Despite thae Australian govt’s claim, there is no “broad community consent” for nuclear waste dump on farming land

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation says Aboriginal people not consulted enough on Kimba nuclear waste facility, ABC North and West SA, By Gary-Jon LysaghtLuke Radford and Shannon Corvo.  11 Dec 20,   Pauline Hanson’s One Nation says it is “very odd” that the Federal Government has not consulted Aboriginal people enough on a proposed nuclear waste storage facility in South Australia.

Key points:

  • A nuclear waste storage facility has been proposed for Napandee near Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula
  • One Nation doesn’t think the Barngarla people were given enough of a voice in SA’s nuclear debate
  • Federal Government wants to legislate the site, meaning the decision wouldn’t be subject to a judicial review

The proposed facility which would house Australia’s low and intermediate-level waste — which comes from medicine — has been earmarked for a farm near Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula.

The Government wants to legislate the farm as the site for the facility, meaning the decision would not be subject to a judicial review.

There was hope the matter would be resolved before the end of the parliamentary year, however that failed to eventuate.

Labor and One Nation oppose the legislation, saying the resources minister already has powers to select a site, adding that a judicial review had merit.

The Greens also oppose the legislation………

The debate surrounding the facility has been a hot-button topic in Kimba for the past five years, with locals saying they will experience another anxious Christmas.

Farmer Jeff Baldock owns Napandee, the 160-hectare property where the Government wants to put the facility.

He said his frustration levels were growing…….

Mr Baldock said having the facility at Kimba would provide future generations with a different industry in which to work besides agriculture.  ……

  Peter Woolford is another local farmer and has been campaigning against the waste facility.

He said it had been a long process but one that “needs to happen because of the nature of what’s being proposed”.

“It’s all about fairness for people, not only those opposed to it, but those that live outside of the Kimba boundary who were denied a vote,” he said.

To have senators not happy with the current legislation, I think it is a positive thing because in the end, this is forever this facility, it’s going to be 100 years.”

Mental health

Mr Woolford said the wellbeing of people impacted by the process had been forgotten.

“There’s no doubt that’s why people have left and some people are considering leaving now,” he said.

“They don’t want to live by a nuclear facility.

“The Government don’t seem to care about the mental wellbeing of people in this town.

“We’re going to keep standing our ground and oppose this because of how unfair this process has been.”

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