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Some bits of good news  –   With all the various omnicidal threats to our planet, it’s a temptation to just give up.  But giving up is just not an option. This week, there’ve been two reminders -powerful messages of why we can still hope, and more importantly, still act – in a myriad of ways.   Radio Ecoshock replayed  It’s wrong to wreck the world. In this broadcast,  Kathleen Dean Moore  delivers an artful talk about our attack on Nature, and hope of reviving love instead. Alex Smith comments:  “Morality” sounds boring. This speech surprised and moved me. It will do the same for you.”Then there’s Dr Jane Goodall – still hopeful about the Earth’s future.

CoronavirusNo it hasn’t gone away – a slight drop in cases and deaths  world-wide.

Climate change.  The climate crisis is a hunger crisis.


 Australia and China policy- David Bradbury interviews strategy expert Hugh White – .     Australian government working with pro-nuclear zealot Jonathon Mead to plan US/UK nuclear submarines for Western Australia.   Nuclear bomb tests at Emu Field remain obscured by Maralinga and the mists of time. Terrifying nuclear bomb prediction as world tensions rise. 

  Refuting the nonsense by Sam Usher of the Australian Radioactive Waste Agency in favour of dumping nuclear waste at Kimba, South Australia.    Ranger Mine uranium-contaminated waste trucked to Darwin suburb.

The climate bores.            If we want to replace fossil fuels with renewables, we must cut energy consumption.


The only thing keeping US and China from war is running dangerously thin.

The West’s false narrative about Russia and China.         The blind side to western wars and western war crimes. Civilian casualties in Ukraine-5,000? In Yemen-380,000? But Western Media tells a different story!      Ukraine and the Politics of Permanent War – Permanent war requires permanent censorship.

Are Russia and NATO trying to destroy the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?. Meeting on Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty ends in failure, as Russia blocks final draft.

Commemorate August 29: International Day against Nuclear Tests .

Astronauts Going to Mars Will Receive Many Lifetimes Worth of Radiation.

Busting the absurd pro-nuclear spin of “Ecomodernism”.

Digital damage: Is your online life polluting planet?


  Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 186 of the invasion.     Imperiled Ukrainian nuclear power plant has the world on edge – a safety expert explains what could go wrongThe cost of Ukraine’s de-Russification. The Hidden Truth about the War in Ukraine, and about Crimea and Donbass – Jacques Baud.   

 Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine announces mandatory evacuations .     Fears of ‘radiation cloud through Europe’ if Ukraine plant blows.     Fears of a radiation leak mount near Ukrainian nuclear plant’.    Anti-radiation-sickness pills given out amid shelling near Ukrainian nuclear station. UN chief demands halt to “nuclear saber-rattling” at Ukrainian nuke plant.     Russia says it destroyed howitzer used to shell Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. 

Zelensky ‘troubled’ as he questions inner circle’s loyalties – Erdogan.      Zelensky warns “no more peace talks”, if Donetsk People’s Republic prosecutes captured Neo Nazi fighters for war crimes. ‘We should kill as many Russians as we can’ – Ukrainian envoy.     Ukrainian Hit List – targets Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Daria Dugina, Kissinger and 1000s of journalists. ‘Peacemaker’ of death: This Ukrainian website threatens hundreds of thousands with extrajudicial killings — some are Americans. 

EUROPE.NATO Abandons Diplomacy, Says No Longer ‘At Peace’.

FRANCEFrench nuclear woes stoke Europe’s power prices.   Nuclear: EDF extends the shutdown of four reactors for several weeks. “It is really urgent” to “get out of this dependence on the nuclear fleet which is weakening us more and more”

JAPAN. The legacy of Shinzo Abe: a Japan divided about nuclear weapons. The government is planning to “promote” nuclear power plants…but there are so many difficulties to overcome before this can be realized, and there are doubts about the assurance of safety and security. 

Fukushima.    Tepco delays removing Fukushima nuclear debris. Robot issue delays fuel removal from Fukushima nuclear plant. More data needed before ocean release of Fukushima water. The number of evacuees from Fukushima Prefecture due to the nuclear power plant accident.

PAKISTAN. Pakistan’s desperate plight after monster flooding.

CHINA. The Chinese non-threat. China’s record-breaking heatwave, threatening water resources. China deploys ships and jets near Taiwan — Taipei.   Chinese people are not enthusiastic about the nuclear industry

SOUTH KOREA. Resistance by local population thwarts the development of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD). S Korea signs $2.25 billion deal with Russia nuclear company.

SAUDI ARABIA. The Saudi path to nuclear weapons.


Rethink Research throws cold water on the Nuclear Energy Institute’s enthusiasm for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).


RUSSIA. Russia To Raise Dugina Assassination At Emergency UN Meeting. The murder of Daria Dugina- by a Ukrainian neo-Nazi operative? A nuclear showdown? One of the greatest ‘realist’ fears about the Russia-Ukraine conflict is actually groundless, and here’s why.

IRANA Crucial Week For The Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran’s UN envoy slams Israel refusal to join NPT, urges nuclear-weapon-free zone in Middle East.

FINLAND. Finnish energy company to take Russia’s nuclear giant to court.

MIDDLE EASTWhy the Middle East may be too hot to live in by the end of the century

NEW ZEALAND. The world stands on a nuclear precipice – we must avoid catastrophe- Jacinda Ardern.

HUNGARY. Hungary approves construction of two Russian-built nuclear reactors.


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