Nuclear news (and news on Julian Assange)

It’s not exactly ”nuclear” news. In fact, not at all. I heard that Julian Assange supports nuclear power, but that’s not the point. But what’s happening to Julian Assange is a frightening precedent for anyone who dares to publicise American military atrocities . Actually, it’s not all that new.  Now forgotten – Wilfred Burchett, the Australian journalist, was the first to visit, photograph, and report on the sufferings of the Hiroshima atomic bomb victims. Burchett was censored, persecuted, and his character smeared by the USA  government and its faithful vassal, the Australian government.

Meanwhile – back at the subject –   the West beats the drums of war, over Ukraine.

Coronavirus; Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update.Climate change:  EXTREME: We Just Left the Old Climate Behind

Some bits of good news –  Largest Farm to Grow Crops Under Solar Panels Proves to Be a Bumper Crop for Agrivoltaic Land Use.
   Hundreds of Solar Farms Built Atop Closed Landfills Are Turning Brownfields into Green Fields      Once Biologically Dead, London’s River Thames Rebounds – With Seahorses and Seals



Even when he is silenced, immobilized, locked up and hidden from public view, Julian Assange continues to shine a light on the abusive mechanisms of power. The latest court case for Australian Julian Assange – and the death of democracyAppeal to UK’s Supreme Court will just lengthen Julian Assange’s legal torment.

FIRES OF WAR Biden is pushing us to brink of NUCLEAR WAR over Ukraine in chilling echo of Cuban missile crisis, Russia claims.

What happened at COP26? Six compelling arguments why nuclear energy is spectacularly unfit to power a just transition. Nuclear can’t deliver on climate .    Buyer beware: greenwashing is becoming more sophisticated 

Japan’s upcoming nuclear waste dump.

UKRAINE. Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine? Russia Angered by Senator Roger Wicker’s Nuclear Strike Remarks on UkraineUkraine Is a Problem Only as Long as the West Makes It One.

 U.S. European Command, NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Command Europe leaders meet to “improve warfighting readiness”. European Union passes sustainable taxonomy law, but postpones decision about nuclear power. President of the European Commission to have the final say on whether Europe considers nuclear power to be ”clean” and ”green”?

CHINA. Inside information from China could sink the French nuclear flagship EPRTaishan Problems. An investigation is still under way into leaks at nuclear power plant. China Wants to Join Southeast Asia’s Nuclear-Free Zone.

JAPAN. Japan PM to push for progress at NPT meet to scrap nuclear weapons. A lonely evening at home for Fukushima man retracing past.

. Nuclear reactors in the Middle East are vulnerable to missile strikes.  Push for a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East, BUT Israel is the elephant in the room.

IRANIran nuclear talks pulled back from the brink as Tehran shifts stance. Iran slams Europeans over nuclear deal stance. Tough talks ahead for Iran nuclear deal.



FRANCE. “Nuclear power has no future inFrance“.

GERMANY. The shutdown of Germany’s last nuclear power plant could enable the North to cover 160% of its electricity needs with renewablesNuclear exit to unleash wind power in Northern Germany,

TURKEY. Turkey’s nuclear plans threaten Eastern Mediterranean ecosystems.

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