Nuclear news Australia for the last week in September

Greta Thunberg gave an impassioned speech at the United Nations Climate Summit, It has resulted in some quite vicious media attacks on her, while it has highlighted the inability of world leaders to take effective action to stop or slow global heating.

It has also sparked a new burst of climate denialism. Nevertheless, science persists in uncovering the unwelcome facts.  The French National Center for Scientific Research has just released a report warning that  Earth could warm 7 degrees C by the year 2100. Numerous scientific bodies warn on increasing greenhouse gases, and increasing pace of global heating.

The World Nuclear Energy Status Report 2019 was launched on September 24. Some brief notes on its findings are here. They indicate that the commercial nuclear industry is in decline.


CLIMATE. Sir David Attenborough slammed the Australian government’s response to climate change. Scott Morrison and Donald Trump happily together against action on climate change.  Scott Morrison on climate change: he just doesn’t “get it. Behind closed doors: Australia pushes reputation as world’s leading fossil fuel dealer.    Minerals Council of Australia makes global top 10 climate policy opponents.  Australian schoolgirl attends United Nations Youth Climate Summit.

NUCLEAR. 50+ groups sign joint civil society statement on domestic nuclear power.  Submission for the public good: to Federal Nuclear Inquiry – Noel Wauchope.    Lyn Allen and Richard Ledger’s nuclear submission – for the public good.  Nuclear submarines for Australia? Dangerous, would require costly taxpayer insurance.   NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro wants to “normalise”nuclear power.

Nuclear waste dump ballot to go ahead in Kimba, South Australia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Clean Energy Finance Corporation and National Farmers Federation back ready-made clean energy solutions for Australian farmersTwo huge renewable hydrogen projects planned for Queensland. Small but “smart” Kanowna solar farm comes on line in northern NSW. Australia’s main grid copes just fine with minimal amount of coal.


Leaders of world’s largest emitting economies do not have real plans to meet goal of net zero emissions.

Nuclear weapons an unacceptable danger to humanity – U.N.Secretary-General António Guterres.

Weapons proliferation risk of nuclear power in space.

Climate change makes nuclear waste even more of a deadly threat.  Nuclear power is on the skids: it’s really not going to help address climate change.  Nuclear energy too slow, too expensive to save climate: report .

Uranium industry in permanent collapse? And thorium industry probably no better.

IRAN. Iran prepared to make a new nuclear agreement with Trump.


RUSSIA.  Russia’s deadly explosion in August has awakened Russians to the nuclear danger.  The worst nuclear disaster you’ve never heard of.

USA. Nuclear power’s future is threatened by a mix of solar, wind and batteries.  Shadowy sources, dark money, funding Chinese conspiracy ads against Ohio’s nuclear referendum.


TAIWAN. Taiwan warns Japan over radioactive water release.

SOUTH KOREA.  Exasperation in South Korea as US-North Korea nuclear talks are failing.   S. Korea slams Japan’s actions over Fukushima plant water crisis.  Dispute between Japan and South Korea, over radiation levels in Fukushima food exports.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. A rude concrete sign indicates a deadly truth about nuclear radiation and cancer.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Pacific Island nations urge action on climate change at UN.

CHINA. China ‘poised to unveil new nuclear missile’ at military parade in warning to Trump.

INDIA. India has 130 to 140 nuclear warheads—and more are coming, according to a new report. Should the world worry?


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