Nuclear news – Australia and beyond

Climate ‘tipping points’ could push us past the point-of-no-return after less than 2 degrees of warming.

Some bits of good news – G7: World leaders promise one billion Covid vaccine doses for poorer nations.

Elimination of the Cold War’s Nuclear Heritage: 20 years of international cooperation.The G7 meeting of world leaders made some progress on action about the pandemic and climate change.  But they ignored that other global menace,nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear war.  Well, not entirely –  as they managed to bring the world closer to war, with the focus on ”standing up to China”.



IT’S VERY PROFITABLE to prepare for omnicide,” A People’s Guide to the War Industry -5: Portfolio of Conflicts. Growing support for the nuclear ban treaty in public opinion polls , voters and lawmakers in NATO’s 30 countries. Nuclear energy – Nuclear weapons – the inseparable link. Nuclear weapons numbers building up again. The world’s narrow escape from nuclear war.

We don’t need nuclear power to tackle climate change – Jonoathon Porritt. Nuclear energy – The solution to climate change?

Pacific Ocean was once a garbage dump for nuclear waste, now Japan’s doing it again.

Is Bill Gates ‘a nice man in a jumper’ or a power-hungry egotist?   

ANTARCTICA. Fears Antarctic glacier could melt faster as it speeds up and ice shelf ‘rips apart’.

Euphoria about nuclear costs, especially about decommissioning – Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) warns Indonesia.

UK. UK spent more than £8000 every minute on nuclear weapons in 2020, NFLA report on UK plutonium policy amid new concerns over plutonium dumped in the Irish Sea. ‘Unsustainable, unmanageable, unacceptable and unsuitable’- both Bradwell B and Sizewell C projects   

FRANCE. France’s problem with nuclear wastes is becoming critical.

HUNGARY. Austria and other European countries concerned about safety aspects of Hungary’s nuclear power plant

ROMANIA. Romania’s dilemma – nuclear power or clean energy.

RUSSIA. Russia beefs up its sub-critical non-nuclear experiments at its top secret far remote Novaya Zemlya site.expansion. How many nuclear weapons does Russia have in 2021? Russia’s Approach to Nuclear Power in Outer Space.

INDIA. Explosion forced Indian Navy to return nuclear submarine to Russia? ‘EU aware of nuclear material proliferation incident in India:’

ISRAEL. Israel’s 1981 bombing of Iraq nuclear reactor may have fuelled Saddam’s nuclear ambitions. Israel’s outgoing top Mossad chief reveals that they caused recent attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear programme and murdering their scientists.

SOUTH  AFRICA. ‘Koeberg Nuclear Plant is like an old car that simply can’t be kept on the road’

PHILIPPINES. USA still has ban on major foodstuffs from Fukushima region. Why did Philippines lift their ban?

NEW ZEALAND. Harrowing stories reveal decades of fallout for nuclear test veterans .


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