Nuclear news Australia for first week in October

Radio Ecoshock, which (along with Paul Beckwith) I regard as the best information source about climate change, devoted its most recent programme to Australia. Australia does stand out – as both the “canary in the coal-mine”– for climate change, and as the top climate-denialist country.

In today’s Australian news I find an item which illustrates this. Australian country towns are in drought, losing their water supplies. But the national obsession with sport goes on. Thousands of litres of water were trucked in to the now waterless town of Pooncarie – to settle the dust on the race track, for the annual racing carnival.  Australia’s P.M. Morrison criticised Greta Thunberg, and Australia continues to take no real action on prevention of, or adaptation to, climate change.


Senator Sarah Hanson-Young defends the right to peacefully protest. New involvement of Attorney General in press freedom.The government seeks to intimidate the media.

NUCLEAR Ballot dates confirmed for Flinders Ranges on nuclear waste dump issue. Nuclear waste dump for Kimba? Residents to vote soon.  A Kimba resident says there’s no going back: a plea to vote NO to nuclear dump.

A nuclear industry for Australia would be a huge cost to taxpayers  Queensland Liberal National Party opposes nuclear power. Queensland conservatives emerge as voice of reason in nuclear debate. Seriously!.  Labor challenge to nuclear power fan MP Keith Pitt – where would you put nuclear reactors?.

Energy Efficiency the FIRST FUEL – a top Nuclear Submission from Brenda Hugget.   Incidents related to transport of radiation instruments in Australia.

CLIMATEAustralia’s drought disaster a political disaster too, for its climate-sceptic Morrison govt?   Climate emergency petition surges towards 200,000 signatures, but will Morrison listen?  With temperatures heading for 40C, New South Wales and Queensland at bushfire riskClimate change the essential factor in planning about droughts. Black swans – the bushfires of the future are already here. Government caught out lying on emissions, and solar installs at record high

RENEWABLE ENERGY Horizon first utility to pull down power lines and replace with renewable micro-grids. Tasmanian renewable energy projects tipped to pour $6.5 billion in state’s economy. Experts want air-con “clunkers” replaced to soften Victoria demand peaks, cut bills .  XXXX! Hundreds of pubs slash energy costs through Lion deal on solar.

Red flags across the grid: New technologies hobbled by old thinking. Fourteen new big battery storage projects proposed for NSW. Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle smashes sales records, recasts Australia car market.


Bill Gates is wrong. Nuclear power will not save the climate.

How nuclear power powers the bomb.

NORTH KOREA. USA – North Korea talks broke down, but USA calls them “good discussions”.  North Korea launches missile into waters near Japan days before nuclear talks set to resume with U.S.

IRAN. International Atomic Energy Agency reports improved cooperation with Iran.

INDIA. India and Pakistan sliding toward potential nuclear warStrong environmental opposition in India, to uranium mining and nuclear power.


CHINA. China buried nuclear waste in Sudan desert.

FRANCE. Nuclear company EDF denounced by France’s economy minister as a “state within a state”.

UK. Scrutiny on Britain’s nuclear plans: small modular reactors uncompetitive.

BANGLADESH. Russia’s manipulations in supplying Bangladesh with nuclear technology.

JAPAN. Nuclear Scandal Hangs Over Japan’s Abe as Parliament Opens. Bribery scandals in Japan’s nuclear power sector. Statement of opinion of a resident of the city of Date, Fukushima Prefecture, presented to the Tokyo Regional Court.

SAUDI ARABIA.  Saudi King’s Personal Bodyguard Killed Because He Knew Too Much?


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  1. miningawareness Says:

    Thanks for the links. I keep thinking about how sometime in the early 1990s I had a subscription to the New York Times. And, what was the news? Hanford tanks leaking, and Trump. I was happy that I didn’t have to worry about either of them. At that time there was optimism about Yucca Mountain. Little did I know…

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