The week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news –  100% renewables is feasible worldwide at low cost.  

big increase in numbers of the beautiful chameleon-like  giant cuttlefish (above). The Spencer Gulf is home to the only known large breeding colony of Giant Australian Cuttlefish. The increase is due to the re-imposition of a temporary fishing ban in the area . But in 2012, the federal government subtly  changed law to enable BHP to expand its uranium mine, and to build a desalination plant that would alter the breeding area, and eliminate this species. Work of the Conservation Council of South Australia, a public outcry, and a petition, helped to prevent the extinction of this species

Covid-19 .  It’s not as if the pandemic has gone away –   does anybody care any more? How COVID-19 is affecting the globe.

Climate change hasn’t gone away either. It is here world wide. Red Cross and Red Crescent care.


Taiwan not worth a mushroom cloud.      How even small nuclear war would kill billions in apocalyptic famine.    Bob Carr puts Peter Dutton on the spot -calls for detail on Dutton’s plans for nuclear power in Australia.    Nuclear power – never a realistic option for Australia.

Traditional owners seek documents in nuclear dump case.

Nuclear bomb tests at Maralinga triggered Hedley Marston to study fallout over Australia.

Groups join together to sign WA Nuclear Free Charter against uranium mining.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX now leaving junk in our own backyard.

The United States, in decline but still able to kill us all.


 Attacking a nuclear plant ‘suicidal,’ UN chief tells journalists in Japan.

Nuclear war between two nations could spark global famine.    The Lessons We Haven’t Learned.      Connecting Toxic Memories: Hiroshima and Nuremberg.

Storage of nuclear wastes and of dead nuclear reactors is becoming a political nightmare.

Risk of death rises as climate change causes nighttime temperatures to climb



Ukraine Plant Under Fire Showcases ‘Dangerous’ Nature of Nuclear Power, Experts Say.

More shelling near Ukraine nuclear plant. Very high radiation risks amid shelling at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Ukraine calls for demilitarised zone around the shelled Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. Ukraine and its Western backers should be held accountable for the ‘suicidal’ attack on Europe’s largest nuclear powerplant.  Russia summons session of UN Security Council over nuclear emergency.    Ukraine targets Russian soldiers accused of threatening nuclear plant.    70% of Western weapons sent to Ukraine don’t reach troops – CBS.

EUROPEMoldova ships in radiation pills as fighting rages near Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Climate change: Drought highlights dangers for electricity supplies from nuclear, hydro, fossil, and solar sources.

JAPAN. Nagasaki urges the elimination of nuclear weapons as city marks 77th A-bomb anniversary . Nagasaki A-bomb survivor told German foreign minister to spurn ‘nuclear umbrella‘. 

The shadows grow longer in Fukushima   More Cases of Stomach Cancer in Fukushima Prefecture .    Japan’s unilateral decision of dumping nuclear-contaminated water into ocean not responsible: Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs .   “Legal Battles Continue over TEPCO and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Cause”    Respite for Japan as radioactive Fukushima water accumulation slows

Hisashi Ouchi Suffered an 83-day Death By Radiation Poisoning.

SOUTH KOREAFukushima water dumping plan triggers fresh anger from South Korea.



NORWAYUranium Film Festival for the first time in Norway- 24 – 25 August.


CANADA. New Liberal leader questions small nuclear reactors Nishnawbe Aski Nation opposes possible site for storage of nuclear waste. Ontario nuclear waste site selectors delay announcement until 2024.

IRANU.S. says ready to quickly conclude Iran nuclear deal based on EU text.

GERMANY. Germany continues to close down its last remaining nuclear reactors. Utility company Eon talks about possibility of delaying the closure of Germany’s last nuclear reactor.  


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