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Australia’s Turnbull Government releases transparent video on Climate Policy and Coal Mining

December 11, 2016

Honest Government Advert – Carmichael Coal Mine

Safety concerns over nuclear waste transport France – Australia

October 19, 2015

ACF nuclear campaigner Dave Sweeney talks to RT International

Final episode of SBS Uranium Documentary – PR for the nuclear industry

August 25, 2015

Dennis Matthews, 24 Aug 15 Watched the final episode tonight. The Canadian-Australian physicist comes up with the inevitable physicists conclusion, we need nuclear energy. This program takes the cake for outright sneekiness. After looking at the aftermath of Chernobyl and Fukushima any normal person would have no alternative but to conclude that nuclear is a non-starter.

Along the way, the physicist-turned-journalist contradicts himself when he acknowledges that in cases of (ionising) radiation it is difficult to make a connection between cause and effect and that (like asbestos) the deaths may come many years after the event, yet a few minutes later he definitively claims that no one was killed by (ionising) radiation at Fukushima. This is straight out of the nuclear industry handbook.

He also interviewed a pro-nuclear medical researcher who was allowed to state unchallenged that low doses of (ionising) radiation MAY be good for you and that the human species has adapted to background ionising radiation. Given that we have, at the moment, no way of distinguishing many cancers and birth defects caused by ionising radiation from those caused by other agents (e.g., chemical) then these are outrageous statements and do no credit either to the medical researcher or to the scientific credentials of the journalist.

All-in-all a fairly crude attempt to sway public opinion. Given its timing I would have to conclude that this is another piece of pro-nuclear propaganda timed for the Scarce debacle.

Dennis Matthews


Video: Don’t be conned by the nuclear lobby

March 4, 2015

Nuke Your Guts Out (  Our Epic Future: Create It with Clean Energy

There is a way to power our lives without dirty energy. There is a solution to climate change without nuclear reactors. We can solve the climate crisis and power our lives with 100% renewable sources and energy efficiency.

“Our Epic Future: Create It With Clean Energy” is a project of Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Public Citizen and the Sierra Club.

Nuclear debate: the game’s over, but it’s worth discussing why

December 8, 2014

Nuclear debate: the game’s over, but it’s worth discussing why

Nuclear power, nuclear weapons – hear Dr Tim Rousseau ,M V Ramana and Suzuki Tatsujiro

August 14, 2014

Hear-This-wayNuclear power, post Fukushima Listen now   Download audio  This week at the ANU in Canberra there’s an international workshop on the costs and benefits of nuclear power in East Asia. From the workshop , Dr Tim Rousseau , M V Ramana and Suzuki Tatsujiro discuss the relationship between nuclear power generation and nuclear weapons, the health implications of exposure to radiation and the continuing impact of the closure of the Fukushima reactor in Japan.

VIDEO: The fight of a lifetime: Aboriginal opposition to nuclear waste dumping

June 14, 2014

VIDEO : Muckaty Traditional Owners maintain rage about plans to build nuclear waste dump Alyssa Betts Fri 13 Jun 2014

Traditional Owners of Muckaty Station are maintaining the rage about plans to build a nuclear waste dump there.
Some are fighting for it, many others are fighting against it.
The legalities of which clans own what parts of the station and whether the Northern Land Council has done the right thing in nominating the dump site is being fought in court.

Australia’s next Governor General a nuclear power enthusiast

December 26, 2013

Peter Cosgrove to be governor-general  DENNIS SHANAHAN THE AUSTRALIAN DECEMBER 26, 2013 GENERAL Peter Cosgrove is set to become the next governor-general of Australia, the formal announcement of the appointment of the popular former chief of the defence force expected late next month…..

General Cosgrove says if Australia is serious about tackling climate change it should move to embrace nuclear power. “If we want mass power generation capacity then we have got to trust ourselves to develop safe, clean nuclear energy.”

Cosgrove backs nuclear power

Lack of Australian nuclear plant almost immoral: Peter Cosgrove  “…..  it was “almost immoral” to export uranium to less technologically advanced and stable countries to use in nuclear power plants while refusing to have one in Australia………..We’re a rich and technologically advanced nation sitting in a geologically stable continent, so surely we can expect to build and operate safely a nuclear power station.”

The former Australian of the Year said he anticipated there would be an outcry but there was no cleaner energy source than nuclear power…..

Cosgrove wants nuclear answer to climate change Former Australian Defence Force chief Peter Cosgrove says Australia should adopt nuclear power as its response to climate change……Mr Abbott, however, says he agrees that nuclear power is the only realistic way to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining living standards.

Human Rights Commission knocks back Maralinga veterans case

December 17, 2013

they’ve been treated like second-class citizens.
 ”This really is disgusting. How is it that these people, subject to the fury of a nuclear blast, aren’t even entitled to a gold card for their medical treatment as other veterans are?” 

AUDIO Aussie nuclear veterans ‘disgusted’ by bid failure  Australian veterans of British nuclear tests say they’re disgusted by the latest setback to their campaign for compensation. (Transcript from World News Australia Radio) Australia’s Human Rights Commission has decided it can’t consider the case of the 300 veterans because the matter is out of its jurisdiction.
The decision has left the veterans’ lawyers saying it’s the end of their campaign.
Murray Silby spoke to some of the veterans, including Avon Hudson “They’ll act with extreme disgust at the government and the Human Rights Commission. I mean we shouldn’t wait on the Human Rights Commission. This should have been addressed by governments of the past, but given the Human Rights heard this I have no time for the Human Rights (Commission) now.”

Avon Hudson says he and his fellow veterans have lost faith in a system that should have protected their rights.”I don’t know anybody that was there when I served there that hasn’t had either cancer or some other illness induced by radiation. (more…)

“Amateur” video beats mainstream media to the Adelaide climate action rally

November 18, 2013

 Adelaide Rally For Action On Climate Change 17 Nov 2013 Brett Burnard Stokes film