This week: Nuclear News Australian and Beyond

Australia's politicians


a-cat-CANI write as the dreary Australian election campaign draws to a close. It will be a grim scene for present, but especially future, Australians, if the Liberal Coalition government is re-elected. Prime Minister Turnbull, whatever interest he might have had in the past, in environment and climate change, has shown himself to be in the grip of the climate denying, Abbott-led right wing politicians.   We all thought Turnbull would move in a positive direction. It would be almost a relief to have Abbott back – know thine enemy.

Environmental policy threatened by Trans Pacific Partnership: this election could decide.

Labor is a lot better, on climate and nuclear issues. I will be handing out  how-to-vote cards for the Greens.  A vote for the Greens does not take votes away from Labor, as Greens give their first preference to Labor.  That compliment is not returned, however, showing that Labor is somewhat scared of the Greens.  One of the many great Greens candidate is in a South Australian electorate – Indigenous elder Dr Jillian Marsh – for Grey

Federal election candidates oblivious about the South Australian nuclear waste plan. Fiona Stanley surveyed candidates on climate change. She got good responses from minor parties, small response from Labor, and nothing from the Coalition.


Malcolm Turnbull backs importing foreign nuclear waste.  Taxpayers $100,000,000 to be spent up front BEFORE any decision on South Australia nuclear waste importing.   Blow to South Australian govt: BHP categorically rejects any role in nuclear waste importing. Citizens Jury: the ever climbing costs of Jay Weatherill’s nuclear waste dream. Protest outside South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens Jury.

Mark Diesendorf on Risks, ethics and consent: Australia shouldn’t become the world’s nuclear wasteland.  Nigel Carney analyses intrinsic flaws in the Nuclear Royal Commission. The (anti-nuclear) Lizard dances in Adelaide. China as market for agriculture, could be finished if nuclear waste dump goes ahead

Dr Helen Caldicott – a prophet With Honour outside her own country. (Why isn’t she asked as a witness to the South Australian Nuclear Citizens’ Jury?)

Port Augusta protest against federal government’s plan for dumping Lucas Heights nuclear wastes at Barndioota.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Australians Saving $1 Billion Per Year through Solar Energy. A solar energy revolution in mining.  Canberra’s community- owned solar farm to be largest in Australia.  New South Wales leading the nation with large scale solar farms.


World action effective against damage to ozone layer: our choices can help.

French Polynesia at UN presses case for compensation for nuclear tests.

Island states most at risk of global warming impact – Maldives want action.

UK. Brexit – the ‘coup de grace’ for Britain’s new nuclear? Brexit could result in Britain’s unilateral nuclear disarmament.  Hinkley nuclear power plan, and the costs of its radioactive wastes. Senior EDF managers want Hinkley nuclear project to be postponed.


JAPAN.   Nuclear watchdog finds 3 nuclear plants guilty of ‘malicious’ safety violations.  Monju nuclear reprocessing fiasco  Reuse of radioactive soil approved despite 170-year safety criteria estimate   Melted fuel may be at the bottom of Fukushima No.2 reactor. Prefecture’s subsidies for residents near Fukushima No. 1 plant to run out next year. Japan’s anti-democratic secrecy law means no accountability in the nuclear industry. Business analysts do not share the optimism of Toshiba’s new CEO, on nuclear power.  Fukushima plans point to a better energy source. Four new solar power plants in Fukushima.

RUSSIA Russia’s nuclear marketing: the ambitions and the reality. Draconian Russian Law Curbs Free Speech, Privacy, Freedom of Religion.

INDIA. India stopped by China, from joining Nuclear Suppliers Group.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. International Energy Agency favours clean energy to cut air-pollution mortality. America’s future in renewables: nuclear can’t compete on costs nor on safety. Solar powered spacecraft to arrive on Jupiter on July 4. Route 66 – America’s first public solar road. Nestle’s new deal for powering its UK and Ireland operations with wind energy

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