Australian and overseas- nuclear news this week

NUCLEAR . Not much happening this week.  Intensified push for small nuclear reactors (SMRs) in Canada and UK.

CORONAVIRUS: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update.  No easy fix for global vaccine shortage.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Third of global food production at risk from climate crisis.A bit of good news –  ‘The Manta’ Sailing Vessel is Designed to Feed on Plastic Waste for Power–While Cleaning Oceans.


Scratching to find nuclear news, this week.  The nuclear waste Bill stagnates in the Senate. Murdoch media puts out skimpy pro nuclear bits from National/Liberal politicians.

New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro denies collusion with nuclear lobby. Labor opposition leader doesn’t believe him. 

 Questions that must be asked of Resource Minister Pitt, about the new money for Kimba, designated as Australia’s nuclear waste dump. New developments: particle accelerators could make Lucas Heights’ Opal nuclear reactor obsolete. And the pro Kimba waste dump argument useless.

Call for Kakadu annual funding to be doubled ahead of federal budget


Ionising radiation was scientifically proven to be bad for dogs. Does that mean it’s good for humans?

Nuclear industry survives on its false claim that it helps the fight against climate change.

How Bill Gates bankrolls the news agenda. Corruption in the pharmaceutical industry – the Bill Gates connectionBill Gates with his  GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initative) has the power of a member State in the WorldHealth Organisation.

Fusion: Ten Times More Expensive Than Nuclear Power.

NO, nuclear lobby, a nuclear reactor is NOT the only, nor the best, way to produce medical Technetium TC99.

Energy effuciency – the most ignored form of climate action – and the most effective.

If Bitcoin is virtual, why are there environmental concerns?

Avoiding an unintentional space war: Lessons from Cold War nuclear diplomacy. Master of Space: Corporate plans for the militarization & privatization of space.

ARCTIC. Radioactive gas seeping out in the Arctic, as permafrost thaws.

JAPAN. Safety and security issues at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power station. Restarting nuclear power in Japan. Will the old ”Nuclear Village” bribery factor trump safety concerns? Japanese government and TEPCO planning release of radioactive water, via a pipeline to the Pacific Ocean.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korean fishermen sue Japanese government over Fukushima nuclear plant water.

NORTH KOREA. How to deal with a nuclear-armed Kim Jong Un.

ISRAEL. Hamas Targets Israeli Oil And Nuclear Facilities With Rocket Attacks In April, Syrian missile landed near Dimona nuclear reactor, interception failed.

RUSSIA. Tallying up Russia’s nuclear weapons.


CANADA. Canadian government hand in glove with the nuclear lobby for a ”NICE” nuclear future. Scepticism in Canada, about the government’s push for small nuclear reactorsSaugeen First Nation do not want Canada’s nuclear waste. Nuclear Waste Management Organization says the project will not be built without their consent. Small nuclear reactors – a way to get indigenous people to then accept nuclear waste?

INDIA. India is operating the world’s most dangerous, fastest-growing, nuclear weapons and missile programs in the world.

UKRAINE. Nuclear fission reactions are happening at Chernobyl again. Human intervention may be required at Chernobyl as radiation levels spike. Chernobyl nuclear tomb will eventually collapse. Sellafield, too, will need £132 billion, at least, to decommission.

UK . 

IRELANDSellafield’s plutonium waste has continued to circulate in the Irish Sea.

FRANCE. Will the French government break troubled nuclear company EDF up into 3 companies?

SOUTH AFRICA. The corruption surrounding the South African government’s push for nuclear power

ALGERIA. Sixty years on, Algerian desert region still struggles with effects of French nuclear tests.  


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