Nuclear news this week – Australia and more

Of course, the big world news is the coronavirus. Climate is as always, the vital second issue.

There was much favourable reaction to the nuclear ban treaty coming into force last week. The critics and sabotage from the nuclear weapons nations will no doubt come later.

Apart from the ban treaty, nuclear news has been very much in the background.  The global nuclear industry is not wasting this ”quiet” time, but instead is ramping up and reorganising for a 2021 propaganda blitz.

Some bits of good news –   Arctic Oil Drilling Plans Suffer ‘Stunning Setback’ as Almost ‘No One Shows Up’ For the Sale. UK Prioritizes Climate Crisis By Supporting Sustainability in Developing Countries With $4 Billion Plan.  Startup Builds 3 Huge Indoor Farms in Appalachia Turning Coal Country into Agricultural Hub


Morrison government gets in early to disparage nuclear ban treaty, but Labor supports it.   Australia could sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty and still keep its military co=operation with America. Australian Capital Territory politicians join calls for Australia to sign nuclear ban treaty.  Get nukes out of our Super funds!

Nuclear weapons ban treaty: more than a symbolic victory.  Australian government complicit in nuclear weapons, silent on Nuclear Weapons Ban TreatyRed Cross celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty- an incremental process towards elimination of nuclear weapons.

Kimba’s cosy nuclear corruption.  The nuclear dump for Kimba propaganda continues in 2021.


International Physicians for the Preve.ntion of Nuclear War comment on “The great evasion “.    Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – a major step towards a safe world. Praise from United Nations, Pope Francis, for nuclear ban treaty coming into force.  5 nuclear activities that are now Illegal under international law.  Nuclear Ban Treaty obligates countries to assist nuclear victims and remediate environments.

Russia and USA exchange documents to extend the NEW START nuclear weapons agreement.

Quietly, under the brouhaha of the pandemic, the global nuclear lobby prepares a propaganda onslaught.

Pro nuclear publicist James Conca made a very big gaffe about Fukushima disaster.

GREENLAND.  Uranium mining plunder of Greenland, and the threat to the sub-arctic environment.



RUSSIA.  Russia to withdraw form Open Skies Treaty, EU concerned.  Russia welcomes US proposal to extend New Start nuclear treaty.


FRANCE.  The hidden costs of France’s old, past-their-use-by-date nuclear reactors.  Radioactive releases from the Golfech nuclear power plant accumulate downstream. Serious shortcomings in the file on Bure (Meuse) underground nuclear waste storage EDF collapses on the stock market amid difficult negotiations in Brussels..

CANADA.  We need parliamentarians to stop project, prevent Ottawa River from being permanently contaminated — Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area.  Canada’s nuclear regulator updates its drug and alcohol testing requirements.

IRAN.  President Hassan Rouhani has urged U.S. President Joe Biden to return America to the nuclear deal.

PAKISTAN. Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile.

SOUTH AFRICA, South Africa the only country to have nuclear weapons, then abandon them.

MOROCCO.  Another bit of boring nuclear propaganda – from Morocco this time.

ALGERIA. Investigation of Algerians affected by France’s nuclear bomb tests.

TAIWAN.  Taiwan. Nuclear power plant referendum set to take place in August.


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