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This week- nuclear news, Australia and international

June 30, 2021

Pandemic.  Daily Update: What you need to know about the coronavirus around the world right now. World Coronavirus Dispatch: Three studies hint at where pandemic is headed.

Oh dear – I promised myself that I would not digress off into the pandemic discussion.  But – I’m finding it scary – to come across people who think that the pandemic is not real, or that vaccination is some plot to take over the world, or who’ve decided that they don’t need vaccination..  Dammit – vaccination is our best bet.……

Climate. As if anti-vacc isn’t enough to worry about, now we’ve got climate complacency – possibly more dangerous than climate denialism –   as global heating moves on inexorably.  Hundreds of millions of people worldwide at risk from rising sea levels.  Canada sets all-time record-high temperature as North America’s north-west cooks under ‘heat dome‘.

Nuclear. Well it’s the drums of war beating. The one thing that Western conservatives and progressives agree on –  we’d better boost our nuclear weapons ready for a war on China. Meanwhile, the promotion of new small nuclear reactors goes on. See below –  excellent article  by  Victor Gilinsky, Henry Sokolski, (highlighted in yellow) 

A bit of good news –  Park it! Why the world is greener.


Australia’s collective voice should silence the ‘drums of war‘. Federal nuclear waste dump plan


Nuclear power is in the front line of climate change – and NOT in a good way. Ten reasons climate activists should not support nuclearRising sea levels might mean the end for many nuclear power stations. Increasing carbon emissions from uranium mining.

Increasing numbers of nuclear warheads globally.Nuclear fusion’s unlikely future, – too late for climate action.

Old cracked infrastructure – the Florida building collapse – a warning for old cracked nuclear reactors.

CANADA. Scientists say New Brunswick’s plutonium plan is undermining the global nuclear weapons non-proliferation regime. High school lobbyists ‘thrilled’ as Winnipeg unanimously supports ban on nuclear weapons, 



RUSSIA. Russia,China Pledge to Not Use Nuclear Weapons First, Avoid Firing Missiles at Each Other . Russia unveils largest nuclear submarine built in 30 years.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa the only country to have dismantled its nuclear weapons capability,.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand Greens want to stop New Zealand’s participation inthe militarisation of space.CHINA. China’s Taishan nuclear reactor has 5 damaged fuel rods. EDF will try to minimise the radiological leak at thr Taishan nuclear plant – but the damage is done. China’s plans for a huge nuclear waste bunker.

INDIA. Yet another incident of stolen nuclear materials in India.

JAPAN. Alarm at Japan’s plan to restart Kansai’s ageing No.3 nuclear reactor. TEPCO begins process to scrap Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant, Japan’s murky management of Fukushima nuclear wastewater.

Protests against France’s Tricastin nuclear station, Greenpeace activists face gaol..

IRANSabotage attempt on Iran nuclear reactor. Iran refuses to give nuclear site images to IAEA. Iran says Nuclear Deal Salvageable But Will Not Negotiate Forever.

IRAQ. Iraq’s stability depends on Iran and the US re-entering the nuclear dealALGERIA. Long legacy of France’s nuclear tests in Algeria.  

Don’t dump nuclear waste on South Australia -Senator Sarah Hanson Young

June 23, 2021

to 3 May – Nucear News, Australia and Beyond

May 3, 2021

Nuclear issues seem to be on the back burner, in Australia, and pretty much everywhere else. South East Asia is the exception, with countries worrying about Japan’s plan to release the Fukushima nuclear waste water into the Pacific Ocean.    Still, I’ve found far too much nuclear news this week, for what is supposed to be a short newsletter.  Perhaps that’s an indication that anxieties about the nuclear industry are simmering away,below the surface, and behind the media trivia.

At least the pandemic is getting the media attention that is so desperately required.    The world is in the midst of its worst coronavirus crisis so far.
The one great lesson of the pandemic is surely that global issues should trump national greediness, and call for global cooperation..   Tackling climate change too requires global policies.

A bit of good news –  Countries step up to supply oxygen and medicine to India. Pakistanis express solidarity with India over its COVID crisis, pledges supplies and medical aid. 


Australian government plan for a nuclear waste dump tears apart the small rural community of Kimba. ‘‘Low Level” radioactive trash to be removed to USA from posh Sydney suburb, while govt plans to send Higher Level nuclear waste to Kimba, rural South Australia. 

ICAN addresses Mount Isa City Council after nuclear appeal pledge .

UK in secret talks with Australia and others, about mining rare earths.  


We must continue to expose and refute the lies of nuclear industry.

Paul Beckwith on the failure of universities to address real world problems

The huge carbon footprint and massive energy use of online activities and of Bitcoin.

For climate action, renewables clearly beat nuclear power.

Chernobyl disaster and the U.N. response – a global matter.

Nuclear fallout from the Cold War might be killing our bees.

Growing aggressive behaviour by nuclear proponents – is nuclear facing obsolescence?

. In India’s pandemic nightmare, India and Pakistan need to invest in health, not nuclear weapons.

JAPANThyroid cancer increased 20-fold in Fukushima children. Radioactive leakage from nuclear waste containers near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Even with water release to the Pacific, Fukushima nuclear plant needs more storage tanks.

Governor of Fukui Prefecture to approve restart of aging nuclear reactors, but local community is opposed.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korean fishermen protest against the dumping of Fukushima wastewater into the Pacific Ocean.


MARSHALL ISLANDS. The US Should Apologize to the Marshall Islands for Nuclear Tests.

UKRAINE. University of Sheffield researchers do detailed study of radioactive materials inside the wrecked Chernobyl nuclear reactor. On 35th anniversary of Chornobyl disaster, Ukraine opens new nuclear waste site. Chernobyl nuclear disaster: ‘Three-day evacuation lasted 35 years’. Corrosive corruption continues in Ukraine’s nuclear industry.

RUSSIA. Soviet Documents Reveal Cover-Ups At Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Before 1986 Disaster.

UZBEKISTAN. Does Uzbekistan really need a nuclear power plant?

EUROPEFrance and Russia portray nuclear hydrogen as ”green’‘- arousing anger of several European nations. The dangers of extending the operating lives of old nuclear reactors.

FINLAND. Delays, increased costs and geopolitical uncertainties throw doubt on construction of nuclear power station in Finland.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech Republic’s nuclear plan hangs on hope for European Commission to call nuclear ”green”.


. ‘If it’s safe, dump it in Tokyo’ – Pacific Islanders don’t want Fukushima waste water. France tested 41 nuclear weapons in the Pacific, and grossly underestimated the radioactive fallout.

SOUTH AFRICACabinet appoints critic as member of nuclear regulator board.

CANADA. Canadian government rejects Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, but majority of Canadians support it.

IRAN. Iran’s foreign minister criticises influence of Revolutionary Guards and speaks of nuclear deal in leaked audio.

SWITZERLANDCity of Geneva calls for the closure of French nuclear station in Bugey.

RUSSIA. Not to be forgotten – the 1957 nuclear explosion in Mayak centre, Russia, that continues to poison the region.

FRANCEHigh level of radioactivity near France’s uranium processing factory.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand nuclear veterans want apology and compensation from the government.

MALAYSIA. Malaysia needs to speak out on Japan releasing nuclear waste into the sea .

to 26 April – nuclear news this week

April 26, 2021

Today is the 35th anniversary of the meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear power station.  The Chernobyl story continues .

Coronavirus.   Globally there were about 854,000 new cases in the past 24 hours and over a third of those were from India –hellish second wave ‘tsunami’ ripping India apart.

Climate.  Poorer nations are most disadvantaged by climate change, but are not getting much help from rich countries.  The failure of the White House summit to produce a breakthrough on climate finance throws the spotlight on the G7 meeting in Cornwall in June, to be hosted by Boris Johnson.

A bit of good news –‘The Year Earth ChangedUplifting Wildlife Documentary With David Attenborough Heralds Earth Day.


Scott Morrison’s plan for Australia to fund small nuclear reactors and other very dubious technologies that purport to combat global heating. Scott Morrison’s climate summit speech was littered with downright dodgy claims. Australian govt keeps mum about Japan’s plan to dump nuclear waste-water into the Pacific (no surprise – it originated from Australian uranium)


Getting the facts straight about Chernobyl, nuclear disasters, and ionising radiation.

Artificial Intelligence is already a serious problem in military systems.

Insider threats targeting nuclear plants have always been a concern. A stressful pandemic exacerbates those existing risks.

Even nuclear executives must be embarrassed at the pro nuke propaganda aimed at young women.

JAPAN. Decision on Fukushima waste water should be in consultation with international agencies, not just a decision by Japan alone. Legal and other problems for Japan, with growing opposition to its plan for dumping Fukushima waste-water in the ocean. Fukushima waste water plan won’t win public confidence, no matter how hard Japan tries. Japan’s government bans shipments of black rockfish from Fukushima, due to high levels of radioactive cesium.

ASIA. Sri Lanka expels ship carrying nuclear material for China.



UKRAINENew research on papillary thyroid cancer confirms the accepted science on the harmful effects of ionising radiation. . Remarkable new photos inside the Chernobyl nuclear power station.

INDIA. France’s EDF imposes conditions on India, re massive nuclear station planned for Jaitapur. EDF will be “Neither investor in the project nor responsible for construction”.

SOUTH KOREA. S.Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan’s nuclear waste water plan.

IRAN. Iran Nuclear Deal Talks Advance as U.S. Offers Sanctions Relief .NEW ZEALANDNuclear test veterans seek audience with prime minister over family health problems

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Scott Morrison’s plan for Australia to fund small nuclear reactors and other very dubious technologies that purport to combat global heating.

April 25, 2021

Australia to fund low-emissions research as world sets ambitious climate targets, The Age, By Mike Foley, April 21, 2021,

The government is offering $566 million to global experts who want to collaborate with Australia on clean energy projects, with ‘green steel’, battery storage and even research on nuclear fission reactors among the possible tech options.

Australia will help fund groundbreaking research in low-emissions technology as the Morrison government confronts increasingly ambitious climate commitments from major trading partners ahead of a global climate summit.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will announce a $566 million investment in research partnerships with other countries for new technology like green steel, small modular nuclear reactors, and soil carbon sequestration. He said the technology from the deals would benefit Australian export industries such as agriculture, coal, aluminium and gas…….

Australia’s focus on international action contrasts with the increasingly ambitious 2030 emissions targets that developed nations are announcing in the lead-up to US President Joe Biden’s international climate summit on Thursday…….

But Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor said one country alone cannot make commercially viable the low emissions solutions needed to replace polluting technologies, or roll them out at scale……..

The partnership funding is a commitment in the upcoming federal budget. The Morrison government has entered discussions with the US, UK, Japan, Korea and Germany…..

Funds will be invested in research and development partnerships in line with Australia’s technology roadmap, which has prioritised hydrogen, low-emissions steel and aluminium, battery storage, and soil carbon sequestration on farmland….”

The Morrison government will also seek to collaborate with the US and UK on small modular nuclear reactors, which are not yet commercially viable. It has no plan to remove Australia’s ban on nuclear power or fuel processing.. …

The week in nuclear news

April 21, 2021

Global COVIcooled.D-19 death toll passes three million as pandemic shows no sign of slowing down.

‘Relentless’ climate crisis intensified in 2020, says UN report.  Pandemic had no effect on emissions but made impacts of global heating even worse for millions of people, report says.

NUCLEARThe news, (as usual, not covered much in the mainstream media) has been dominated by Japan’s decision to dump Fukushima waste-water into the Pacific Ocean.  That’s a process that will go on for decades. And, there’s no sign of the radioactive water ceasing to accumulate, as the melted cores of the damaged reactors have to be constantly cooled.

The most prominent nuclear news in mainstream media is the unrelenting push to depict nuclear as essential for fixing climate change. This deceptive claim is rarely questioned.  The current theatre of battle is Europe, watched with anxiety by the global nuclear lobby, as they seek tax breaks and subsidies.

Some bits of good news –    Sir David Attenborough supports new technology to enable true recycling of plastics.   Drought proof ”cooling houses” use salt water and cardboard to grow tons of healthy produce in the desert.


Persistent dishonest propaganda leading us to war against China. Australian Strategic Policy Institute sees nuclear submarines as a step towards the full nuclear chain. Australian-Chinese company Greenland Minerals to be thwarted in its bid for uranium and rare earth mining in Greenland. Australia’s democracy threatened, damaged, by News Corpse’s media domination, and government cuts to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Australian miners in $4 billion lithium play to create world’s 5th biggest supplier.


Net Zero Without Nuclear. Puerile publicity tactics of pro nuclear publicist “Think Atom”.

U.N. experts concerned at Japan’s decision to dump Fukushima nuclear waste-water into the Paific. Fukushima: How the ocean became a dumping ground for radioactive waste.

Iran and Israel – the situation shows the strong connection between nuclear power and nuclear weapons– small nuclear reactors with enriched uranium fuel.        A quick return to the Iran nuclear deal is needed to avoid a real nuclear crisis.

Investigative journalism – Plutonium programs in East Asia and Idaho will challenge the Biden administration.

Electricity customers pay excessive costs for nuclear power – Egypt, Turkey, UK, France, Russia.

With breathless enthusiasm, media applauds another nuclear lobby confidence trick – ”Earth 300”.    Can cryptocurrency be justified in a climate catastrophe?  Catastrophic sea level rise predicted.

American Physical Society – scientists discuss global threats -pandemics, cyberattacks, over-population, climate, nuclear annihilation…

IRANProgress in Iran nuclear talks but resolution still far away. Iran to enrich uranium to 60% after ‘wicked’ nuclear site attack,. Iran has named a suspect for the recent attack on its nuclear facility.

ISRAEL. A shadow war between Israel and Iran hangs ominously over nuclear talks in Vienna. Israel appears to confirm it carried out cyberattack on Iran nuclear facility.

JAPAN. The danger of Japan dumping Fukushima wastewater into the oceanFukushima nuclear wastewater ‘fundamentally different’ from normal plants: Chinese ministry. Fukushima: Japan announces it will dump contaminated water into seaJapan scraps mascot promoting Fukushima wastewater dump. Regulator’s stop to restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant a blow to nuclear company Tepco.

CHINA. China concerned about Japan dumping Fukushima nuclear waste water into the Pacific. China to Japan: If treated radioactive water from Fukushima is safe, ‘please drink it’.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea aims to fight, at International Tribunal, Japan’s plan to empty Fukushima water into Paific Ocean. South Korea raises with USA its worries about Fukushima water to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

EUROPE. Nuclear comes out as far more expensive than any other energy option.

CZECH REPUBLIC Czechs exclude Rosatom from nuclear tender after dispute with Russia.


IRELAND. Governments of Ireland and Northern Ireland are urged to move fast on renewable energy transition, and ignore calls for nuclear power.

. Trudeau government’s extraordinary push for small nuclear reactors – tax breaks, no environmental assessment … Bill Gates and 28 other billionaires pushing their small nuclear reactors, on the pretext that they’re ”clean”. Reforms needed at Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. In Ontario, opponents of nuclear waste disposal join forces .


ISRAEL. Israel (itself having 80 nuclear weapons) will do ‘‘whatever it takes” to stop Iran getting a nuclear weapon.

FRANCE. Nuclear power will be a big issue in France’s 2022 presidential election. French MPs urge Macron to provide data about nuclear waste buried in AlgeriaIt’s a dead end: the French wish to include nuclear power as ”green” in the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s mismanagement of nuclear waste. South Africa’s history of ‘‘state capture” by the nuclear industry.

NEW ZEALAND. Growing opposition to Rocket Lab in New Zealand

Who says there is no opposition to dumping nuclear waste at Kimba. South Australia?

April 14, 2021

Barry Wakelin, Kimba Nuclear Waste Fight To The Finish – 2015/2021

  • Pre 2016 election Kimba sites cancelled “all finished”quote; Minister Frydenberg.
  • Ramsey quote was ..”if you don’t want it it won’t happen”
  • Department head Wilson quote .. “pub test says everybody wants it”…
  • Geoff Baldock (owner of nuclear waste site) interviewed as the leading advocate for the Dump by the ABC (sad vested financial interest) & other national Media showed almost no effort to involve the 400 strong Kimba NO group.
  • No study of a scientific, safety or economic perspective – only that Kimba was the main “option” and an Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste (ILNW) “permanent disposal” case was not discussed.
  • Government comment was that …”there was no opposition to the nuclear dump”…& a ILNW “permanent disposal” site never offered by Government.
  • The resources of a Cabinet sub-committee in place to promote a Kimba Dump.
  • Government promised the Dump must have “broad community support” – RESULT – TOTAL yes vote was 54% to 46% after $80 million “bribe”with campaign office in Main Street and years of glossy promotional salesmanship.
  • Five different successive Ministers refuse to define “broad community support” – some using the two party preferred vote as enough, while they offered an $80million community “bribe”.
  • Small communities value highly; a supportive, unified, low-divisive , cohesive principled approach to enjoy our life – Government places a low priority on these values. Nuclear waste is a highly divisive issue worldwide.
  • Vandalism and threats to NO advocates supported by the Courts.
  • Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste we were told is where “the money is”
  • The Mayor & a Government employee are beneficiaries of taxpayer grants.
  • No Nuclear waste on “agricultural land” – ARPANSA/NHMRC guidelines .
  • 10000 year Intermediate Level Waste to be stored in 40 year steel containers “ temporarily” on the surface with no “permanent disposal”
  • ARPANSA have stated that there is no urgency to move ILW from Lucas Heights GOVERNMENT RESPONSE was that there will be no nuclear medicine if Kimba can not store ILW. Supporters like the AMA admit they know nothing about nuclear waste sites – just that Kimba must comply .
  • Reactor Low Level Waste (92% vol.) storage off site not a priority.
  • ANSTO ignores storing ILW (8% vol.)on site until “permanent disposal” resolved .
  • ILW a government priority for Kimba site for financial returns for a few locals supported by at least $80million taxpayer promotion prior to site decision.
  • A government representative at a public meeting said that accepting nuclear waste would be a “corporate disaster” for BHP.
  • ,The Defence Department state it is too dangerous for waste to be placed in one of their areas, the size of Tasmania.
  • The farms with $60million & 500 jobs per year never mentioned & $4million from nuclear promoted as a “droughtproofer” (possibly 25 jobs).
  • Six years of the Federal & State Governments, exclusively for their own purpose applying maximum pressure to farmers, indigenous people & the unconvinced, based on undemocratic boundaries with not one word of a fair balance offered by Government for the NO case offered from Federal or State Government politicians with the one quote from the MPs saying that ..”there is no Opposition to the proposal. THE FINAL INSULT piled on us for nuclear material which has been illegal in South Australia for over 20 years.
  • A Total YES Vote of 54% purchased by the taxpayer at about $200000 per yes vote prior to a scientific and medically based decision on a site. No decision based on the suitability and “permanent disposal “ of ILW – only on a $200,000 per vote which the overwhelming amount will go to perhaps 20 people and most likely no more than four people of Kimba origins.

Did we stand a chance against this kind of thuggery? Many would say NO but there are those in our Kimba community, who have courage beyond belief and who have defied the odds along with people in our Parliament who have given us a chance against the sort of unbelievable odds & unethical practises that the Government has thrown at us and we remain more defiant now against these incredible odds than when we started.
These NO advocates are people who will never surrender. & …” I dips me lid”….

Australia and beyond: To 12 April – nuclear news this week

April 12, 2021

Forgive me for being so remiss – I’ve neglected to cover Prince Philip’s funeral. He deserves remembering for some good work that he did for the environment.

NUCLEAR.  Heightened anxiety about keeping, repairing the Iran nuclear agreement, and a suspicious accident at Iran’s nuclear enrichment site.   Continued pressure from the nuclear lobby to get Europe to decide that nuclear power is “clean and green”.

CORONAVIRUS .  The news is not good. A”shocking imbalance” in the distribution of coronavirus vaccines between rich and poor countries. Covid cases, deaths surging around the world as variants spread, vaccination lags.

CLIMATE. Radio Ecoshock covers the issue of Future Cities: Hot and Flooded.

A bit of good news  COVID-19 success story for Rwanda is a wake-up call for wealthy West.


There’s a long and devastating history behind the proposal for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia. Who Says There Is No Kimba Dump Opposition?

Australia’s part in continuing nuclear havoc in Pacific islands – legacy of atomic bomb tests.

With uranium mining closed, Kakadu ‘stagnates” during long wait for proposed federal funding.


Investigative journalism – “Fair” exposes in detail how corporate media uses “Tropes” to win intelligent people over to USA militarism. 

Two years since Julian Assange was seized from the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Let’s get rid of nuclear weapons before they ruin us.   Artificial Intelligence and the risk of catalytic nuclear war.

U.S. – China co-operation on cyber security.

Nuclear power – a way to stop other, faster, and cheaper, climate solutions. Despite the influence of Bill Gates, experts find that nuclear power is the wrong climate solution.

Japanese engineering firm EPC joins with NuScale in small modular reactor investment.

Racism, inequities move to the center of the climate debate.

Rapid global increase in energy consumption.

IRAN. Accident at Iran’s Natanz nuclear station. Iran calls Natanz nuclear enrichment site blackout ‘nuclear terrorism’. Iran nuclear talks to continue next week after breakthrough. It’s getting too late for an effective missile deal with Iran. Iran frees South Korean ship as more nuclear talks planned in Vienna.

GREENLANDOpposition to uranium and rare earths mining – party wins Greenland election

EUROPEGreenpeace warns European Commission on nuclear energy classification. Dodgy European Taxonomy report was favourable to nuclear power – but it’s far from a done dealNuclear nation France exerted pressure on European CommissionClimate taxonomy deal threatened by possible inclusion of nuclear as ”virtuous”.

FRANCE. France fully nationalises debt-laden EDF nuclear company, – EDF can now focus on renewable energy. New defects found in France’s Flamanville nuclear project. Doubts that it will start-up on time, – or indeed ever!.

CANADA. Canada’s tax-payer funded small nuclear reactors unlikely to succeedPickering Nuclear plant at risk of ‘Fukushima-type accident.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s new tactical nuclear weapons means new dangers, new U.S. strategy needed.

SOUTH KOREA. Climate change probably increasing this problem – nuclear reactors halted because of jellyfish-like sea salps.

JAPAN. Crookedness, fraud, in 10 years of Fukushima nuclear clean-up. Japanese government and Tepco must pay monthly compensation to 3550 Fukushima residents displaced due to continued radioactivity. Japan’s Prime Minister getting ready to release Fukushima waste water into the Pacific ocean? Japan poised to release Fukushima nuclear cooling water into the sea. 4,000 Fukushima waste bags contain unidentified radioactive materials.

Japanese government continues Japan’s ”Nuclear Village” generous grants to keep ageing nuclear reactors going. Niigata governor wants Japan’s Nuclear Regulator to reassess Tepco, following security lapses. Japan halts restart of nuclear plant over poor anti-terror measures. Japan has the ability to become both coal-free and nuclear-free.


UK. UK losing credibility with its new, ambiguous, nuclear weapons policySleekit’ increase in Trident nuclear warheads on the Clyde.

Britain needs to rethink – whether it really needs new nuclear power, in view of tensions with the supplier, China. Chinese-French nuclear power station planned for Bradwell UK – issues raised that might prevent its construction. Uncertain future for EDF’s Dungeness nuclear power station. It may have to shut down early.

POLAND. In a positive move, Polish utilities remove their investment from nuclear power development.

RUSSIA. Russia planning to test a ‘doomsday’ nuclear-powered torpedo in the Arctic. Putin amassing, testing, huge military arsenal in the Arctic.

CHINABitcoin mining to consume more electricity than whole of Australia by 2024. Like the other nuclear powers, China wants to put a dirty great radioactive waste dump on indigenous land.

ALGERIA. French Prime Minister visiting Algeria. The question of radioactive dust from nuclear tests will be on the agenda.

SOUTHEAST ASIA. Southeast Asia can leapfrog uncompetitive nuclear energy, and go straight to renewables.

Still hoping that WordPress can be workable

March 26, 2021

I can’t believe that WordPress’s new Block editor really eliminates useful features of the old Classic editor. I’m hoping that they just made it more difficult to find them

Is anyone else finding WordPress’s new format a real pain?

March 25, 2021

I’ve been using WordPress’s “”Classic” posting system , very happily for 13 years. Now there sems no choice but this new user-unfriendly posting system More difficult to post, more difficult to use pictures. Worst of all – seems impossible to track back to old posts and retrieve them. Anyone recommend a different blogging system?