Roundup of this week’s nuclear and climate news


South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission. Still time to send in submissions.  Closing date for Issues Papers 2 & 3 , and for a submission covering all four issues is August 3rd.

When I got  a policeman to witness my last 2 submissions, he said (completely unexpectedly and unsolicited by me) “You won’t win., you know. They’ll do it. They’ve got all the money”

Yes, it’s a shonky Royal Commission, with Kevin Scarce’s shares in Rio Tinto, and the Commission’s heavies connected to nuclear agencies.

But – as Redgum said, 20 years ago “If you don’t fight, you lose”

Pro Nuclear Royal Commission Pushes on With Determination, calls for tenders.

Federal Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese opposes Australian further involvement in nuclear fuel chain.

Northern Territory development : Aboriginal owners asked to agree to extinguish native title.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Tony Abbott’s sly way of stopping action on climate change. Labor leader Bill Shorten foresees aclimate change election.  Climate change harming wine industry (nuclear power would, too) They are using giant $55,000 electric fans. (Apparently these are not ugly, like wind turbines?)

Bjorn Lomborg’s Climate Consensus Centre for Flinders University?   Flinders University students to fight this plan.

Australian Labor Party delegates vote for 50 per cent renewable energy plan. VICTORIAN Liberal MP Sarah Henderson breaks ranks, supports investment in renewables. Poll finds 60% believe carbon tax had little or no effect on electricity bills.

TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP  Tobacco corporation Philip Morris sues Australia over cigarette plain packaging. Labor Senator Wong fights TPP’s Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses



I muse on Toshiba’s ECO and his shame. He apologised for faking the accounts on nuclear (supposed) profits. However, he gained no personal income from this. It was done out of loyalty to the company.  Wouldn’t happen in Australia, – they’d all do it for themselves here!

JAPAN:  Fukushima:

Crucial emergency test begins at Sendai nuclear plant ahead of upcoming restart on August 10, 2015.

No idea what to do with the radioactive trash, but Japan still plans to make more of it.

CEO of Toshiba took loyalty to the company too far – resigns over doctored accounts.  How Toshiba cooked the nuclear books.

IRAN: Nuclear experts explain how the Iran nuclear deal cuts off pathways to nuclear weapons.

SWITZERLAND: Thorough analysis of Switzerland’s plan for exit from nuclear power.

CANADA: Canada Environment Minister to decide on Lake Huron nuclear waste plan before court case happens?  Stephen Harper, Canada’s PM blocking action on climate change.

CLIMATE CHANGE:   New UN document seeks to simplify Paris climate negotiations. Climate change danger hangs overChina’s coastal cities (and their nukes!).

INDIA: As Areva Goes Belly Up, Modi’s French Nuclear Plans May Start Unravelling.

USA:  Nuclear Regulatory Commission seriously considering quack science of “radiation hormesis”!   Potassium Iodide pills to be distributed to residents in area of nuclear facility.

FRANCE: quadruples carbon price, will move towards renewable energy.

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