Nuclear, Climate, Coronavirus news to 3 August. Australia and overseas

As the anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bombing approaches, there is Psychic numbing” about the world’s suicidal nuclear weapons race.

This week there’s a striking example of how interconnected everything is. It’s Florida.  Florida is struck with two, – possibly three – awful calamities threatening this state all at once. There is Hurricane Isaias,  threatening Florida with flooding and destruction, at the same time as the state is overwhelmed with a record toll of coronavirus illnesses and deaths.

Possibly in the path of the hurricane are FPL’s two nuclear reactors 1,600-MW Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station located two miles east of Homestead, Florida, and about 25 miles south of Miami. There’s also FPL’s FPL’s 1,880-MW St. Lucie Nuclear facility located further up the Florida coast on Hutchinson Island.  Their output could be cut, or in a worse scenario, radioactive pollution could result, in the case of flooding.

California also suffers from record coronavirus deaths. At the same time, California is afflicted with wildfires, again raising the possibility of radioactive pollution at The Santa Susana site – America’s Secret Chernobyl.

So here, in two USA States, we have the conjunction of global heating effects, with increased extreme weather events, with the global pandemic’s effects, and the third, –  very real radiation risks from the nuclear industry.

A bit of good newsRenewables output outpacing coal and nuclear in USA.


NUCLEAR. National radioactivw waste dump plan

Brief note on today’s Senate Committee hearing about the Nuclear Waste Bill.

Black lives DO matter, but not apparently, to ANSTO and Australia’s nuclear lobby. Nuclear waste dump site selection process has made the Barngarla people “aliens in their own country”.

Nuclear waste for Napandee: transport, double handling, safety? Should South Australians get a vote on this?    Doubts that a Kimba nuclear dump will really bring jobs to the area.  ABC Radio interview focused on Kimba nuclear waste dump plan.  Reflection on Jeff Baldock’s presentation to the Senate Hearing on Napandee Radioactive waste Dump plan.  Barry Wakelin speaks to the Senate Inquiry on Napandee nuclear waste dump plan.

The Australian government continues its war on the national broadcaster, the ABC.


Biden presidency could put Australia back in ‘naughty corner’ over lack of climate action.   Victoria delays setting interim emissions targets, again, as Covid digs in.  Gas lobby’s leaked power grab for post Covid subsidies sparks outrage.  A student is suing the government over the financial risks of climate change.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  – for lots of news go to


The WHO says coronavirus is a once-in-a century crisis that will impact lives for decadesNext type of coronavirus may be on its way.

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement urges all nations to end the nuclear era. Never mind about Hiroshima – a nuclear arms race is on – in space!. BOOKS on The New Nuclear Threat. Hiroshima survivor,  Setsuko Thurlow, 88, continues her fight for a nuclear weapons-free world.  US-Russia launch talks in Vienna on nuclear arms control.

Global heating – “best case” scenario is a scary rise of two and a half degrees.  As sea levels rise globally, we need to start planning now.  Need for Prediction of Marine Heatwaves.

Environmental injustice is rampant around the world.

Julian Assange: Denied Lawyer Access and Failure of Transparency International –Assange appears in court, as lawyers warn case may be delayed by new US indictment.

JAPAN. Hiroshima court recognises Hiroshima “black rain” victims outside designated area as hibakusha after 75 years.  Local approval still needed, as Japan’s nuclear regulators OK fuel reprocessing plant, despite safety concerns.     Rokkasho plant should be shut down in energy policy shift.   Tohoku disaster funds spent for wining, dining company execs.  Experts propose two methods to scrap Daiichi plant.  Activist Professor Unveils English-language Video Warning of Tokyo Radiation Risk.

BANGLADESH.  Bangladesh flooding – a victim of global heating, though not a contributor to it

UK. UK is lobbying USA for a controversial new warhead for Trident missiles. Chinese minority owner of Hinkley nuclear project appoints CEO from China’s military area.  Does UK nuclear energy have any future? The industry has big doubts.


INDONESIAThorium nuclear plan with USA firm – a dubious deal for Indonesia.

MARSHALL ISLANDS.  U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard refutes the claim that Marshall Islands nuclear waste site is safe.  Marshall Islands leaders hope for better help over radioactively polluted weapons tests sites.

RUSSIA. For the nuclear industry, coronavirus is helpful, as nuclear wastes go quietly from Germany to Russia.  Gorbachev renews call to oppose nuclear weapons.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. United Arabs Emirate’s nuclear power station cut corners on safety.  United Arab Emirates new nuclear power   risks further destabilising the Gulf regionExperts wonder why Oil-rich UAE is opening the Arab world’s first nuclear power plant..

INDIA. India’s nuclear power industry – unsafe and shrouded in secrecy.

FRANCE.  French company EDF fined – it spread false information on cost of Hinkley nuclear power project.  Huge, costly, enormous effort, ITER nuclear fusion far from ready.

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong Un says that North Korea’s nuclear weapons guarantee its freedom from attack, and war

IRAN.  Iran’s Khamenei refuses talks with U.S., says Trump wants them only for election propaganda.

CZECH REPUBLIC.  Czech Republic and CEZ sign nuclear power plant expansion agreement: require EU approval.


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