To 1st September – climate, nuclear, coronavirus news

During August, with the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings, my websites have focused on nuclear weapons. And so have prominent websites like Beyond Nuclear International.  In the wider media world, attention has been on the coronavirus pandemic, with some attention going to the climate crisis, and weather extremes. We know that the pandemic is a global threat to human society. Most people are aware of global heating.

Yet as a subject of concern, nuclear weapons and the risk of nuclear war, seem to be taboo. During this month of commemoration of those horrible nuclear bomb events of 1945, governments of the nuclear-armed nations continue to spend obscene amounts of tax-payers’ money on nuclear weapons. The Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom released its very sobering report on this.— Assuring Destruction Forever: 2020 edition.

The nuclear industry struggles on, fraught as it is with scandals, bribes, corrupt politics and lies.  At least from USA, you occasionally get to hear about this: the mind boggles at what it’s like in Russia and China.   Of course, the Internet is awash with pro nuclear propaganda –   nuclear helping fight coronavirus, nuclear “solving” climate change, nuclear waste giving us new batteries, Bill Gates teaming up with some other nuclear gee-whiz gimmick -providers –   all to be done at tax-payer cost, of course.

Some bits of of good news  –  Some evidence that – People have lasting immunity To COVID-19, even after mild cases.

Scientists Uncover Secret In Centuries-Old Mud, Drawing A New Way To Save Polluted Rivers.


ABC sacking of journalist Emma Alberici – part of years of ABC management kowtowing to the Australian government. –Journalists have been let down by ABC management.

NUCLEAR. Indecent haste in Australian government’s push for law making Napandee the nuclear waste dump. What’s going on?  Report on the latest Senate hearing on Nuclear Waste Amendment Bill.   Draconian legislative changes in the government’s new nuclear waste Bill.  South Australian MP Peter Treloar says “Kimba nuclear waste dump is a federal issue”, but he’s fine with it anyway.  ‘Nuclear will never happen in the Latrobe Valley‘.

Australia entangled in the military-industrial-intelligence-security complex .

Liberal govt to transfer national environmental protection to the States – open slather for BHP’s uranium mine expansion. Disarray in New South Wales Right-wing parties, over One Nation’s Bill to overturn ban on uranium mining.

Australian government seeks to regurgitate Tony Abbott’s anti environment laws.

CLIMATE.  Nearly 90% of young Australians want real action on climate change.   Big business, energy and unions call on Morrison to wake up to climate risksGas is not a transition fuel to a safe climate. That ship has sailed.   Renewables and Covid-19 combine to cut Australia’s greenhouse emissionsBook: The Carbon Club -Tony Abbott and the ‘people’s revolt’ against Gillard’s climate policy.   Traditional Owners block road to Adani coal mine in central Queensland.     Adani quietly rebranding Abbot Point terminal as company hit with $107m damages bill.  Coal generation kills 800 a year in Australia, says new report.

Cut through the propaganda. Population growth is NOT good for Australia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  New wind and solar improving grid reliability and lowering costs, AEMO says.   Construction begins at Australia’s largest community-owned solar farm.


Nuclear nations have handled COVID-19 the worstGlobal coronavirus update – India’s huge jump in infections, but USA still leads in cases.

Welcome to the ‘Pyrocene,’ an Epoch of Runaway Fire.    Major holes in ozone hole treaty must be addressed to avert stronger climate change.

Big oil looks to solve its problems by flooding Africa and Asia with plastic.

“Super Swarm” drones– weaponry as destructive as nuclear weapons.

The corrosion of radioactive waste disposal canisters based on in situ tests .

Analysing the evidence on effects of ionising radiation on wildlife.

Minigrids – the clean energy revolution across Africa and Asia.

ANTARCTICA. Ice melting at a surprisingly fast rate underneath Shirase Glacier Tongue in East Antarctica.

MIDDLE EAST. Expansion of nuclear power in the troubled Middle East – not a good idea.

JAPAN. Evacuation orders for Fukushima radioactive areas to be lifted without decontaminationStrong opposition in Hokkaido to taking on nuclear waste.

EUROPE. Nuclear and gas industries desperate to win EU endorsement AND FUNDING, as clean and green.


CHINA. The Chinese viewpoint on nuclear deterrence and cyberattacks. Scientists conduct first in situ radiation measurements 21 km in the air over Tibetan Plateau.


FRANCE. Water shortage, drought, necessitate shutdown of France’s Chooz Nuclear Plant.

KAZAKHSTAN. Kazakhstan’s moves toward a world free of nuclear weapons,

CANADA. Canadian Public asked for views on transport of used nuclear fuel.

RUSSIA. Russia releases previously classified film of “Tsar Bomba” the most powerful nuclear bomb blast E\eve.

IRAN. Iran to grant IAEA inspectors access to suspected ex-nuclear sites.

ALGERIA.  Nuclear colonialism. ICAN says that France must clean up its nucleat test wastelands in Algeria.

BELARUS. Safety of Belarus nuclear power station in question after IAEA report.

SPAIN.  Response plan for nuclear emergencies in Castilla-La Mancha.

PHILIPPINES. Philippines wary of nuclear power: costs to be borne by tax-payer.


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