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Australian Financial review misrepresents economist John Quiggin as “pro nuclear”

September 2, 2019
John Quiggin’s reply to the AFR’s misleading headline, and Aaron Patrick’s article:
“This is a typical gotcha from Aaron Patrick. My view is that, if we could get a substantial carbon price (at least $50/tonne) now, it would be worth removing the existing nuclear ban. As I’ve written elsewhere, nuclear power can’t get started here for at least 20 years, and in the meantime renewables would wipe out all coal and most gas.”
Left support for NSW nuclear power industry, Australian Financial Review   Aaron Patrick  Senior Correspondent
Sep 2, 2019 
Left-wing economist John Quiggin has urged the NSW Parliament to legalise nuclear power, making the University of Queensland academic the most prominent environmentalist to support the controversial energy source.

Economist John Quiggin supports nuclear power. [?]

Professor Quiggin told a NSW parliamentary inquiry into uranium mining and nuclear power that the ban should be lifted simultaneously with the introduction of a price charged for emitting Greenhouse gases.

“The Parliament should pass a motion … removing the existing ban on nuclear power,” he said in a written submission. “Nuclear power is not viable in the absence of a carbon price.”

The inquiry, one of three similar under way, is seen by some Coalition MPs as the start of a long process of convincing voters to support nuclear reactors to replace the state’s ageing coal power stations, including Liddell in the Hunter Valley, which is due to close after the summer of 2023……..

The Minerals Council of Australia, a lobby group, successfully pushed for a federal parliamentary inquiry into nuclear, which is examining the feasibility of a new generation of compact power plants that are meant to be safer and much cheaper than the huge stations that supply about 11 per cent of the world’s electricity……..

The NSW inquiry is the result of a private members bill introduced by state One Nation leader Mark Latham that would allow uranium mining. Nuclear power is banned in NSW under federal and state regulations…….

The biggest impediment to development of the industry is opposition from the Labor and Greens parties, environmental groups and left-wing think tanks such as The Australia Institute.

The conditional support of left-wing academics such as Professor Quiggin could, over time, lessen opposition to nuclear power, which supporters say could be used as a back up for wind and solar power.

In Victoria a parliamentary inquiry began two weeks ago at the request of a Liberal Democrat MP, David Limbrick.

The 12-month inquiry will explore if nuclear energy would be feasible and suitable for Victoria in the future, and consider waste management, health and safety and industrial and medical applications, AAP reported.

Aaron Patrick is The Australian Financial Review’s Senior Correspondent. He writes about politics and business. Connect with Aaron on Twitter. Email Aaron at


One gem from the pro nuclear Submissions to FEDERAL. Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia.

August 25, 2019
Submission 11 Keith Thompson (Strange and wonderful arguments) Minimises the importance of Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.
(Get nuclear power for Australia) by creating wealthy and attractive research prizes to completely eradicate these risks. …
For example, if the Australian federal government created an all comers $10m or $100m prize that invented ways to use all existing nuclear power production waste so that there was none left, I believe that universities and private engineering businesses all over the world would be motivated to engage with the problem. Smaller subsidiary prizes for dealing with parts of that nuclear waste could be crafted to be similarly motivating. I expect that with such incentives, the waste problem could be solved within ten years but would certainly be resolved within fifty years. …
The destructive effects of nuclear power. In one sense this criticism of nuclear power is the response of an ostrich to the unknown or danger. If Newton had stopped pondering gravity because it might lead to the discovery of powered flight and the loss of life in aircraft accidents, or the possibility of anti-gravity and power more destructive than that which we are now considering, we would never have learned how to fly or otherwise stood on the shoulders of his discovery. …
Australia has a duty of comity to the rest of the nations of the world to realise its agricultural potential which could be unlocked with the production of industrial and residential water.

South Australia’s Baldock family look to bonanza to host nuclear waste dump: others not so keen- opinion poll

January 8, 2018

Opinion poll results 8 Jan 17 “3.30 pm – “NO vote is currently up to 76.75%

The Advertiser, South Australia is running an opinion poll –  Should a nuclear waste facility be built at Kimba? on their article
As choice of nuclear waste facility starts narrowing, people of Kimba are either excited or disgusted

Jeff Baldock and family:  A Kimba nuclear waste dump on their property would be a bonanza for them

But what would it do for the market’s perception of South Australia’s farm produce?


Last week’s nuclear news – focus on South Africa

October 7, 2016

a-cat-CANAgain – climate change is the big one.  As UN climate chief calls for clear report on ‘feasibility’ of 1.5C climate goal, it’s looking as though this goal is not achievable, and climate change could already be irreversible.  In 2016 atmospheric carbon dioxide will pass 400 parts per million – permanently. Speed of Arctic change shocks scientists.

But nuclear disaster could be imminent, too, as we consider the consequences of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, with Pakistan upping the ante, with belligerent threats to India.

On the so-called peaceful nuclear scene, the focus is on South Africa. South Africa’s corrupt nuclear politics is like a nasty boil that developed slowly over years, and could now be ready to burst.

Shadow Courts – The Secret Tribunals That Corporations Use to Sue Countries.


CLIMATE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY.  An electricity blackout in South Australia gave the Turnbull government the opportunity to renew its attack on renewable energy, even though energy minister Josh Frydenberg and the grid operators admit that the source of energy had nothing to do with the catastrophic outage. However Frydenberg later toed the Coalition’s anti-renewables line.   I got some amusement from ANC senior journalist Chris Uhlmann’s misguided rant against wind power. The ABC is always getting blamed for its “left wing” bias – Uhlmann showed the opposite here!

Sadly – all this political and media misinformation could affect the coming election in the Australian Capital Territory

World first wave/solar power grid for Western Australia.

Climate change shifting rain from Australia towards Antarctica. Urgent need for increased research on climate change impacts on Antarctic sea ice. Australian government has had no modelling done to show how Australia is supposed to meet Paris climate pledgen   Australia’s farmers feeling the effects of climate change. Australia’s superannuation funds are backing exploration for fossil fuels.

NUCLEAR   Australia’s $36 billion splurge on submarines, intended for nuclear later on.

South Australia‘s nuclear dump plan – fool’s gold? – senior Liberal MP.  Premier Weatherill either dishonest or ignorant, about Finland’s nuclear waste dump plan.  There would be a long delay for money in for South Australia’s proposed Temporary Nuclear Waste Storage facility.  South Australian government’s barrage of pro nuclear advertising – making the unthinkable “normal”.

A week of anti nuclear protest at Australia’s top target – Pine Gap.

Northern Land Council delay agreement on Rio Tinto uranium exploration.


EUROPE. The 100 billion pound bill for decommissioning Europe’s old nuclear power stations.

AFRICA. Risk of war in Africa escalates with rising temperatures.

SOUTH AFRICA.  South Africa’s nuclear power programme stalled.  Handing nuclear project to Eskom will limit South Africa’s Parliament control, and increase corruption. South Africa’s renewable energy success.

RUSSIA.  For Russia, Climate Change is Already Producing Fires that are Too Big to Fight


UK.  Hinkley Pt. Nuclear Power Contract Signed Days AFTER New Warnings About Areva-Creusot Defects.  At the end of the Hinkley nuclear power story – massive radioactive clean-up costs.

CANADA Forest fire risk in Canada much greater due to climate change.

JAPAN. Japan busting to market nuclear reactors to India, and busting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? Japan to formally decide to decommission Monju nuclear reprocessing reactor by end of year.   Fukushima. Japan mulls legislation requiring local government approval for restarting Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant.  Fukushima ice wall failing to deliver on promise.TEPCO Delays Replacing Tainted Water Tanks. High levels of radioactive cesium pooling at dams near Fukushima nuke plant.

UKRAINE. Ukraine joining the renewable energy revolution

GREENLAND. Climate change will expose top-secret US nuclear project in Greenland.

IRAN. Iran complains that international financial sanctions are not being lifted quickly enough.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill sets up nuclear propaganda meetings

July 20, 2016


The next step in the international nuclear waste dump campaign from the government is “community consultation” and they are visiting 100 sites around SA.  People’s opinions will be used to gauge whether there is community consent or not.

Adelaide locations
29/7-31/7 Rundle Mall
14/9-17/9 Colonnades
1/8 State Library Static Display
5/8-7/8 Adelaide Showgrounds Science Alive
10/8-13/8 Marion (Westfield)
22/8 State Library
24/8 West Beach Harbor Town
1/9 Edwardstown Castle Plaza
2/9 Norwood Town Hall
5/9-9/9 Royal Adelaide Show
21/9-24/9 Smithfield Munno Para Shopping Centre
28/9 Port Adelaide Shopping Centre
30/9 Mawson Lakes Shopping Centre
6/10 Modbury Tea Tree Plaza
10/10 Central Districts Football Club
11/10 State Library

S. Australia Royal Commission Goes Against Tide of History: Proposes Nuclear Power and Nuclear Dump

May 10, 2016

Mining Awareness +

Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world“.
Greenpeace Greece Solar Panels
RenewablesSA is an initiative of the South Australian Government to support the further growth of South Australia’s renewable energy industry…
RenewablesSA commenced in mid-2009, coinciding with the announcement by the South Australian Government to increase the state’s renewable energy production target to 33 per cent by 2020. This target was achieved in 2013-14. In 2014, a new target of 50% by 2025 was set, subject to national renewable energy policy being retained. South Australia’s significant installed capacity in renewables has translated into investment to the State of $6.6 billion to date, with some $2.4 billion, or 40%, of this occurring in regional areas. In recognition of the economic benefits, South Australia has committed to an investment target of $10 billion in low carbon generation by 2025

SolarGIS © 2015 GeoModel Solar Australia
29% of suitable…

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Australia should not be test place for Generation IV nuclear reactors- Chief Scientist

January 25, 2016

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAIN

Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, recommends that IF Australia gets ‘new generation’ nuclear reactors, they should be proven successful first, in some other country:

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. President Dr Alan Finkel  Submission to South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission 


“ If the Royal Commission should favour establishment of a nuclear power plant, ATSE recommends that ‘first of a kind’ (FOAK) technology – specifically, Generation IV reactors  should not be considered by South Australia at this time”

Finkel supports a nuclear waste import industry:

“South Australia and thus Australia as a whole is well positioned to undertake waste storage as part of the nuclear fuel cycle.”

But qualifies this:

“The opportunity for South Australia to provide commercial permanent waste storage facilities for overseas nuclear power plant spent fuel owners could exist and would certainly offer commercial opportunities for the State. However, based on the negative public reaction to the poorly explained and marketed Pangea proposal some years ago, the public may still find this concept unacceptable”

It is a careful submission, thorough, and with qualified support for the nuclear fuel chain.

On URANIUM MINING  – he recognises that the market is at best uncertain.

On URANIUM ENRICHMENT  PROCESSING & FUEL FABRICATION –he is  in favour but with some serious qualifications.

On NUCLEAR POWER – only vaguely in favour.:

“ – may require government guarantees and/or government capital injections to encourage investment. This could possibly require the South Australian or Commonwealth governments becoming a stakeholder in the establishment of a nuclear power plant.”

“Any feasibility would also establish the likely cost of power from such reactor technologies and the guaranteed selling price to the grid. If this is not an equitable situation then the project would not be able to proceed. If nuclear power is to proceed in its development it will need to be competitive against carbon fuelled generation including carbon capture and storage (CCS) in its supply of baseload generation, and likely renewable energy generation if storage methods continue to improve”

“EPBC Act would need to be amended. South Australian legislation also regulates environmental and transportation matters, including the Radiation Protection and Control Act 1982 and the Radiation Protection and Control (Transport of Radioactive Substances) Regulations 2003.”

As mentioned above, Finkel is opposed to Australia being the test place for the first Generation IV reactors

#NuclearCommissionSAust – Submission for Synroc (Forget the Russian Synroc disaster)

January 19, 2016

Submission pro nuclear

Roger Smart’s Submission to South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.

 a very short submission on the subject of nuclear wastes. It canned be summed up as aSong Of Praise for the Synroc Technology for storing nuclear wastes.

EXTRACT: “The safest and cheapest option available for  disposal of high level nuclear waste”

Nuclear Waste  Management  (NWM) — an Adelaide  based  Company  founded  in  1985……..

In 1991 NWM signed a Heads of Agreement with Mayak Production Enterprise, owned by the Russian Ministry of Power and Energy and Greenlawn Association of the Russian Federation to commence a study for the construction of a SYNROC plant. The Russians selected SYNROC as their preferred waste form for the treatment and disposal of their high level waste. They also commenced geological studies to find sites for the disposal of SYNROC in deep drill holes.

………. it proved impossible to find the political/financial  and corporate leadership to secure the funding.  The reasons were many but during the 80’s and 90’s, the nuclear industry was on the defensive and investment, other that in programs already in place, was greatly reduced. Consequently, NWM ceased operation in 1998

…….  A detailed brochure and other material on SYNROC and NWM have been provided to the Executive of the Royal Commission


safety-symbolNuclear accident much worse than reported , April 28, 1993  The nuclear accident at the Tomsk-7 reprocessing plant in Siberia on April 6 was much bigger than first reported, and now may seriously impede expansion of the nuclear fuel cycle in Australia.

Spokesperson John Hallam for the antinuclear groups Friends of the Earth and Movement Against Uranium Mining said, “Proposals to build a replacement research reactor in Sydney and a nuclear waste repository in the NT based on Synroc technology would be compromised by a public realisation that both projects depend on the same sort of technology for waste handling that failed so badly at Tomsk”.

Hallam said that information from Russian green groups indicated that the accident was not a 3 on the international nuclear event scale, as earlier claimed, but at least a 5. Chernobyl was a 6…

Nukers are Bananas!!

September 16, 2015

Paul Langley speaking out on radiation! Thank you Paul

Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog

So eat them up!!

A proof that cesium in any form is a toxin not a nutrient:

Nukers promoting contaminated food – the falsehoods of the Potassium excuse

I have blogged about this before. Attempts at selling contaminated food in the market of people’s lives by nuclear advocates has to stop in Japan and everywhere.

It will take me the weekend to finish this post as I gather the historic and current sources which show the Potassium equivalent dose (which the industry calls the banana equivalent dose) is a false, incorrect, wrong and deceptive fallacy.

In the interim, this wiki article explains the fallacy in brief:

In brief: radio potassium (K40) is much a very small proportion of all potassium. It is far less radioactive per unit weight (amount, physical dose) than any biologically active fission product.

Potassium in any form is dangerous to the heart in excess, but…

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Will China reveal what was in the warehouse that exploded – ?nuclear fuel

August 13, 2015

Top Asian News at 11:00 pm GMT

Yahoo News-20 minutes ago

TIANJIN, China (AP) — Huge explosions at a warehouse for … ore which could supply its nuclear weapons program or fuel nuclear reactors, …–

The blasts ripped through a warehouse storing “dangerous goods” in Tianjin’s Binhai New Area around 11:30 p.m. local time, China’s official Xinhua News Agency said.