Nuclear News this week

Coronavirus –  India records 100,636 new cases, tally hits 28,909,975

Climate crisis to shrink G7 economies twice as much as Covid-19, says research.
Chernobyl Guards Have Befriended Abandoned Dogs, Feeding Them and Bringing Medical Care,    I00-Year-Old Galápagos Giant Tortoise Found on Fernandina Island is Indeed Member of ‘Extinct’ Species, (but this is a ”good news – bad news’‘ story)

On the nuclear scene, while not a lot is actually happening, in nuclear weapons countries,  the determined nuclear weapons push continues, most politicians seem to have been well and truly bought by the industry.
With an eye to the November Climate Summit meeting in Glascow, the nuclear lobby revs up its push for small nuclear reactors, or indeed, any, nuclear reactors as the climate cure.



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