Nuclear news in this Global Heating week

A bit of god news  – On the Hudson River, a New Model of Environmental Stewardship 


Australia ‘Punctures’ US-UK Nuclear Submarine Proposal Under AUKUS; Says Hi-Tech Arms Better Than Nuke Subs.     Michael West busts the spin of Murdoch media’s nuclear marketing.



How social media is censored by algorithms to effectively throttle dissent.

Big guns’ keep the world on nuclear high alert. Atomic Lies: New York’s bizarre Nuclear Preparedness PSA

This proxy war has no exit strategy – the West’s desired outcome – a long and gruelling war?

World population to peak and decline sooner than previously thought . 8 billion morons on an orbiting sewer – World population rises as quality of life crashes.

Humanity is on track to cause one million species to go extinct, according to UN reportFed up with net-zero climate goals, activists call for ‘real zero’Radioactive portents on a burning earth.

The Nuclear Ban Treaty Had a Conference. Now it Has a Plan. The prohibition of nuclear weapons: a public health priority.

NATO’S 2022 PLAN DECLARES SECOND COLD WAR ON RUSSIA AND CHINA. NASA and Roscosmos Russian space agency sign deal to share space station flights.

Nuclear power is racist, sexist and ageist.

Uranium is losing the new energy market battle. Uranium, conflict and Indigenous lives .

No need for miracle technologies to rapidly decarbonise energy

UKRAINEDanger intensifies around Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in southern Ukraine. Unconfirmed reports that Russian forces at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station might drain the cooling ponds .   There Is No ‘Magic Bullet’ That Can Turn The Tide For Ukraine.   How To End the War in Ukraine?     Ukraine reveals negotiation ‘end point‘.

RUSSIARussia’s will to win in Ukraine.




JAPAN. Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster: Court slaps 94 billion dollar fine on ex-Tepco bosses. Push towards nuclear power in Japan, but delays, hurdles, opposition make it an unlikely development.  Persistent impact of Fukushima decontamination on soil erosion and suspended sediment.    The Pacific faces a radioactive future.

GERMANY. Nuclear would do little to solve gas issue in Germany .

CHINA. China Reaffirms Support for ASEAN’s Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone.

SOUTH KOREA. Increasingly economical renewables mean now’s no time for South Korea to cling to nuclear power.

SOUTH ASIA. Climate change and water scarcity will increase risk of nuclear catastrophe in South Asia.

SPAIN. Developer dismisses B-52 crash radiation fears at proposed site of Spanish resort.

BELGIUM. Nuclear: Doel 3 and Tihange 2 cannot be extended for safety reasons.  

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  1. Arnold Garnsey Says:

    Very dense news today but I did manage to look at ‘Obiting Sewer’ on digitaljournal.comr Thanks so much and a publication to return to.

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