The many $millions cost of South Australian government’s campaign for nuclear waste importing

Tax - payers

$7k each for Jay Weatherill’s nuclear citizen jury JUNE 27, 2016  Reporter Adelaide   The South Australian government has set aside $350,000 for 50 randomly chosen people to meet over four days to discuss the establishment of a nuclear waste dump, equating to $7000 a person.

The first two days of consultations of the citizens’ jury were held at the weekend, with Premier Jay Weatherill ­picketed by anti­-nuclear activists on his way to open the deliberations over whether the state should have a high-level nuclear waste repository.

It is understood a budget of $350,000 has been set aside for the four days, ­including recruit­ment and management, accom­­modation and transport, event facilitation over the two weekends, live streaming and transcription services, catering, venue hire and security.

In announcing the citizens’ jury, Mr Weatherill last month said less than a $1 million had been budgeted for his nuclear consultation process, but more would likely be assigned in the state budget on July 7.


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