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Nuclear news this week -Australia and more

October 12, 2021

Keeping up with the pandemic – it’s all still happening.

The nuclear submarines and AUKUS have continued in the news, and re likely to keep going – problems about who’ll supply them, about their HEU fuel, about obsolescence, about anxieties in South East Asia, about revving up tensions between USA and China.
However, as this week develops, the news focus is shifting to the coming Cop26 climate conference. The nuclear lobby is now salivating about the possibility of it having a role in this international.summit


Australians for Assange call for help – save our failing democracy, as USA continues, by despicable means, their case against him.

Nuclear submarines. Can the Australian government ignore this powerful letter exposing the foolish decision to ”go nuclear” with submarines and AUKUS? Morrison’s decision on AUKUS and nuclear submarines was made with no debate in Parliament. Growing pressure for Australia to scrap the plan for nuclear submarines fuelled by Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU). It’s unfortunate that the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal looks like weakening global nuclear non proliferation. Nuclear submarine deal needlessly raises tensions — Highly Enriched Fuel a particular danger. Nuclear submarines – A step towards nuclear power and nuclear weapons?  

 US and UK begin jostling to supply Australia with nuclear submarine fleet. Taiwan endorses AUKUS pact, asks Australia for help in war with China.

       Minerals Council pushes for the nuclear industry, despite its failing record compared to renewables. The facts contradict the pro nuclear spin of the Minerals Council of Australia‘s report, written by Ben Heard.

Radioactive waste dump and ANSTO.  Kimba Consultative Committee living in la la land over the prospect of stranded nuclear wastes. Danger in transporting nuclear wastes from Lucas Heights, and ANSTO’s conflict of interest. Questions for Ministers Taylor, Birmingham and Hunt, on their extravagant claims about ANSTO’s ”great commercial future”.

‘Do more’: COP26 president urges Morrison to make climate top priority 

Scott Morrison’s bromance with Boris Johnson is being tested, because Morrison might not attend Glasgow climate conference. Scott Morrison gets a mention on global summary of climate change leaders – and it’s not good!. Prince Charles urges Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other leaders to attend COP26 

Australia could ‘green’ its degraded landscapes for just 6% of what we spend on defence.


Pandora Papers reveal world’s Tax Avoidance B-Team. Where’s the A-Team?

The CIA Plot to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange in London is a Story that is Being Mistakenly Ignored. Deathly Silence: Journalists Who Mocked Assange Have Nothing to Say About CIA Plans to Kill Him.
Chris Busby on the truth about black rain, radiation and cancer.  Nuclear Radiation – Incompatible with Life. Low dose radiation and cancer – the Linear No Threshold model holds good.

Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World. Developing countries demand action on climate from the polluting rich countries

The stagnating landscape of the nuclear industry -no chance of competing with renewables.

Why Greta Thunberg’s speech was the best – blah none

What is Cop26 and why does it matter? The complete guide

Who’s who at Cop26: the leaders who hold the world’s future in their hands

Will all submarines, even nuclear ones, be obsolete and ‘visible’ by 2040Nuclear submarine deal needlessly raises tensions.

Organised crime highly active in the nuclear industry.

UKRAINEBirth defects in the Chernobyl region (from the archives).

GERMANYMushrooms in Germany are still contaminated by Chernobyl radiation.

Finland lobbied EU to declare nuclear power sustainable after unpublished cabinet decision. Finland’s Greens turn a lovely shade of nuclear yellow, as they back nuclear power as ”sustainable”.

JAPAN. Security lapses at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata . A-bomb survivor Setsuko Thurlow hopes Japan’s new PM can lead nuclear disarmament debate. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida praises Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Nuke disaster radiation continues to threaten traditional ways of life in northeast Japan. Industry minister vows to promote scrapping of Fukushima plant as top priority.

CHINAWhy China sent a record number of fighter jets and nuclear-capable bombers into Taiwan’s defence zone. China demands answers on US nuclear submarine accident in South China Sea.

INDIA. Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker, activists oppose spent nuclear fuel storage facility in Kudankulam.



SOUTH AFRICAWe must question why small modular reactors and the rebirth of nuclear energy are all the rage.

FRANCE. 2022 French Presidential candidates divided over nuclear energy. The French are mainly for nuclear power, but not so keen on new nuclear stations.

NORWAY. Norway led the way in 25 years of clean-up of Russia’s dead nuclear submarine radioactive trash.

NORTH KOREATime to find more realistic options than complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantling of the North Korean nuclear program .

RUSSIA. Russia aims to lift old dead nuclear submarines from the bottom of the Barents and Kara Seas by 2030. Russia’s perilous job in raising sunken nuclear submarines. Russia withdraws offer to freeze nuclear warhead production. Terrorists trying to get secrets on production of nuclear weapons

MIDDLE EAST. The risks of a catastrophic spent nuclear fuel fire near the Persian Gulf..

PACIFIC ISLANDSCNMI House slams Japan’s plan to dump nuclear waste into Pacific.

. Swedish insurance group Länsförsäkringar cuts off investment to nuclear weapons.

CHILE. Chile ratifies UN Nuclear weapons ban treaty .

IRAN. US calls for ‘imminent’ return to nuclear talks with Iran. Preventing an accidental nuclear crisis in Iran and beyond.

ISRAEL. Israel May Accept Iran As Nuclear Power According To Secret Talks.

. Pakistani nuclear weapons scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan dies aged 85. How A.Q. Khan brought the atomic bomb to Pakistan and beyond.

NEW ZEALAND. Jacinda Ardern warned twice Rocket Lab’s launches could break Nuclear Free Law.

Nuclear news this week – Australia and beyond

October 4, 2021

This month, my websites are focussing on ionising radiation.  Not that this is a topic in the news media.  Far from it. Yet it is strange that the world media is preoccupied with tiny invisible viruses that quickly can bring about illness and death, yet ignores tiny invisible radioactive particles that slowly can bring about illness and death.    
Well, the global nuclear lobby has done a darn good job in convincing the world that low level nuclear nuclear radiation is OK, perhaps indeed good for you. Now they’re gearing up for an even bigger push about nuclear being good for the climate.
AUSTRALIA. Ionising radiation – the forgotten health disaster.

AUKUS and nuclear submarines. Australia’s nuclear submarine deal a distraction from climate actionAustralia the sucker for cash-strapped U.S, and U.K submarine companies General Dynamics and BAE Systems. Australia’s nuclear submarines – a grand announcement leading to a grand shambles. No solution to submarine nuclear waste. Australia would be crazy to take on this mess.  Australia’s nuclear submarines likely to be obsolete and useless.

IAEA concerned that AUKUS could weaken non-proliferation system . Malcolm Turnbull on nuclear submarines – nothing is agreed. There is no design, no costing, no contract. Australian govt will take 18 months at least to find out if we’re leasing nuclear submarines. The giant question: is Australia able to deal with submarine nuclear wastes?  Russia warns that AUKUS is a ” a great challenge to the international nuclear non-proliferation regime.” Vatican not happy with Australia getting nuclear submarines (that’s except for George Pell, who backs them). Unknowns about Australia’s proposed nuclear submarines, especially weapons proliferation risks.

Trevor St Baker and the latest push for nuclear energy.

Kimba nuclear waste dump plan. Kimba nuclear waste dump is absolutely not a foregone conclusion. ARPANSA may not give licence for Kimba nuclear waste dump: Nuclear wastes best managed at Lucas Heights. When talking about nuclear waste and radioactivity, blurring the figures is a good pro nuclear strategy! To be internationally credible, ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) needs to include detail on radionuclides in Intermediate Level nuclear waste. 

 Climate.    Liberal Coalition prepares for greenwashing at the Glasgow climate summit. Scott Morrison confirms he’s unlikely to attend UN climate summit in Glasgow. Australia should not be a climate laggard at Glasgow- Matt Kean (Liberal) – Cheaper renewables make Narrabri gas project obsolete .

Scott Morrison’s ‘net zero by 2050’ emissions reduction plan will be filled with tricks and rorts 


World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2021. Global nuclear agencies get together to launch the big propaganda show ”Group of Vienna” ahead of COP26.

Climate solutions must be assessed on cost and speed of operation – nuclear fails on both, while reduced demand is a winner.  The most important factor in the nuclear-power debate: Cost.

Nuclear for climate? – DON’T MENTION RADIATION!

Greta Thunberg mocks world leaders’ words at Youth4Climate.

No, a nuclear-powered superyacht won’t save the world.

Unknowns about Australia’s proposed nuclear submarines
, especially weapons proliferation risks.

ARCTIC. Russian and American nuclear wastes in the Arctic may release radiation as global heating melts the ice.

NORWAYNorway paid to help Russian nuclear submarine waste clean-up – but now – new submarines!

JAPAN. Japan’s independent English language newsletter, analysing nuclear issues, is struggling to survive.

CANADAOntario’s Unfunded Nuclear Decommissioning Liability is in the $18-$27 Billion CAD Range.

USA. Why USA needs a fundamental reappraisal of nuclear weapons policy. An added small nuclear reactor would just increase the burden of radioactive trash at Columbia Generating Station. Elon Musk , world’s richest man, pays no tax, likes nuclear power.  Entergy faces federal fine for violations at its nuclear power plant near St. Francisville


FRANCEHigh rates of cancer and deaths among former nuclear workers at Ile-Longue nuclear submarine base. With its reprocessing plant in La Hague, Two French nuclear workers affected by contaminated water.    France has the highest radioactive discharges at sea in Europe.  French company EDF getting anxious and urgent about UK getting funding for Sizewell C nuclear project.

. Hungary’s nuclear watchdog withholds permits for two new reactors.

NORTH KOREAChina supports North Korea’s call to revise sanctions, return to nuclear talks.

RUSSIAThe sunken nuclear submarines: Russia’s ‘slow-motion Chernobyl’ at seaRussia confirms that ”Nuclear is Green”- (George Orwell would be fascinated.)

IRAN. Iran calls on US to unfreeze $10 billion before returning to nuclear talks.

Nuclear news – overdose on nuclear submarines this week

September 29, 2021

Well, this is something of an overdose on nuclear submarines. Sorry, because, important though they are , especially for Australia, they are not the only issue for this week. It’s getting closer to the COP26 climate summit  (31 October – 12 November 2021).  Research shows that children will face more climate disasters than their grandparents did.  Lord Stern and Mary Robinson are among  the key people warning that Cop26 climate talks will not fulfil the aims of the Paris agreement, but they still offer hope.  The nuclear issue is a huge threat, but the world is awakening – too late, really, to global heating, and struggling to find ways to address it..   Of course, the pandemic is still there too.


Nuclear submarines. – what it’s about
. Why America is ecstatic about Morrison’s AUKUS pact. Much posturing, but little content, on how AUKUS, and the nuclear submarines, will work. An incompetent threesome – Morrison, Biden; Johnson – out of their depth on nuclear submarine decision.

International ramifications.  Talk of war with China reveals Australia’s delusions of grandeur.  What is the Quad?.   AUKUS and talk of conflict with China could torpedo COP26 climate summit.   AUKUS and confronting China throws fuel on the fire of Indo-Pacific tensions – an accelerating arms race will follow. France and other NATO members perturbed at the AUKUS agreement. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the defensive as Europe and South-East Asian countries react badly to AUKUS and the nuclear submarines. “Rolling amateur hour”: Kevin Rudd lashes Scott Morrison’s handling of nuclear subs deal.   

Deception and politics. Morrison and cronies have really botched this nuclear submarine deal. Deceived’: France says it had assurances from Australia on day subs deal cancelled. The Federal government’s nuclear submarine promotion masks a huge mess of its own making. Former Labor PM Paul Keating castigates Labor for supporting the Liberals’ AUKUS and submarine deal.

Highly Enriched Fuel (HEF) and related problems.  AUKUS, nuclear submarines, Highly Enriched Uranium and weapons proliferation.   .  Nuclear submarines – a step towards full nuclear chain, importing wastes, and joining in USA nuclear brinkmanship.    . Nuclear submarines must be ‘subject to rigorous parliamentary review’: Senator Rex Patrick.

Financial aspects. 
USA has conned Australia into paying for its super-costly nuclear submarine project. The massive subsidy to nuclear submarines must not be used to justify subsidy to nuclear power.   

Opposition to programme Former subs boss blasts ‘hocus pocus’ nuclear deal. Maritime and electrical trades unions stand against nuclear submarines.   Australia’s Nuclear-Sub Shakeup Hits Shipbuilding Supply Chain. Submarine shift puts thousands of jobs at risk: unions. No nuclear submarines, say protesters.

Maralinga – ushered in Australia’s nuclear age.

Sutherland Shire doesn’t want any more nuclear waste stored at Lucas Heights in their Shire.

CLIMATE.    As Frydenberg peddles net-zero, it’s still all about… coal .       ‘We’re faffing about here in Australia’: Calls for further climate action ahead of Glasgow conference.           Australia will be represented at Glasgow climate conference, it’s just not clear if Scott Morrison will go Scott Morrison is yet to make a decision on whether he will fly to Glasgow later this year to attend major climate change talks.  

Good ideas, good work and good luck’: Australian grassroots campaigners on how they got it done


Women to bring a wake-up call
 to a world facing nuclear annihilation. 2030 . Jane Goodall launches effort in support of planting 1 trillion trees by 2030 . Young global climate strikers vow change is coming – from the streets

‘Humanity remains unacceptably close to nuclear annihilation, says UN chief on International Day. Security Council marks 25th anniversary of Test Ban Treaty with call for nuclear weapons-free worldThe Record-Breaking Failures and Costs of Nuclear Power.

Plutonium: How Nuclear Power’s Dream Fuel Became a Nightmare.

Going nuclear: the secret submarine deal to challenge China, PODCAST  Vatican concerned over deal for Australian nuclear-powered subs.

Interaction of Nuclear Waste With the Environment More Complicated Than Previously Thought.

Bitcoin miners strike deals with nuclear industry [on the ”clean energy” lie].

Novel chemical entities: Are we sleepwalking through a planetary boundary?

LDP candidates debate on nuke power must be based on realities. Japan’s election campaign – Liberal Democratic Party candidates’ differing views on nuclear recyclingNuclear submarine for Japan? Kono says yes, Kishida says no . Will Fukushima’s Water Dump Set a Risky Precedent?       More evac ation orders to be lifted in Fukushima for some areas.

FRANCEAUKUS deal leaves France out of South East Asian security arrangement.

GERMANYClimate change to loom large in talks to form new German government



IRAN. Iran clearly wants to return to nuclear talks.   Iran and IAEA in new disagreement over nuclear monitoring.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea returns to its missile diplomacy.

UKRAINE. Chernobyl’s legacy recorded in trees.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Already the ‘‘nuclear for climate for COP26 ” deceitful propaganda is underway, with a ”clean energy certificate”.

GERMANYIn ageing Germany, the young get desperate over climate .

BRAZIL.  Brazil might get nuclear-powered submarines even before Australia.

AUKUS, nuclear submarines and the new dangers of weapons proliferation and war

September 23, 2021

Paul Keating has explained the folly of antagonising China, constantly provoking further militarisation. Regional countries are concerned at the heightened militarisation, and the passage of nuclear submarines through their waters. The use of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) fuel brings risks of weapons proliferation. Now the previously nuclear-free zone looks like soon to be bristling with nuclear weapons .

And the big corporations that rule USA policy, UK policy, and now Australian policy, will be rejoicing. Watch as UK’s BAE Systems and USA’s General Dynamics fight it out for the loot from Australian tax-payers.

This week – nuclear submarines overwhelm the news

September 21, 2021

Well, Australia’s top marketing specialist, Scott Morrison, this week excelled himself, marketing his favourite product, himself for re-election in Australia’s coming khaki Liberal Coalition campaign.  World-wide fame – to play with the big toys of the big boys, even if President Biden couldn’t remember his name.  I did find the coverage of nuclear submarines and AUKUS quite overwhelming – hence this too-long news summary.


TODAY’S NUCLEAR SUBMARINE NEWSUS nuclear submarines: a dangerous nonsense. One white elephant submarine deal replaced with a worse one. French ambassador says Scott Morrison gave no warning on the nuclear submarine deal. Maritime Union of Australia calls for government spending on health, not nuclear submarines. Transparency needed so nuclear-powered subdon’t turn into nuclear power subsidies What is Scott Morrison doing in New York? Nothing on climate, it seems. 


What does the nuclear submarines announcement mean for Australia?

 Politics.   Scott Morrison’s AUKUS deal designed to win election, not make Australia safe. We need a full and transparent Inquiry in the nuclear submarine deal. Nuclear good, batteries bad: Morrison’s subs deal is thin edge of wedge . Nuclear submarines may never eventuate; it’s just Scott Morrison’s giant new election ploy. Nuclear submarine deal – the start of Morrison’s election campaign.   Minerals Council quick to see nuclear submarines as step to nuclear Australia.  #ScottyFromMarketing’s propaganda triumph -nuclear submarines –  

Opposition to submarines and AUKUS.  Australia’s anti-nuclear movement ready for a big battle. Greens pick anti-nuclear candidate to challenge Treasurer Josh Fraudenberg. Australian Greens blast nuclear submarine deal. Nuclear powered submarines for Australia. Nuclear by stealthSenator Rex Patrick calls for Inquiry before Australia moves to buy USA nuclear submarines. anger grows over Australia’s submarine deal . Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine deal is fuelling anger in the country.  Concerns grow over nuclear submarine plan. Too slow, too expensive: Why nuclear power makes no sense for Australia 

Safety. Nuclear-powered submarines a ‘terrible decision’ which will make Australia ‘less safe – Australian Greens.  Doubts about the nuclear submarines, do they make Australia less safe? Hugh White wonders. Australia’s new nuclear submarines will have dangerous Highly Enriched Uranium, not the Low Enriched Uranium of the French ones. The AUKUS deal and nuclear submarine plan ties Australia in to any American engagement against China.

Cost Big questions remain about Australia’s nuclear submarines, but it’s a massive financial gain for nuclear corporations. How much will Australia’s nuclear submarines cost the taxpayer? Australia to lease nuclear submarines from USA, UK?.A nuclear explosionof taxpayers’ money in the new nuclear submarine plan.

(Earlier)   Morrison to tear up the submarine deal with France. Too late to pull out of Australia’s botched super-expensive submarines purchase?  

On a lighter note  $90 Billion Nuclear Powered Subs To Bring Australia Out Of Lockdown In Time For Christmas.

Napandee radioactive waste dump plan – a nuclear waste of money.

Ballarat Council considers supporting the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Review of book: Long Half-life – The Nuclear Industry in Australia 


New Australia, Britain, and U.S. military alliance—AUKUS— a serious escalation of the new Cold War on China. Nuclear-powered submarines have ‘long history of accidents.

New research shows drastic climate effects of even a ”limited” nuclear war.

Nuclear submarines and their disadvantages,

A bit of good news – Animal Doctor: Good news from Europe for farmed animals.

ANTARCTICA. Scientists still don’t know how far melting in Antarctica will go – or the sea level rise it will unleash.

JAPAN. TEPCO not informing the Regulation Agency for 2 years about the 25 damaged filters at Fukushima Daiichi NPP. Tepco technicians ignored Fukushima filters leaking radioactive water. Lethal radiation levels detected in Fukushima nuke plant reactor lid. New radiation scrubber begins cleaning water at Fukushima plant.

FRANCE. France angry about nuclear submarine cancelleation – recalls ambassadors to Australia, Aukus: France pulls out of UK defence talks amid row. USA. questionable rush to start Flamanville nuclear reactor despite its defects . Nuclear submarine deal planned for 18 months – French ambassador says this is treasonous

CHINA. China fears that the nuclear-powered submarines could be armed with nuclear weapons at short notice.

INDIA. Is AUKUS pact a signal to India to go for nuclear attack submarines? Aukus fallout: for years, US told India it couldn’t share nuclear submarine technology. ‘And now this.


Tragically, Biden continues same nuclear weapons ”modernization” budget as Trump’s . China still way behind USA in nuclear weaponry: time for diplomacy and negotiations on arms control. Top U.S. general feared that Trump might start a nuclear war.  . Generals Should Not Have to Break the Rules to Prevent Nuclear War. Don’t Let Presidents Start Nuclear Wars on Their Own. Nuclear Modernization Casts Budget Shadow Over Air Force Plans.USA developing space-based electromagnetic warfare. U.S. generals planning for a space war they see as all but inevitable.  Latest on America’s plutonium ”pits” costly fiasco Illinois nuclear stations kept alive as Senate approves Bill to subsidise Exelon. Illinois approves $700 million in subsidies to Exelon, prevents nuclear plant closures. Turkey Point nuclear station vulnerable to hurricanes, sea level rise, as climate change continues.Bipartisan House group asks Biden to stop Canada’s Great Lakes nuclear storage plans.   NRC issues license to store’spent nuclear fuel‘ in Andrews  . Texas to fight on against dumping of spent nuclear fuel in Andrews County. New Mexico backs Texas in opposing nuclear fuel storage. Samuel Lawrence Foundation loses court case to keep spent fuel pools as safety backup at San Onofre nuclear station. Push for nuclear power in Pueblo unlikely to succeed: renewables win favour.

UKRAINE. Chernobyl nuclear zone is becoming more radioactive: they don’t know why..

CANADA. Nuclear power: Why molten salt reactors are problematic and Canada investing in them is a waste. Responses to Candidate Questionnaire: Radioactive Waste in the Ottawa Valley.


MALAYSIA. Malaysia and Indonesia warn Australia’s Indo-Pacific pact could trigger nuclear arms race.

IRAN. The new AUKUS pact may have paved the way for Iran to move to a nuclear weapon. Iran appoints harsh critic of the nuclear deal to the Foreign Ministry. Iranian Guards Physically Harassed Female U.N. Nuclear Inspectors, Diplomats Say .

NORTH KOREA. North Korea says Australia’s submarine deal could trigger ‘nuclear arms race. N.Korea tests first ‘strategic’ cruise missile with possible nuclear capability . North Korea, nuclear proliferation and why the ‘madman theory’ is wrong about Kim Jong-ung.

RUSSIA. Russia urges IAEA monitoring, ‘transparency’ on US-Australia nuclear sub pact, Nuclear ballistic missile submarine meltdown, 1961. Russia developing more floating nuclear power plants.

ITALY. Italy launches national debate on nuclear waste disposal.

SPAINNuclear power companies threaten to shut down plants if Spanish government takes action on soaring bills.

ISRAEL. Nuclear reactor worker wins NIS one million cancer compensation. Mossad assassinated Iran’s top nuclear scientist using an artificial-Intelligence-powered, remote-controlled machine gun.

CZECH REPUBLIC.. Czech government will subsidise nuclear power.

POLAND. Poland’s nuclear folly 

The week in nuclear news

September 13, 2021

NUCLEAR. While the pandemic goes on, not much physically is happening. But on the lobbying scene, it’s at fever pitch. The target is the European Commission. The goal is to get the Commission to declare nuclear power as clean, green and sustainable in the European Taxonomy.  And then on to inclusion in the COP 26 Climate Summit in November, so that the nuclear industry can get the money that goes with that acceptance. Even more beneficial-  by saving this failing industry, they’ll be able to keep old reactors going for longer, thus avoiding the huge costs of demolishing them, and thus kicking that problem down the road, for our grandchildren to solve.Delay in climate change action helps, too, as nuclear power is depicted as ”transitional” from fossil fuels.

Coronavirus: What’s happening in Canada and around the world .    

Climate changeFossil fuels must stay underground, scientists say

A bit of good news – New data shows vaccines are cutting the risk of serious COVID-19.



We need global action on climate, just like global action on pandemic – Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall still has hope for humanity. Here’s why.

Vested interests — controlling the news about nuclear safety.

UN General Assembly President calls for halt to nuclear tests.

BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) reaffirmed commitment to preventing an arms race in space.

Nuclear ”ethics” – fatally ill man kept alive against his will, in the cause of nuclear research. Irradiated man kept alive .

British Scientist discovers the cause of cancer in the Hiroshima Black Rain survivors -2021.

Thorium nuclear fuel has risks.

‘Fossil Free Media’‘ aims to redress the balance of well-funded press that opposes action on climate change.


  Nuclear sharing must end in Europe .

The nuclear lobby gears up to take ”green” nuclear energy spin to the European Commission and on to COP26.  Expert response to the pro nuclear report by the Joint Research Centre.:  

Extracts from Expert response to pro nuclear JRC Report.  


RUSSIA. Russia aims to dominate the Arctic, with nuclear ice-breakers.

IRAN. Iran blocking UN atomic agency access to nuclear-related sites, IAEA says

FRANCE. Protests as France sends latest shipment of used nuclear fuel to Japan .

UKNuclear weapons out of Scotland within three years of independence, SNP agrees, The real-life anti-nuclear peace camp that is the subject of BBC drama ”Vigil”. Earthquake risks for proposed coal mine in Cumbria, all too close to Sellafield nuclear site. Planned UK-Australia trade deal – a dangerous precedent for climate change policy. Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council supports Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

JAPAN. Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party hopes that presidential contender Taro Kono will drop his anti nuclear stance. Energy Markets Bet Against Nuclear As Election Nears In Japan. IAEA Seeks Japan Transparency in Release of Fukushima Water. Media Coverage of Fukushima, Ten Years Later. Pharyngeal cancer recognized as work-related injury for two convergence workers after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

NEW ZEALANDMururoa nuclear test veterans fight for their children and grandchildren.

SOUTH KOREA. U.S., Japan, S.Korea to meet over N.Korea nuclear standoff.

SPAINRadioactive water leak in Valencia.

RUSSIA. Russia aims to dominate the Arctic, with nuclear ice-breakers.

IRAN. Iran blocking UN atomic agency access to nuclear-related sites, IAEA says.

FRANCE. Protests as France sends latest shipment of used nuclear fuel to Japan .

UK. Nuclear weapons out of Scotland within three years of independence, SNP agrees, The real-life anti-nuclear peace camp that is the subject of BBC drama ”Vigil”. Earthquake risks for proposed coal mine in Cumbria, all too close to Sellafield nuclear site. Planned UK-Australia trade deal – a dangerous precedent for climate change policy. Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council supports Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

JAPAN. Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party hopes that presidential contender Taro Kono will drop his anti nuclear stance. Energy Markets Bet Against Nuclear As Election Nears In Japan. IAEA Seeks Japan Transparency in Release of Fukushima Water. Media Coverage of Fukushima, Ten Years Later. Pharyngeal cancer recognized as work-related injury for two convergence workers after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

NEW ZEALANDMururoa nuclear test veterans fight for their children and grandchildren.

SOUTH KOREA. U.S., Japan, S.Korea to meet over N.Korea nuclear standoff.

  SPAIN. Radioactive water leak in Valencia.  

This week’s nuclear news – Australia and more

September 7, 2021

While Afghanistan, and Covid-19 continue to be the main focus of news, climate change is getting a new kind of attention. I find it a worrying kind.  When Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, News Corps etc, were busily spouting climate change denialism, at least you knew what they were up to.  Now, I fear that the world is going to be subjected to propaganda that is much more subtle.  Just as Big Media and Big Business now ”support” action on climate change, I think that they will be spruiking technological fixes, ”clean coal” ”carbon capture and storage, ( perhaps even Big Renewables). On the coat-tails of this Big Fix movement rides the nuclear lobby. Nuclear is so far banned from participating in the COP26 Climate Summit in November.   I wouldn’t be surprised if it wriggles its way in.  World leaders like Biden, Johnson, Putin – all depend for their jobs, on the backing of big corporations.  So – COP26 is already under threat.

On the positive side, quiet and thoughtful voices speak up for a more holistic approach to climate action, and a measured study on the world’s energy needs. 

Covid-19 –    Coronavirus worldwide, despite nearly 65,000 deaths and nearly 4.3 million cases in the past week, is leveling off with 8% declines for each category, with every continent dropping except Europe in fatalities.

NUCLEAR. While not much is actually happening, the activity is – under the radar – the ever-increasing push to convince the world that nuclear is ”clean and green and the way to go.”

Some bits of good news –  India Today Group launches Good News Today, India’s first and only positive news channel. ”Good news” – as usual – very much individualistic stuff. I guess that the overall small drop in coronavirus cases is a small plus. 


 Australia’s business leaders want stronger climate policy, but nuclear lobby stooge Senator Matt Canavan wants Australia to boycott COP 26. Landmark FOI ruling could shed new light on Energy Minister Taylor’s big energy market ploy. THEN – Morrison government moves to strengthen secrecy around energy ministers meetings. 

The ANZUS treaty does not make Australia safer. Rather, it fuels a fear of perpetual military threat .   Macedon Ranges joins 36 local councils to call on Australian government to sign and ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

  Scrutiny on possible fraud in the process of the government bribery grants for South Australian communities to accept a nuclear waste dump. Napandee nuclear waste site is in fact on farming land, and all too close to the town of Kimba. Agricultural land deserves protection from radioactive pollution. Radioactive waste dump plan lacks genuine community consent. 

 Wollemi Mine? Experts label John Barilaro’s plan for new coal “corrupt”, unviable. 

  New Australian law allows security agencies to spy on, and manipulate your data – mainstream media ignores this. 

  Murdoch’s News Corpse hasn’t seen the light on climate – they’re just updating their tactics.


A New Online Youth Platform Promotes Nuclear Disarmament.      After the Afghanistan war, the time for change is now.  Oblivion and 9 Other Best Dystopian Films About Nuclear War.

How much energy do we need to achieve a decent life for all?     Does technology really matter more than the natural landscape?

Greta Thunberg, critical of governments, may not attend COP26.      COP26 – the need to scrutinise hidden climate agendas.

Formidable radiation dangers in travel to Mars. Radiation could restrict crewed Mars missions to less than four years . Cosmic radiation will probably prevent growing crops on MarsVirgin Galactic ‘ignored red warning light’ in Branson’s race against Bezos to be first billionaire to space.

New Nuclear: What’s At Stake For Wildlife? – Webinar October 7.

International Uranium Film Festival free online screenings September 13 – 19.

AFRICA. Nuclear Disarmament: What the World can Learn from Africa.

JAPAN. Not Seeing the Contaminated Forest for the Decontaminated Trees in Fukushima. IAEA team in Japan to help prepare Fukushima water release. Fukushima radiation monitoring posts to be renewed-. New type of fallout from Fukushima Daiichi found a decade after nuclear disaster.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Pacific environmentalists call on Japan not to empty radioactive wastewater into the Pacific.


UK. UK might have to move its nuclear submarines overseas, if Scotland gains independence. UK government scared that Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon will use COP25 to further SCotland’s independence.  Trident: Scots urged to write to UN to demand removal of nuclear weapons. The Faslane Peace Camp inspired the BBC drama Vigi        Chaotic discussion on nuclear waste proposal for UK’s Allerdale region.

CANADA. More issues at Bruce power station raise concerns about aging nuclear infrastructure.

INDIAOver 200kg uranium theft in India poses threats of nuclear terrorism.

AFRICA. A Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa.

SOUTH AFRICA. As South Africa restarts nuclear plan, critics and advocates clash over its clean energy credentials. Walking the nuclear dog – a South African tale.

NORTH KOREA. U.S. says North Korea nuclear report shows “urgent need for dialogue” -official.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea developing a missile as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

FRANCE. Chinon nuclear site again leaks coolants that turn into powerful greenhouse gases . An EDF employee contaminated in the Cruas-Meysse nuclear power plant.

POLANDTwo Billionaires Join Forces in Poland’s Nuclear Energy Push. 

IRANGermany calls on Iran to resume nuclear talks . Iran’s new foreign minister Warns Tehran May Not Return to Nuclear Talks Until November. What’s next for the Iran nuclear deal? Analysts In Iran Pessimistic Over Nuclear Talks, Oppose Further Delays.

CHINA. China’s nuclear missile silo expansion: From minimum deterrence to medium deterrence. In China, wind and solar energy are the clear winners over nuclear.

ISRAELIsrael’s ‘alarmist claims’ raise the stakes against Iran.


Nuclear news for the last week in August

August 30, 2021

The tragic situation in Afghanistan dominated the news.

In the USA, Hurricane Ida reminds of the effects of global heating – increasing the intensity of extreme weather.

The mainstream media carefully avoids discussion of the dangers to Louisiana’s nuclear power stations.

Coronavirus. For most of the world, the pandemic is not over – devastation in countries such as Uganda, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Peru and Brazil.

Climate.   Even 1.5C warming will still leave world’s coasts exposed to extremes. Radio Ecoshock re-examines the facts on the new megafires. 

Hard to find good news – mostly very individualistic stories, like these ones about bees:  A friend bumblebee.  Saving the bees. A bit of good news (sort of)  University of Michigan reports that CO2 can be stored away in concrete,


 Federal nuclear waste dump plan.  Australia’s nuclear waste is best managed in interim storage at Lucas Heights, with an independent review on permanent disposal.  The status of two current federal processes related to radioactive waste and the Kimba plan.  Farmer Jeff Baldock is excited at prospect of nuclear waste dump on his land. Other nearby farmers not impressed, (Stock Journal).. Also, Stock Journal inaccurate on Baldock’s land area.    Kimba nuclear waste dump consultation? WHAT CONSULTATION

Need to investigate ANSTO’s tax-payer funded, loss-making, unnecessary nuclear medicine production

Climate activists raided by anti-terrorist police. Their crime? chalking a sign on pavement. Canberra Extinction Rebellion members convicted by ACT Magistrates Court for crimes during protests. 

Australia’s biggest climate poll shows support for action in every seat

Tasmania Liberals vote down Greens climate emergency motion with Premier claiming it ‘frightens’ children. Political bribes beat the planet as gas fracking gets public hand-outs.

White Man’s Media: Rupert Murdoch and the US Imperium– Australia is its tool.

Development of ‘zombie’ gasfield areas would create waste, water issues: opponents

As the world battles to slash carbon emissions, Australia considers paying dirty coal stations to stay open longer

Nationals v CSIRO: why a party of government attacks its own scientific agency 

Australian Labor Party backs bills to de-register most political parties.


29 August 2021 International Day Against Nuclear Tests  Reaffirm commitment to ban nuclear tests, UN chief says in message for International Day.

How to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Sign the nuclear weapons treaty.   Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons. Shadow World reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade – the only business that counts its profits in billions and its losses in human lives

Weaponising space -the high road to World War 3, but profitable for weapons and space companies. Exposure to radiation can affect DNA: Astronauts on long-duration missions in space at risk .   Rocket launches may be damaging the ozone layer

Military Contractor CACI Says Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Hurting Its Profits. It’s Funding a Pro-War Think Tank.

Nuclear energy is anything but clean, despite the media hype.

‘ Every euro invested in nuclear power makes the climate crisis worse‘  Don’t Expect Real Climate Solutions From COP26. It Functions for Corporations.

JAPAN. International Atomic Energy Agency doubts the ability of Japan to clean up Fukushima nuclear wreck by intended date 2051. UN urges Japan to investigate damaged Fukushima nuclear reactors for clean-up.

EUROPE, European Leadership Network aims to build a new nuclear network.



IRELAND. Nuclear power “just doesn’t make sense” for Ireland, a leading energy expert says.

GERMANY. German utility aims to expand renewables, rejects keeping nuclear reactors open.

CANADA, Nuclear Safety Commission Directs Bruce Power To Assess Fitness For Service Of Reactors.

FINLAND. Ho hum … the umpteenth delay for Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor.

RUSSIA. Russia begins constructing nuclear submarines amid increasing friction with West.

ISRAEL. Israel accelerates plans for a possible strike on Iran’s nuclear programme.

BELGIUM. Engie nuclear subsidiary Endel in bad shape about to be sold.

SWEDEN. Swedish government decides to increase interim storage capacity for nuclear waste.

AFGHANISTAN. U.S. Lawmakers anxious that Taliban may try to get nuclear weapons.

The week in nuclear news

August 23, 2021

As the Afghanistan crisis continues, many writers consider the underlying causes of the USA’s prolonged wars, and reveal the staggering profits made by the weapons-making corporations. From the corporate point of view, the 20 year war has been a great success.

Coronavirus:more than 212.1 million cases of COVID-19  The reported global death toll stood at more than 4.4 million.  The Delta variant puts  a strain on health systems. Several countries struggle, with lockdowns needed – Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand.  Case numbers rise in France. Debates go on about child vaccination, mandatory vaccination, and booster doses of vaccine.

Climate. Global heating and its effects, extreme weather events keep on. The IPCC Report finds we will cross the 1.5C warming  danger line in the 2030’s, pretty well no matter what we do. 

NUCLEAR, Very quietly indeed – you could easily miss this, – come two positive events for the nuclear-free movement; exclusion of nuclear from the Green Zone at COP26, and USA’s nuclear regulator rejecting the push to weaken radiation safety standards. 

Some bits of good news:  What went right this week: how we saved Earth before, plus more positive news,  Australia’s ‘healing journey’.


  Australia’s participation in America’s wars. Was it worth it?     Little chance for genuine community consultation on Napandee nuclear waste dump decision.
Kimberley Land Council: New heritage bill is skewed to the mining industry..  Young people rebel on climate.     Australian government moves to limit charities’ ability to campaign during election period  


USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission affirms that a little ionising radiation may be bad for health.

Nuclear lobby miserable, but Friends of the Earth relieved, that nuclear industry is excluded from the Green Zone at COP26 Climate Summit.

The tie between climate change and nuclear weapons.

Action on climate change is stalled by unwise spending on small nuclear reactors.

Frozen conflicts and forever warsWikiLeaks and the Crimes of the West in Afghanistan.

Renewables are beating nuclear,

Bill Gates and the corporates behind the fake solutions to climate change. Arnie Gundersen writes to Bill Gates – about public funding for Gates’ false Natrium nuclear solution to climate change.    

 Why Cosmic Radiation Could Foil Plans for Farming on Mars.

IRAN. Biden’s Iran envoy calls nuclear deal’s fate ‘one big question mark”Russia, Germany, hope efforts to save Iran nuclear deal will be continued — Putin.     Iran Foreign Ministry defends latest nuclear measures.

JAPAN. Safety review of reactor at Tsuruga nuclear plant halted over data tamperingRadioactive snakes may monitor Fukushima fallout. 5.2-magnitude quake strikes off Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, no tsunami warning issued .

CANADA. Canada’s nuclear reactors may not be fit for service. The final costly burden of Ontaria’s nuclear decommissioning will fall to the great-grandchildren of babies born in 2021.



CHINA. The health and environmental costs of China’s nuclear bomb tests,

FRANCE. France’s oldest nuclear reactors allowed to operate for another decade. France returns high level nuclear waste to Germany (What happens to it then?)

SOUTH  AFRICA. South Africa’s Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) opposes plan for new nuclear power.

SOUTH KOREANuclear Weapons in South Korea? Not So Fringe Anymore.

PHILIPPINES. An expert explains that the Philippines’ nuclear power plant would be OK, but solar power would be faster and better.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. No apology from France, as new report reveals the harm done to Pacific islands by atomic bomb tests.

POLANDOpposition to nuclear power plants in Poland.

IRAQ. Iraq needs energy, but nuclear power is not the answer.

RUSSIA. Russian nuclear power plants insured for $27 billion.  

The week in nuclear news – Australia and more

August 16, 2021

News – oh dear – it’s all too much. And a kind of lethargy sets in, in this uncertain time of pandemic.  I’ve started to type in green bold just those items that I selected as particularly interesting.  

The big news this week is the Afghanistan story.This  USA -led futile military adventure comes to an end. We now prepare for the next one, as weapons industry leaders  salivate in anticipation –  will it be against Iran, North Korea, China …?

With the delta variant – the pandemic rages on.Climate change news and views continue, with fires and floods, and following the IPCC Report.  I’m finding that only Radio Ecoshock and climate scientist Paol Beckwith seem  to put this all together, clearly.   And someone raised the heretical suggestion that we should give up the system of endless economic growth via consumption.

Some bits of good news –   Rainforest agriculture brings a climate-friendly system to Honduras and other South American nations.  English moor transformed into ‘giant sponge’ to absorb CO2.


 Climate change has already hit Australia. Unless we act now, a hotter, drier and more dangerous future awaits, IPCC warns


The War On Afghanistan Was A $2 Trillion Scam. U.S, costs to date for the war in Afghanistan  in $ billions, 2001-2021.      How War Profiteers Manufacture Consent

NO SUPPORT for NUCLEAR in the new report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Urgency of the IPCC climate report makes it clear that new nuclear is not the answer. If nuclear power is adopted as the way ahead, the climate fight will be lost.

World careering towards irreversible climate impacts, top scientists warn.

A Day in the Death of British Justice – the case of Julian Assange.

The real photos of the Hiroshima bombing tell the story – no need for fictionalised ones.JAPANNagasaki remembers the atomic bomb, Olympic officials refuse to allow a minute’s silence. UN pledges full support to Nagasaki voices fuelling ‘powerful global movement’ against nuclear arms. Japanese teenager calls for nuke-free world at U.N. disarmament confab .

CHINA. China starting new nuclear power project, with technology from Russia. Why China is increasing its nuclear deterrence capacity.

CANADA. Canada’s political leaders oblivious to the dangers in making plutonium accessible? Canada’s Moltex small nuclear reactor project -its plutonium process brings danger of nuclear weapons proliferation. Revell River Action Draws Attention to Nuclear Waste Burial SiteUSA


IRAN. Iran’s research reactors prove the nuclear deal is still working. Hopes rise that Iran hardliner will rejuvenate nuclear deal.

NORTH KOREA. The Case for a New North Korean Nuclear Deal.

TURKEY. Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear station a cause for anxiety in the Eastern Mediterranean,BELGIUM. Inconclusive findings on attempted sabotage of Belgian nuclear reactor..