To 4th June – Nuclear and Climate News


It’s SOUTH AUSTRALIA again. You might all be getting sick of hearing about South Australia’s nuclear woes. But, spare a thought for the indigenous people of South Australia!  They’ve been through all this before – and now again – the nuclear lobby planning to radioactively trash their homeland! And a thought for the decent, aware people of South Australia, who also fight to prevent their State, and their country being radioactively trashed.

It’s Submission Time Yet Again. Submissions about nuclear waste dumping will be received up until 1st July by the new JOINT COMMITTEE ON FINDINGS OF THE NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE ROYAL COMMISSION , Parliament of South Australia.  Great timing, just the day before the federal election – so they hope that nobody will notice. Except perhaps again  for all those nuclear companies, who have already sent in their secret submissions to South Australia’s shonky Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.

South Australian ‘Citizens’ Jury’ to kick off expensive nuclear publicity juggernaut.  Nuclear ‘Citizens Jury’ will be a farce if it relies solely on that biased South Australian Royal Commission. However, New DemocracyCo’s co-CEO Emily Jenke says Citizens’ Jury not about manufacturing nuclear consent.

NORTHERN TERRITORY. Rum Jungle still polluted 45 years after uranium mine was closed


Globally unprecedented scale of Nuclear waste shipments target Australia. Nuclear Royal Commission recommends building special deep sea port to receive and store High level Nuclear Wastes.

Pro coal, pro nuclear John White still quietly running Liberal govt’s resources policy.

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce all for the full nuclear fuel chain   Senator Jacqui Lambie comes out fully supporting the nuclear industry.

Australia covered up plight of Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania wilderness and Kakadu in UN Report


Infrastructure Victoria draft report includes nuclear power as an option.

CLIMATE. Climate Council reports on Australia’s top solar states and suburbs. Despite our solar resources, Australia way behind Britain in solar energyCoober Pedy headed for 70% renewable energy.


Our only hope against nuclear pollution and annihilation – an informed citizenry.

Probability of a big nuclear accident within the next 10 years.

NUCLEAR MARKETING. Russia moving in on America as a market for its nuclear fuel. China, South Korea and Russia battle to win Kenya as nuclear customer. USA’s Westinghouse in rush to sell nuclear reactors to India. Russia and China working together to market nuclear reactors to the world. Russia flogging nuclear to Nigeria. And to Bolivia.  China’s plans for marketing floating nuclear power plants (- but major risks, good terrorism targets)


UK.  Secrecy over nuclear waste plans regarding EDF’s Hinkley Point deal. Nuclear safety experts are calling for households in the UK to be supplied with anti-radiation pills

UKRAINE Cuts Russia Out Of Plans To Build Nuclear Reactors. Russia halts nuclear waste disposal from Ukraine.

SOUTH AFRICA. Let’s not forget the nuclear corruption in South Africa

NORTH KOREA   Ballistic missile launch fails for the fourth time in recent months, South Korea says.

TAIWAN  Reports 7.2 M Offshore Earthquake. Taiwan definitely to abandon nuclear power.

INDIA. Indian company exits nuclear project, switches to wind energy.

CHILE  producing too much solar energy.


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