the death rate.

Why harsh COVID-19 lockdowns are good for the economy. 

World’s Biggest Rooftop Greenhouse in Montreal is as Big as 3 Football Fields – Now Can Feed 2% of the City.



CORONAVIRUS. The State of Victoria has achieved remarkable success in bringing down the infection rate to 11 in one day, death toll 2.  This is the result of the strict lockdown regime imposed by Prmier Daniel Andrews, despite vicious attacks on him by the opposition party. You know the good result is true, when even the Murdoch Press has to admit it, and its opinion poll  backs the Premier.


CLIMATE.  Young Australians call for COVID-19 recovery plan with climate jobs.    See this graphic exposure of the coal, oil, gas, corruption in Australian government.  Scott Morrison turns to socialism, with his new religion, not coal, but “gas-led recovery”.  Morrison thinks gas is the new coal, and it’s just as big a climate threat.  ‘Gas-led recovery’ may actually deter energy investment: Experts.  Australia’s mainstream media dutifully parrots out Government spin about gas.

Australian government never intended to follow the advice of the review on environmental law.

Killing the virus comes at enormous cost — doing nothing will cost moreNews Corp, Facebook and disinformation about climate and pandemic.

Coalition to divert renewable energy funding away from wind and solar.


Julian Assange was offered a pardon, if he would name a source.  Julian Assange exposed “a very serious pattern of actual war crimes”.  Assange insisted on not revealing names of informants.  Julian Assange case: Witnesses recall Collateral Murder attack: “Look at those dead bastards,” shooters said.

David Attenborough now wants us to face up to the state of the planet.  In tropical areas, increasing heat and humidity will make life almost unbearable.  Importance of the ocean’s biological carbon pump

What Frogs Can Teach Us about the State of the World.

53 million tons of plastic could end up in rivers, lakes and oceans every year by 2030.  The persistence of plastic.

The coronavirus pandemic and the increased safety risks for nuclear reactors.

Nuclear exposure standards discriminate on the basis of sex .

Why NuScam and other ”small” nuclear proposals just don’t make any sense.

The hidden stumbling block to progress on nuclear weapons.

BHP betrays international safety efforts.

ARCTIC. Arctic sea ice becomes a sea of slush.  Rapid climate change has made Greenland lose a record amount of ice.  USA. Relicensing Turkey Point nuclear station – a striking example of a dangerous action in climate change times.  Global heating is disrupting the ground in Siberia.

JAPAN. Suttsu, Hokkaido, residents oppose radioactive waste dump plan.

GERMANY. Nuclear energy CHEAP? Nuclear has drained Germany of more than €1trn to date



CHINA.  China ditches US nuclear technology in favour of home-grown alternative.

CANADA. Nuclear waste flyers heading to 50,000 households in Grey-Bruce.  Indigenous woman’s long trek to protest nuclear waste dump, and encourage others..  Western Canadians do not want ”Small” Nuclear Reactors in Sakatchewan.

PHILIPPINES. Duterte asks nations to reject war, eliminate nuclear weapons.

IRAN. While other nations seek conciliation, agreement, the U.S. will declare that all international sanctions are back in force.  Iran a most transparent country for IAEA inspections.

NORTH KOREA. U.S. general says that North Korea has a ‘‘small” number of nuclear weapons (over 70?)

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea says no use of nuclear weapons in joint operational plans with U.S.

EGYPT. Egypt supports Bamako Convention banning import of hazardous waste, especially radioactive, into Africa.

RUSSIA. Russia developing a nuclear-powered missile that can ”attack from unexpected directions”.

SAUDI ARABIA. IAEA and China helping Saudi Arabia with its nuclear ambitions.