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Nuclear news as May ends – the problems keep getting worse 

May 30, 2022

Some bits of good news –  INDIGENOUS INSIGHTS ON HEALING LAND AND SKY.       Cuban Farmers Fight Land Degradation with Sustainable Management.

It’s a worrying thought that everyone might just get ”Ukraine fatigue” and let this cruel war grind on.  In the meantime, the global nuclear industry is suffering all sorts of upsets, while Elon Musk and the rest of the space war enthusiasts are carrying on, as if there were no problems at all.   Hard to single out the most significant nuclear failure, but I think that it would have to be France, where the financial and safety problems just keep getting worse.  


Julian Assange’s family says Australia’s election result brings renewed hope for WikiLeaks founder’s release. Labor urged to act to prevent Julian Assange extradition.

Nuclear.    Sydney University radiation case shows the need for stronger environmental laws, with wider scope. Stop Deep Yellow: No uranium mining on Upurli Upurli Nguratja country. Australia’s new Prime Minister backs the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. Australia’s weapons-buying binge from USA continues . 

Climate.  Albanese commits Australia to stronger 2030 target, starts climate reset .     The political and media establishment ignored climate – but voters didn’t.   The 2022 climate election: unpacking how climate concerned Australians voted        Months of more rain likely as BOM report links global warming to flood disasters.   

‘I’m so angry, I’m wild’: the never-ending wait to clean up asbestos town Wittenoom


What to do about humanity entering “a spiral of self-destruction” – a UN Summit now on in Indonesia.   The U.N. “Sustainable Development Goals”- just ”greenwashing” – claim experts.   Why nuclear power can’t solve climate crisis – in fact makes it worse-

When Henry Kissinger gives advice on ending the Ukraine conflict, the West should listen.     Ukraine, Taiwan: Biden trip designed to recruit S. Korea, Japan into global anti-Russia/China bloc. They’re Just Outright Telling Us That Peace In Ukraine Is Not An Option.

 Book Review: ”Atoms and Ashes’‘ – A Timely History of Nuclear Catastrophes.

Asianization of NATO: China, Russia react to Biden visit   War for Taiwan, nuclear war for Japan: Biden pushes two-front campaign against China, Russia.       Like the rest of Europe’s few remaining non-members, Ireland being prepped for NATO .         Expanding NATO – it’s a $quillion bonanza for the U.S. weapons industries!!     Why environmentalists are pushing back against nuclear energy .

Nuclear is already well past its sell-by date.    After the meltdown.

Billionaires from USA and Denmark have inordinate influence on public opinion about molten salt nuclear reactors’.     Caitlin Johnson, rogue journalist, on corporate control of the media.

“Don’t work for climate wreckers:” UN chief warns young people off fossil fuels.

Curbing other climate pollutants, not just CO2, gives Earth a chance.

Experts call on governments to start including animal welfare in sustainable development governance.

UKRAINE. For the first time in history, nuclear sites have been caught up in the middle of warfare. Ukrainian negotiator rules out deal with Russia.


CANADA. Canada can achieve 100% zero-emission electricity by 2035 – with renewable energy, storage. energy efficiency , and interprovincial transmission


JAPAN. Japan ratchets up rhetoric against Russia, China re air patrols, Ukraine . Japan’s new ‘green economy’ bond may fund nuclear projects.   

Fukushima.  A 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Area Near the Fukushima Disaster Site. Fukushima reactor sitting on shaky base raises quake concerns. 

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, work to remove contaminated pipes suspended again due to detection of high radiation dose at level of “death by exposure for several hours. Debris in sediment, bottom of Fukushima Unit 1 Neutron radiation detected at high levelsHiroshima man’s anime sheds light on Fukushima nuclear project. 

Cancer Patients Seek Damages from Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Plaintiff diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the Fukushima nuclear accident: “I have suffered without telling anyone. Lawsuit by evacuees from nuclear power plant accident: Supreme Court to rule on June 17 for the first time on the government’s responsibility. 

Japan’s plan to release toxic water into sea irresponsible.

MARSHALL ISLANDSNuclear tragedy in the Marshall Islands.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea to keep import ban on Japan seafood due to Fukushima concern.

FRANCE. A warning from France, about nuclear delusions of grandeurFrance’s Nuclear Industry Slides Into CrisisGlobal heating is affecting France’s nuclear reactors, as water temperatures rise in the rivers. EDF Nuclear Failures Undermine Europe’s Push to Exit Russian Gas.

RUSSIAPutin Ready For “Serious Negotiations” With Zelensky, But Says Western Arms ‘Destabilizing’ Situation/ Energy sanctions on Russia – Russia’s nuclear supply chain should be sanctioned, too.

EUROPE. Nuclear dependence. Europe remains economically dependent on Russia as long as it has nuclear energy. Where will Europe store its radioactive waste?

CROATIA. Mounting opposition from Bosnia, to Croatia’s nuclear waste dump plan.

AFRICA. Climate Summit failed to support African communities on the front lines of the climate crisis.

ISRAELNo Iran nuclear deal ‘worse’ than even a bad one: Israel sources.

IRELAND. Ireland’s Environment Minister Eamon Ryan rules out nuclear power as option in transition from fossil fuel dependence

PHILIPPINES. Philippines’ Marcos in nuclear plant revival talks with S.Korea.

INDIAFrance is offering 6 new nuclear reactors to India, even though India’s nukes are not within the IAEA safety regulatory framework. Russia’s Outsized Role in India’s Nuclear Power Program.

FINLAND. Fennovoima withdraws from its new nuclear reactor application.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Vulnerable island ecology threatened as developed countries dump waste, conduct nuclear test in Pacific.

Anthony Albanese has the power to save Julian Assange. But will he?

May 26, 2022

We’re all enormously relieved that the corrupt #ScottyFRomMarketing has gone.

And we like Albanese, I think.

But – will he have the guts to help our Australian hero, Julian Assange?

Albanese had the perfect opportunity in Tokyo on Tuesday, meeting the U.S. president. He could have raised the matter with Biden.. But he didn’t.

When will he? Will he speak up for Assange at all?

Now is the time for Australia to intervene, and to demand the repatriation of Julian and an end to his persecution. It’s about time our mealy-mouthed and pathetic media and politicians broke their silence and cringing subservience to the USA.

Some dream of Australia as an international nuclear waste dump – the ultimate in colonial degradation

April 10, 2022

Right now, the Boris Johnson crowd in Britain, and the Emmanuel Macron crowd in France are enthusiastically thumping the tub for the mythical ”New Nuclear”, and for prolonging the operation of their creaky old nuclear reactors way beyond their proper use-by date.

Their whole plan is super expensive, and also pretty much irrelevant to climate action, seeing that new nuclear reactors take decades to become operational.

But it’s not just the cost that’s so unwise, so imprudent.

It’s the waste problem. Both governments have a nonchalant attitude to that

Manwhile, back in this colony, the nuclear fans, which include Keith Pitt, the Minister for Resources, and sundry other politicians, keep pushing for a ”temporary” nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia. (Other quieter players push for one in Western Australia,)

It looks to me as though the old nightmare of Pangea still lives in Australia – the transforming of this colony into a colonial nuclear waste dump. Australians need to be aware that this plan – to benefit a few greedy grasping Australian entrepreneurs and sycophantic politicians, could be seen as a convenient solution for our international ”betters”.

South Australia: the Liberal government’s dodgy nuclear deals

March 15, 2022

Why are they all buying into the fantasy of ”new nuclear”, and propping up ”old nuclear”

January 22, 2022

The Bitter Truth

is that the ”peaceful” ”economically viable” nuclear industry is clearly failing.

All nuclear nations are devoted to their nuclear weapons industry. So the commercial nuclear industry must be kept alive – as it is essential to the weapons industry, including in space.

The other reasons.

The macho men and ”visionary” billionaires must see their dreams fulfilled – at tax-payer expense, of course.

It is too costly to shut down old big nuclear reactors, – by propping them up – extending their licences – those costs are passed on to our grandchildren.

The slick, smart, amoral, lobbying gang are ever on the job, feeding nuclear spin to media, politicians, and us.

They have no conscience, and no wisdom, and they sure don’t care about our grandchildren.

Nuclear news this week

October 18, 2021

The past week has seen a bigger than usual burst of news items about small nuclear reactors (SMRs) – with  numerous claims about how SMRs are going to be the focus of a nuclear revival that will combat climate change. In country after country, political leaders announce SMRs  as a central part of their climate policy, even reversing policies to phase out nuclear power. France is the leading example. There’s even a very interesting logic that goes like this: 
‘Big nuclear power reactors are unsustainable: therefore small nuclear reactors will be sustainable” –  as they say in all those police shows on TV – copy that!

Coronavirus around the world.

 The climate disaster is here.  Climate. Earth is already becoming unlivable. Will governments act to stop this disaster from getting worse?

Some bits of good news.–  Solar-Powered Desalination Device Will Turn Sea Water Into Fresh Water For 400,000 People.  World’s First Totally-Green Tractor Set to Plow Down European Farming Emissions


  AUKUS nuclear submarines deal must be abandoned.     Australia’s nuclear submarines are looking more and more like a mirageUncertain delivery date for nuclear submarines. Australia’s existing fleet still in use in 2050? Inquiry to question whether Australia needs nuclear industry to support submarine program.   Senate Inquiry quizzes Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) on infrastructure needs for nuclear submarines.

New push for nuclear energy in Australia, but does it really stand the test? Pro nuclear argument has ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’ – Ian Lowe. Nuclear power is too expensive for AustraliaCollapse of the nuclear industry‘s ”golden hope”.

‘It makes us sick’: remote NT community wants answers about uranium in its water supply.


Bizarre twists in USA’s war on Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Epidemiology – research on baby teeth gives valuable information on health effects of ionising radiation.

What Does Building A Nuclear Power Station Mean for CO2 Emissions As We Near COP26 ?

Crypto currency and nuclear power – a worrying partnership.

Smoke from nuclear war would devastate ozone layer, alter climate.

The scale of global e-waste .

Vale Sister Megan Rice – an anti-nuclear hero. Libbe HaLevy’s interview with Sister Megan Rice 2019.

Prince William: Saving Earth should come before space tourism.

Catholic Archbishop at UN urges immorality of nuclear weapons, and of militarising space.

Patients lack knowledge on radiation in medical imaging,

JAPANNuclear hawks under Kishida threaten Suga’s renewables push. Japan’s new pro nuclear push – and for small nuclear reactors. Lethal radiation levels detected in Fukushima nuclear plant reactor lid . Japan’s new PM won’t delay release of contaminated water into ocean.

CHINA. US nuclear submarine accident sparks safety fears in South China Sea.

EUROPE. European Commission urges member states to speed up solar energy deployment .

Prince William: Saving Earth should come before space tourism.

Catholic Archbishop at UN urges immorality of nuclear weapons, and of militarising space.

Patients lack knowledge on radiation in medical imaging,

JAPANNuclear hawks under Kishida threaten Suga’s renewables push. Japan’s new pro nuclear push – and for small nuclear reactors. Lethal radiation levels detected in Fukushima nuclear plant reactor lid . Japan’s new PM won’t delay release of contaminated water into ocean.

CHINA. US nuclear submarine accident sparks safety fears in South China Sea.

EUROPE. European Commission urges member states to speed up solar energy deployment .




INDIA. India, China and the new missile silos.

BELGIUM. Belgium’s Energy Minister calls for the government to speed up plan to shut down nuclear reactors.

GERMANYNuclear power is not sustainable energy – German environment ministry.

NEW ZEALANDKeep space for peace – opposition to New Zealand’s space industry and its military connections.

PHILIPPINES. AUKUS and the Philippines – sleepwalking into military-nuclear entanglements.  

Pandora Papers reveal world’s Tax Avoidance B-Team. Where’s the A-Team?

October 10, 2021

Nuclear Radiation – Incompatible with Life

October 6, 2021

Eiichiro Ochiai – from  Nuclear Issues  in the  21st Century  – Invisible Radiation Effects on Life,As argued in this whole book, the basic reason for “NO NPP on the Earth” is “Radiation is Not Compatible with Life”.  What this means is that life cannot defend itself against the damaging effects of radiation.   This has been true throughout the whole history of life on earth, though such effect by the naturally occurring radiation is minimal, and cannot be identified as such unless careful and systematic studies are conducted.  This issue is discussed in chapter 11. 

The radiation effects on human health have increased since the human started to add radioactive materials artificially to the environment.  This is a fact, and needs to be recognized by the entire human race,

Very Small Quantity of Radioactive Nuclides can be Lethal 

It was argued in section xxx why external exposure of such a small energy (10 Gy) is lethal. This energy is to raise the body temperature by only 0.0024 degrees.  The following is an example of lethal internal radiation caused by a much smaller radiation exposure.

 One of the Bandazhevsky investigations showed that the Cs-137 Bq value in the heart was 200 Bq/kg on average in those died from heart failure after Chernobyl accident [Fig. 8.x on original].  This radioactivity is caused by 6 x 10-11 g of Cs-137.   If the body (heart) was exposed to this radiation activity for a year, the exposure dose would have been about 1 mGy/kg.  In terms of ICRP and other such organizations’ estimate, this low level exposure should have no significant health effect.  The fact is that it was lethal.  This radiation source emitted 6.3 x 109 radioactive particles. Assuming 1 MeV per particle, the exposure would have destroyed about 1 x 1014 molecules in the heart cells.  Some critically important molecules for heart activity could have been destroyed; hence heart failure and death.

This is to illustrate how small quantities of radionuclides can be lethal.  If this argument is reasonable, even smaller quantities can be supposed to be able to cause serious diseases, including cancers.

he operation of NPP inevitably produces a large amount of radioactive material.  Typically 3-4 kg of U-235 will be burned per day at a NPP, so that a NPP burns about 1 tons of U-235 per year.  The basic problem is to dispose safely the radioactive nuclides.

     The wastes we produce, whether biological or industrial, can be dealt with.  The biological wastes can be thrown into “toilet”, after which they are processed chemically, biologically, otherwise and eventually returned in harmless forms back to the environment.  They can be used as manure, as well.  Or animals’ wastes are collected and dried, and then used as fuel without any harm to people in certain regions.  These ways of dealing with the wastes are possible because they are chemicals.  Of course the problems are not simply theoretical matters, and are big problems in reality, as exemplified by the “plastic wastes”.

NPP have no toilet for its radioactive wastes; the spent fuel rods are typically stored in cooling pools.  The radioactive wastes produce both heat and radiation through decaying processes.  When the fuel rods become sufficiently cool after certain period of time (years), they would be transferred into sturdy containers being cooled by air, and no further treatment.  Well they are supposed to be deposited in deep caves where they would be left in forever.  The basic problem with radionuclides is that we, chemical means, cannot change them to the non-radioactive.  Therefore, they are left radioactive; some of them last million years (see Fig. 24.1).  How safely they are stored in such places (deep cave, etc) is a good question.  Geological activities may damage the containers or radioactivity may be enough to damage the containers for such a long period (may feel forever for human race).

Auustralia’s Nuclear submarines will be obsolete- this week we focus on the AUKUS submarine mess

September 22, 2021

Why will they be obsolete?

Because of the rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI), detection systems and signal processing, combined with swarming autonomous unmanned systems – by 2040 these present USA and UK models will probably be too easily detectable, and so, effectively useless.

Why does Australia want nuclear submarines?

  • So that America can use them to patrol South China Sea as part of uSA’s increased military presence
  • So that Scott Morrison can push the fear of China message heading for the khaki election.
  • Other reasons – helping the USA by buying these very costly submarines which are not particularly useful for monitoring our coastline, but good for long distance. Helping Scott Morrison to look important on the world stage.

    With nuclear submarines, at last #ScottyFromMarketing gets to play with the big boys

    September 20, 2021

    Scott Morrison’s decision on nuclear submarines is his first foray into the murly world of Khaki electioneering. A pity that Joe Biden doesn’t even remember Morrison’s name. But no matter -the big thing is to sell super expensive U.S. nuclear technology to a willing, if somewhat ignorant and unimporrtant customer.

    During the coming week, this website will feature the various aspects of this extraordinarily unwise decision, (while not ignoring other important Australian nuclear issues.)