Who says there is no opposition to dumping nuclear waste at Kimba. South Australia?

April 14, 2021

Barry Wakelin, Kimba Nuclear Waste Fight To The Finish – 2015/2021

  • Pre 2016 election Kimba sites cancelled “all finished”quote; Minister Frydenberg.
  • Ramsey quote was ..”if you don’t want it it won’t happen”
  • Department head Wilson quote .. “pub test says everybody wants it”…
  • Geoff Baldock (owner of nuclear waste site) interviewed as the leading advocate for the Dump by the ABC (sad vested financial interest) & other national Media showed almost no effort to involve the 400 strong Kimba NO group.
  • No study of a scientific, safety or economic perspective – only that Kimba was the main “option” and an Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste (ILNW) “permanent disposal” case was not discussed.
  • Government comment was that …”there was no opposition to the nuclear dump”…& a ILNW “permanent disposal” site never offered by Government.
  • The resources of a Cabinet sub-committee in place to promote a Kimba Dump.
  • Government promised the Dump must have “broad community support” – RESULT – TOTAL yes vote was 54% to 46% after $80 million “bribe”with campaign office in Main Street and years of glossy promotional salesmanship.
  • Five different successive Ministers refuse to define “broad community support” – some using the two party preferred vote as enough, while they offered an $80million community “bribe”.
  • Small communities value highly; a supportive, unified, low-divisive , cohesive principled approach to enjoy our life – Government places a low priority on these values. Nuclear waste is a highly divisive issue worldwide.
  • Vandalism and threats to NO advocates supported by the Courts.
  • Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste we were told is where “the money is”
  • The Mayor & a Government employee are beneficiaries of taxpayer grants.
  • No Nuclear waste on “agricultural land” – ARPANSA/NHMRC guidelines .
  • 10000 year Intermediate Level Waste to be stored in 40 year steel containers “ temporarily” on the surface with no “permanent disposal”
  • ARPANSA have stated that there is no urgency to move ILW from Lucas Heights GOVERNMENT RESPONSE was that there will be no nuclear medicine if Kimba can not store ILW. Supporters like the AMA admit they know nothing about nuclear waste sites – just that Kimba must comply .
  • Reactor Low Level Waste (92% vol.) storage off site not a priority.
  • ANSTO ignores storing ILW (8% vol.)on site until “permanent disposal” resolved .
  • ILW a government priority for Kimba site for financial returns for a few locals supported by at least $80million taxpayer promotion prior to site decision.
  • A government representative at a public meeting said that accepting nuclear waste would be a “corporate disaster” for BHP.
  • ,The Defence Department state it is too dangerous for waste to be placed in one of their areas, the size of Tasmania.
  • The farms with $60million & 500 jobs per year never mentioned & $4million from nuclear promoted as a “droughtproofer” (possibly 25 jobs).
  • Six years of the Federal & State Governments, exclusively for their own purpose applying maximum pressure to farmers, indigenous people & the unconvinced, based on undemocratic boundaries with not one word of a fair balance offered by Government for the NO case offered from Federal or State Government politicians with the one quote from the MPs saying that ..”there is no Opposition to the proposal. THE FINAL INSULT piled on us for nuclear material which has been illegal in South Australia for over 20 years.
  • A Total YES Vote of 54% purchased by the taxpayer at about $200000 per yes vote prior to a scientific and medically based decision on a site. No decision based on the suitability and “permanent disposal “ of ILW – only on a $200,000 per vote which the overwhelming amount will go to perhaps 20 people and most likely no more than four people of Kimba origins.

Did we stand a chance against this kind of thuggery? Many would say NO but there are those in our Kimba community, who have courage beyond belief and who have defied the odds along with people in our Parliament who have given us a chance against the sort of unbelievable odds & unethical practises that the Government has thrown at us and we remain more defiant now against these incredible odds than when we started.
These NO advocates are people who will never surrender. & …” I dips me lid”….

Australia and beyond: To 12 April – nuclear news this week

April 12, 2021

Forgive me for being so remiss – I’ve neglected to cover Prince Philip’s funeral. He deserves remembering for some good work that he did for the environment.

NUCLEAR.  Heightened anxiety about keeping, repairing the Iran nuclear agreement, and a suspicious accident at Iran’s nuclear enrichment site.   Continued pressure from the nuclear lobby to get Europe to decide that nuclear power is “clean and green”.

CORONAVIRUS .  The news is not good. A”shocking imbalance” in the distribution of coronavirus vaccines between rich and poor countries. Covid cases, deaths surging around the world as variants spread, vaccination lags.

CLIMATE. Radio Ecoshock covers the issue of Future Cities: Hot and Flooded.

A bit of good news  COVID-19 success story for Rwanda is a wake-up call for wealthy West.


There’s a long and devastating history behind the proposal for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia. Who Says There Is No Kimba Dump Opposition?

Australia’s part in continuing nuclear havoc in Pacific islands – legacy of atomic bomb tests.

With uranium mining closed, Kakadu ‘stagnates” during long wait for proposed federal funding.


Investigative journalism – “Fair” exposes in detail how corporate media uses “Tropes” to win intelligent people over to USA militarism. 

Two years since Julian Assange was seized from the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Let’s get rid of nuclear weapons before they ruin us.   Artificial Intelligence and the risk of catalytic nuclear war.

U.S. – China co-operation on cyber security.

Nuclear power – a way to stop other, faster, and cheaper, climate solutions. Despite the influence of Bill Gates, experts find that nuclear power is the wrong climate solution.

Japanese engineering firm EPC joins with NuScale in small modular reactor investment.

Racism, inequities move to the center of the climate debate.

Rapid global increase in energy consumption.

IRAN. Accident at Iran’s Natanz nuclear station. Iran calls Natanz nuclear enrichment site blackout ‘nuclear terrorism’. Iran nuclear talks to continue next week after breakthrough. It’s getting too late for an effective missile deal with Iran. Iran frees South Korean ship as more nuclear talks planned in Vienna.

GREENLANDOpposition to uranium and rare earths mining – party wins Greenland election

EUROPEGreenpeace warns European Commission on nuclear energy classification. Dodgy European Taxonomy report was favourable to nuclear power – but it’s far from a done dealNuclear nation France exerted pressure on European CommissionClimate taxonomy deal threatened by possible inclusion of nuclear as ”virtuous”.

FRANCE. France fully nationalises debt-laden EDF nuclear company, – EDF can now focus on renewable energy. New defects found in France’s Flamanville nuclear project. Doubts that it will start-up on time, – or indeed ever!.

CANADA. Canada’s tax-payer funded small nuclear reactors unlikely to succeedPickering Nuclear plant at risk of ‘Fukushima-type accident.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s new tactical nuclear weapons means new dangers, new U.S. strategy needed.

SOUTH KOREA. Climate change probably increasing this problem – nuclear reactors halted because of jellyfish-like sea salps.

JAPAN. Crookedness, fraud, in 10 years of Fukushima nuclear clean-up. Japanese government and Tepco must pay monthly compensation to 3550 Fukushima residents displaced due to continued radioactivity. Japan’s Prime Minister getting ready to release Fukushima waste water into the Pacific ocean? Japan poised to release Fukushima nuclear cooling water into the sea. 4,000 Fukushima waste bags contain unidentified radioactive materials.

Japanese government continues Japan’s ”Nuclear Village” generous grants to keep ageing nuclear reactors going. Niigata governor wants Japan’s Nuclear Regulator to reassess Tepco, following security lapses. Japan halts restart of nuclear plant over poor anti-terror measures. Japan has the ability to become both coal-free and nuclear-free.


UK. UK losing credibility with its new, ambiguous, nuclear weapons policySleekit’ increase in Trident nuclear warheads on the Clyde.

Britain needs to rethink – whether it really needs new nuclear power, in view of tensions with the supplier, China. Chinese-French nuclear power station planned for Bradwell UK – issues raised that might prevent its construction. Uncertain future for EDF’s Dungeness nuclear power station. It may have to shut down early.

POLAND. In a positive move, Polish utilities remove their investment from nuclear power development.

RUSSIA. Russia planning to test a ‘doomsday’ nuclear-powered torpedo in the Arctic. Putin amassing, testing, huge military arsenal in the Arctic.

CHINABitcoin mining to consume more electricity than whole of Australia by 2024. Like the other nuclear powers, China wants to put a dirty great radioactive waste dump on indigenous land.

ALGERIA. French Prime Minister visiting Algeria. The question of radioactive dust from nuclear tests will be on the agenda.

SOUTHEAST ASIA. Southeast Asia can leapfrog uncompetitive nuclear energy, and go straight to renewables.

News this week: the push to call nuclear ”green”

April 5, 2021

Coronavirus news? I confess to not being able to keep up with the latest on this. More infections in Brazil, other South American countries, Europe, …. USA? Vaccine rollouts happening, amid dissent….

Climate change keeps rolling on – are we near the ”tipping point”, where ocean currents weaken, affected by melting ice in the Norrth Atlantic ?

NUCLEAR. It might seem that nothing is happening. BUT, the relentless and well-funded nuclear lobby is now working overtime. They find the media a good sucker. You see, all you need to believe is that ”only the experts can have an opinion on this”. Never mind the fact that blind Freddie could see that ”nuclear power as a cure for climate change” is like ”cigarette smoking as a cure for obesity”. Mainstream journalists just play safe, regurgitating the spin of the nuclear lobby.

As it will be gargantuanally costly to clean up the nuclear industry – politicians find it easier to embrace it instead. Especially in France, where “This atomic energy is like a huge corpse hidden in a family house” see article below – in which France leads the push for a pro nuclear decision by the European Commission by 21st April.

As for America, from the nuclear point of view, Joe Biden could be seen as more sinister than Trump – carrying out the same policies, but with an appealing and decent presentation.

Anyway, it’s a revelation to me, as in every country, journalists are vigourously touting nuclear as essential to fix climate change, -presumably because it’s ”safer for” them to do this, when they really know little about it.


Labor Party’s platform on uranium/nuclear and radioactive waste issues. Scott Morrison’s $billion missile spend, a gift to foreign war companies and their sponsor, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, (ASPI). Greenland might reject Australian-Chinese company Greenland Minerals in its bid to mine rare earths.


No greenwashing’: Fossil gas and nuclear must not be defined as clean, ministers tell IEA summit. Nuclear power, eligible for green investments? An environmental and climatic aberration, based on cynical and dishonest reasoning!.

Fusion nuclear reactors – a boondoggle run by bureaucrats. Every type of nuclear fusion still requires more energy put in than it gives out!

The IAEA is getting worried about nuclear safety, in view of climate extremes, and especially of earthquakes.

SOUTH ASIA. Nuclear weapons potential triggers escalation in South Asia.

 By 21st April, will the European Commission be sucked in by a shonky anonymous report that pretends that nuclear power is ”green”?

FRANCE. Nuclear power- the killer of our futureThe “Sortir du nuclear” Network denounces the attempts by France and the industrial nuclear lobby to include this technology in the European taxonomy (classification) project supposed to define “green” investments. France’s President Macron leads East European leaders in the pack to get the European leaders to call nuclear power ”green”.

CANADA. Secretive and corrupt plan to make Labrador, Canada, the world’s nuclear toilet. Labrador’s Inuit Regional Government kept in the dark about nuclear waste dump plan. Busting the spin that promotes ‘Small Nuclear Reactors’.


Joe Biden’s support for the nuclear industry is stated, but it’s not clear. Global nuclear industry delighted that Joe Biden pushes ”new nuclear for jobs”.

The massive tax-payer funding for security of nuclear reactors – and this will be just as bad for Small Nuclear Reactors. U.S. nuclear weapons are aging quickly. With few spare parts, how long can they last? U.S. Democrats introduce Bill to stop nuclear missile funding, switch funding to universal Covid vaccine development.

NRC considers nuclear reactors running for 100 years (saves the big costs of decommissioning)

Montana bill wrongly overturns right of voters to decide nuclear energy

New Mexico sues US over proposed nuclear waste storage plans. Boom in ”decommissioning” nuclear reactors brings worries about financial costs, and safety.

Review: How government, corporations shaped our ‘Nuclear Suburbs’Ohio nuclear bailout ends – showing the folly of subsidising nuclear power. Lawsuit over Alabama nuclear plant appears headed to trial after judge’s ruling. 

US, Iran say they’ll begin indirect talks on nuclear program.

The long -term job of cleaning up the radioactive corpse of the only (short-term) nuclear-powered cruise ship.

 Florida declares state of emergency due to potential radioactive material leak.

UK. Boris Johnson’s decision to increase nuclear warheads -concern around the world and within UK. ”Bairns not Bombs”Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon speaks out. Concerted opposition in Scotland to nuclear weapons, and to banks lending for them. 

Universities in UK captured by the nuclear weapons industry.

 Unexploded WW2 bomb on seabed uncomfortably close to Hinkley Point C nuclear station.

 No need for a nuclear reactor at Bradwell. In view of the pandemic situation, the examination of Sizewell C nuclear project should be delayed.

IRELAND. An example of the international aspect of nuclear developments – Ireland’s complaint to Britain on the Sizewell nuclear risks.

ISRAELNew Work Underway at Israeli Nuclear Site.

NIGER. Failed AREVA, failed ORANO leave a toxic uranium mess in Niger.

Australia a leader in the global clean energy nuclear-free movement

April 3, 2021

Far from perfect, and yet, – Australia is in important ways a leader. Australia , along with New Zealand and a few others, has laws prohibiting nuclear activities. And the Australian clean energy and nuclear-free movement has a worthy history, and a strong global presence today

Through the 20th Century, Australia had an honourable role in internation nuclear disarmament agreements. In 2017 The U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was the result of the work of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. (ICAN) . ICAN was intiated in Australia

Australia has bountiful resources of sun, wind and ocean waves to supply 21st Century clean energy.

Way back in the 1960s and 70s, solar energy techniques were developed in Australia. Today Australia leads in solar rooftops, and despite government lack of interest, is developing solar and wind farms, and battery storage, with South Australia as a world leader in clean energy production.

Today, Australia has a corrupt government, in bed with the fossil fuel industries, and ever ready to do the bidding of the nuclear lobby – (if it were not for the strong anti-nuclear laws). The inept Morrison government has no ideas, is run largely by a small noisy contingent of far right pro nuclear idealogues.

We must be aware that the nuclear lobby is a global beast, a cabal of toxic masculinity – it gambles with the perils of nuclear accient, nuclear war, and rides off like little boys into space adventures, including space weaponry (and at tax-parers’ expense)

The clean energy movement needs to be a global one, too, – a co-operative work, in which Australians join with other nationalities, and especially indigenous people world-wide, in the vital struggle to save this planet and its peoples.

Proudly, we have not only ICAN Australia, but also The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance, Friends of the Earth, Australian Conswervation Foundation – to name just a few national groups, and there are also State-bsed groups.

Labor Party’s platform on uranium/nuclear and radioactive waste issues.

April 2, 2021


Dave Sweeey, 31 Mar 21, At its National Conference federal Labor adopted the platform (below) on uranium/nuclear and radioactive waste issues.

Clearly it is not what we would write but there’s a lot that is useful and important – including options to further contest Australian uranium sales, a commitment to responsible radioactive waste management and a rejection of domestic nuclear power.

Yesterday federal Labor also clearly reaffirmed its commitment to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (the ICAN Ban) in government.


1. The production of uranium and its use in the nuclear fuel cycle present unique and unprecedented

hazards and risks, including:

 Threats to human health and the local environment in the mining and milling of uranium and

management of radioactive materials, which demand the enforcement of strict safety


 The generation of products that are usable as the raw materials for nuclear weapons

manufacture, which demands the enforcement of effective controls against diversion; and

 The generation of highly toxic radioactive waste by-products that demand permanently safe

disposal methods.

2 Labor accordingly will allow the mining and export of uranium only under the most stringent


3. In relation to mining and milling, Labor will:

 Ensure the safety of workers in the uranium industry is given priority. Labor has established a

compulsory register for workers in the uranium industry that includes regular health checks

and ongoing monitoring. The register is held by an independent agency and will be subject to

privacy provisions;

 Ensure Australian uranium mining, milling and rehabilitation is based on world best practice

standards, extensive continuing research on environmental impacts and the health and

safety of employees and affected communities, particularly Indigenous communities;

 Ensure the Australian public is informed about the quality of the environmental performance

of uranium mines through public accountability mechanisms;

 Foster a constructive relationship between mining companies and Indigenous communities

affected by uranium mining; and

 Prohibit the mining of uranium within national parks under International Union for

Conservation of Nature protected area category 1A, category 1B, and category 2, and listed

world heritage areas.

4. In relation to exports other than to India, Labor will allow the export of uranium only to those

countries that observe the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), are committed to nonproliferation

policies, and have ratified international and bilateral nuclear safeguards agreements.

Labor will export uranium only to countries that maintain strict safeguards and security controls

over their nuclear power industries.

5. In relation to India, an important strategic partner for Australia, commitments and responsible

actions in support of nuclear non-proliferation, consistent with international guidelines on nuclear

supply, will provide an acceptable basis for peaceful nuclear cooperation, including the export of

uranium, subject to the application of strong safeguards.

6. In addition, Labor will work towards:

 Strengthening export control regimes and the rights and authority of the International

Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA);

 Appropriate international responses to violations of existing safeguard commitments;

 Limiting the processing of weapon usable material (separation of plutonium and high

enriched uranium in civilian programs);

 Tightening controls over the export of nuclear material and technology;

 Universalising of the IAEA additional protocol making it mandatory for all states and

members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group to adhere to the additional protocol as a condition

of supply to all their transfers;

 Criminalising actions of individuals and companies that assist in nuclear proliferation;

 The development of an international guarantee of nuclear fuel supply to states foregoing

sensitive nuclear technologies;

 Revising the NPT to prevent countries from withdrawing from the NPT and passing a new

resolution in the United Nations Security Council addressing the penalties for withdrawal

from the NPT;

 Encouraging all nuclear states to join the NPT;

 Reserving the right to withhold supplies of uranium permanently, indefinitely or for a

specified period from any country that ceases to observe the non-proliferation safeguards

and security conditions applied to Australian uranium exports to that country, or which

adopts nuclear practices or policies that do not further advance the cause of nuclear nonproliferation;

 Supporting the maintenance and enhancement of international and Australian safeguards to

ensure that uranium mined in Australia, and nuclear products derived from it, are used only

for civil purposes by approved instrumentalities in approved countries that are signatories to

the NPT (with the exception of India) and with whom Australia has safeguard arrangements;


 Seeking adequate international resourcing of the IAEA to ensure its effectiveness in

undertaking its charter.

7. Labor will progress these commitments through diplomatic means including the re-establishment

of the Canberra Commission to re-invigorate Australia’s tradition of middle power, multilateral

diplomacy. In doing so, Labor believes that as a non-nuclear armed nation and a good international

citizen, Australia can make a significant contribution to promoting disarmament, the reduction of

nuclear stockpiles, and the responsible use of nuclear technology.

8. Labor will:

 Vigorously and totally oppose the ocean dumping of radioactive waste;

 Prohibit the establishment of nuclear power plants and all other stages of the nuclear fuel

cycle in Australia;

 Fully meet all Australia’s obligations as a party to the NPT; and

 Remain strongly opposed to the importation and storage of nuclear waste that is sourced

from overseas in Australia.

9. Labor acknowledges that radioactive waste management is a complex policy challenge that

requires the highest levels of transparency and evidence, while balancing the need of the

community to benefit from treatments for diseases like cancer. Accordingly, Labor will act in

accordance with scientific evidence, and with full transparency, broad public input and best

practice technical and consultative standards, taking into account the views of traditional owners,

to progress responsible radioactive waste management

Nuclear news – week to 29 March

March 29, 2021

While the world struggles with the problems of virus and vaccines, the nuclear industry, along with many others, is in something of a stalemate. But, as with last week, the industry’s propaganda about small nukes and climate action goes on relentlessly. At the same time, a number of articles have contradicted this propaganda, stressing the long delay in getting nuclear reactors up and running, their costs, and unsoved waste problem.

What it will take to vaccinate the world against COVID-19.

Climate Change Must Be Tackled as a Global Security Risk.

AUSTRALIA   Why Boris Johnson rejected Scott Morrison as speaker at climate summit, to Morrison’s fury. Australian govt quietly dumps French submarine purchase plan. Australian-French submarine contract on verge of being abandoned.


Beyond the pandemic, the priority should be the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The nuclear weapons issue is a women’s issueFacts on who has nuclear weapons, and who might have, now or in the future.

3 governments join in USA’s promotion of conflict with China.

Small nuclear power plants no use in climate crisis.   Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says advanced nuclear reactors are not a viable option to combat climate change,    Nuclear power costs – from the CATO Institute – a reality check for those who imagine nuclear as a climate solution.

Investment advice? Some big worries against investing in nuclear power.   No market for small nuclear reactors,   so no justification for setting up factories to make them.  Nuclear industry in decline, lobbies hard to portray itself as ”green”. 

JAPAN.  “Amid a pandemic, the Tokyo torch relay risks sacrificing public health on the altar of Olympic pageantry”.   Tokyo Olympic Games torch relay starts, but most Japanese want it cancelled.    Infamous Fukushima town sign praising nuclear energy to become permanent museum display . Delay in removal of debris from Fukushima nuclear plant. Longterm clean-up at least a century.

  Japan’s nuclear regulator bans Tepco from restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant due to safety flaws. Unprecedented decision by Japan’s nuclear regulator to stop restart of the giant Kashiwazaki Kariwa plant.  Japan seeks international support for Fukushima tank water release. 

UKUK nuclear weapons announcement ‘shocking and alarming’ warn the Elders .  Scottish government firmly opposed to nuclear weapons and demands complete withdrawal of all nuclear weapons from Scotland.  UK’s decision to expand nuclear weapons – destabilises the fragile world order. 

Alarming safety lapse at Hunterston nuclear siteCovid-19 causes more delays and costs for Hinkley Point C nuclear projects.  Biased pro nuclear report on UK’s Sizewell project ignores the negative economic impacts.  UK new coal mine – to pave the way for a radioactive waste dump?


The folly of USA provoking war with China.   Delay in construction of Vogtle nuclear station – every day extra means additional costs to customers.  US Nuclear Corp signs agreements with Chinese nuclear corporation. Ohio Senate votes to remove nuclear power subsidiesPhysicians for Social Responsibility challenge the 20 year license extension for old enbrittled Point Beach nuclear station. New solar farm to replace Iowa’s only nuclear power plant: will supply more energy, and many jobs..  Community group created to advise cleanup of Three Mile Island nuclear site .

IRAN.  Iran wants sanctions lifted first: USA wants Iran to back down first, and reverse uranium enrichment.

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong-un wants ”arms control talks” with USA, not denuclearisation in the short term.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. New research into the effects of nuclear bomb tests on Montebello islands.

GERMANY. German government settles disputes with nuclear plant operators.

FRANCE.  France’s nuclear reactors in state of disrepair, reducing electricity output.  France nuclear safety authority finds safety deviations in Flamanville plant .  Iodine tablets to be givento 64 municipalities near France’s Paluel nuclear power plant in Normandy.  No operating nuclear reactor in France is up to the required safety standard.

CANADA.  Canada’s nuclear regulator extended licence for Pickering nuclear plant despite the need for its aging pressure tubes to be replaced.  New nuclear is NOT the path to net zero.

CHINA.  China’s push for advanced nuclear reactors will produce much weapons grade plutonium.  Report on the military implications of China’s new fast-breeder nuclear reactor plans – ‘‘Plowshares to Swords ?”

CZECH REPUBLIC.    Czech secret services warn against involvement of Russia in nuclear tender .

NEW ZEALANDNew Zealand speaks out against UK’s expansion of nuclear weaponry..

Still hoping that WordPress can be workable

March 26, 2021

I can’t believe that WordPress’s new Block editor really eliminates useful features of the old Classic editor. I’m hoping that they just made it more difficult to find them

Is anyone else finding WordPress’s new format a real pain?

March 25, 2021

I’ve been using WordPress’s “”Classic” posting system , very happily for 13 years. Now there sems no choice but this new user-unfriendly posting system More difficult to post, more difficult to use pictures. Worst of all – seems impossible to track back to old posts and retrieve them. Anyone recommend a different blogging system?

To 22 March – Australia and beyond – nuclear news

March 22, 2021

Not a lot of remarkable news on nuclear this week . The nuclear lobby is doubling down on its media propaganda, touting nuclear as the solution to climatev change. Also it is determinedly promoting the Tokyo Olympics – the so-called ‘recovery Olympics’, despite the fact that international visitors are banned.

CoronavirusIncidence of new cases globally continues to rise, but death numbers are falling. Problems in distribution of vaccines.

Climate.   Developments in global heating are covered each week in Radio Ecoshock, which is a jump ahead of most news media. This week, it’s been about the predicted high temperatures in the world’s cities. Also, it’s a warm\ning that climate tipping points are coming sooner than expected.

A bit of good news March 20 was the U.N.’s International Day of Happiness.  For the fourth year in a row, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world, with Iceland coming in second, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.


BHP, Rio Tintom  given carte blanche to export uranium to global hotspots .

 Australian Senate vote on Kimba nuclear dump delayed till mid-May, but dump opponents will be fighting on.    Resources Minister Keith Pitt on radio  – same old same old Bluff and Bribery about Kimba nuclear dump plan.

Minerals Council of Australia trying to influence European Commission, to push for fossil fuels and nuclear.

Need for ‘consent laws’, as Australian mining companies trample on Aboriginal rights.


Investigative journalism –  Advanced nuclear reactors : Assessing the Safety, Security, and Environmental Impacts of Non-Light-Water Nuclear Reactors.  New science report: advanced nuclear reactors no safer than conventional nuclear plants.  The economics of nuclear power plants are not favorable to future investments.

Nuclear power has become irrelevant — like it or not.   Why the Fukushima disaster signalled the end of Big Nuclear.

New research to determine plutonium pollution and its sources.

Don’t believe hydrogen and nuclear hype – they can’t get us to net zero carbon by 2050

Review of Michael Shellenberger’s book on ”Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All”.

JAPAN.  The nuclear lobby holds too much sway over governments, particularly in Japan.  Serious security lapse at a Japanese nuclear plant.    Japanese regulator decides against restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa No. 7 nuclear reactor.

New type of large and highly radioactive particles found in Japan.  Fukushima disaster 10 years on: How long will it take to clean up the nuclear waste?



RUSSIA.  Russia planning to dispose of highly dangerous nuclear reactor cores of submarines at bottom of Kara Sea.

IRAN.  United Nations nuclear watchdog says it’s possible to return to the Iran nuclear deal.

FRANCE.  France must restructure debt-laden EDF (Electricite de France) and reform nuclear sector by October.  Flamanville nuclear reactor: 3 new welds do not meet safety requirements.

PACIFIC ISLANDS.  Outcry in Tahiti over nuclear fallout study.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Unitede Arab Emirates $32 billion Barakah nuclear plant poses environmental, safety, and security problems.

To 15th March – Australian and international nuclear news

March 15, 2021
The Fukushima anniversary is over. A sigh of relief?  We can now all forget about it? Not really. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8njLkMigH4&t=10s

Numerous well-researched articles on the event conclude that Japan’s struggle with the aftermath has no end in sight. A hastily released ”comforting ” health report from The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation has been criticised as unconvincing and inconsistent. The Japanese government, and the  global nuclear lobby doggedly persist in planning for the ”Recovery Olympics” in Tokyo in July.  But in view of the pandemic and the lingering radiation, that may not be a done deal

Meanwhile – global heating plugs along – without much publicity – Siberia’s warming shows climate change has no winners.   Without changes to mitigate global warming, summer could last nearly six months, study finds.
Global coronavirus cases are beginning to rise again, and there are a number of nations where the situation is worsening by the day.
A bit of good news – USA – Fauci Agrees We Can Reach Normalcy by Fourth of July.


Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima .  Australia must learn the lessons of Fukushima.– Time that Australia looks beyond uranium mining, and towards rehabilitation of the environment.  Time for Australia to clean up uranium mining damage, and end this toxic industry – Western Australia could lead the way.

Refuting Senator Matt Canavan’s inaccurate hype about small nuclear reactors.  New South Wales Energy Minister ”excited about the opportunities” for nuclear power. – Energy minister backs nuclear option. MP Josh Wilson’s excellent submission Senate, about nuclear wastes.


Fukushima: “How Japan was blinded to the predicted certainty of disaster“.     10 years after Fukushima – still nuclear regulatory capture, and poor safety culture.  Whitewashing of Fukushima meltdown by United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.

Nuclear power faces a wobbly future.  Ten years on from Fukushima, nuclear power continues to struggle with deeper problemsNuclear power is unpopular: promoted only by those with vested interests.

Billionaire Bill Gates’ nuclear ambitions would make climate disaster worse.

Global nuclear industry in decline since 1996, even without Fukushima disaster.

The long-term problem of ”peaceful” plutonium.

The radiation danger to astronauts– cancer, heart disease -an ethical problem.  Space radiation – harmful to astronauts, not only with cancers, but also with heart and blood vessel effects.  Low doses of radiation used in medical imaging lead to mutations in cell cultures.

The growing threat of space debris.

How the world came close to nuclear war catastrophe.

‘Every euro invested in nuclear power makes the climate crisis worse‘.  Small modular reactors not the solution, says German nuclear authority .

Need to establish compensation schemes for future nuclear accidents.

So-called ”cloud” computing means huge electricity use in data so-called ”farms”.


The truth about Fukushima today – and the cover-up – Thomas A Bass.   Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Nearly ‘Ended The Japanese State’. Harm done to people by the Fukushima evacuation, but radiation was still the root cause of all this.    The Asahi Shimbun continues to warn against nuclear power -Japan’s risk of another “Fukushima -type” disaster.

Japan’s Nuclear Clean-Up Has No End in Sight.   1.2 million tonnes of contaminated water and nowhere to put it – Fukushima’s continued legacy.   Review of film ”Fukushima 50”.       The thought of the Olympics – the only hold-up to emptying contaminated water to the ocean.

Impossible timetable set for returning Fukushima nuclear site to ‘greenfield”.  Japanese government hopes that not-yet-designed robots might clean up Fukushima nuclear mess.  Part of Tomioka, 6 miles from Fukushima, is still a no-go zone.    Radiation from Fukushima meltdown collects in timber in affected region.

Tokyo Olypics: is it safe to promote Japan’s so-called “recovery” by sending athletes into a nuclear exclusion zone?  United Nations Scientific Committee on Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) report on Fukushima health effects -rushed, inadequate, inconsistent.

Cash-strapped Japanese nuclear company funds road plans near idle nuclear plant.

Japan’s main opposition party -”Japanese society is viable without operating nuclear power plants”.

FRANCE. French Nuclear tests: revelations about a cancer epidemic.

PACIFIC ISLANDS.  France has consistently underestimated the devastating impact of its nuclear tests in French Polynesia.  110, 000 people in French Polynesia affected by the radioactive fallout from atomic bomb tests.  Time to clean up Bikini Atoll, to right the nuclear wrongs done to the Pacific islands people.


GERMANY.  Germany pledges to work towards a nuclear-free Europe  The Greens are likely to be propelled into government in the national vote.

UK. Nuclear power losing out in the UK – not a good omen for the global nuclear industry.      Trident nuclear warhead numbers set to increase for first time since cold war, despite commitment to decrease nuclear weaponss stockpile.  Safety breaches at Sellafield have raised fears of a Chernobyl-style disaster.

CHINA.  China maintains only a lean nuclear weapons force – aimed at survival if attacked..

TURKEY. Anxieties over Turkey’s new Russian-backed nuclear plants.  Turkey’s nuclear ambitions bring fears of a ”new Chernobyl” in the region.   – Turkey’s nuclear power plant could prove irresistible to terrorists.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand groups oppose launch of U.S. military nuclear satellite.

TAIWAN.  Nuclear power not an option for Taiwan.  Taiwan environmentalists to hold anti-nuclear rally in June.

SLOVENIA.  Slovenia’s hazardous old nuclear reactor in an earthquake zone,