The week in climate and nuclear news – Australia and beyond

Can’t keep up with the Covid-19 news. Crazy world? Disney reopens Florida theme parks as state smashes US record for new coronavirus cases.   Big global problems now more obviously  intertwining  – From Covid-19 to climate: what’s next after the global oil and gas industry crash?

Extreme weather, exacerbated by global heating just keeps on happening. The new normal for Northern Siberia – thawing permafrost,forests on fire.  Millions in southern China face floods caused by heavy rains. Floods and landslides lash Nepal, scores dead.  Deadly Flooding in Japan.  Record heat possible from California to Florida on Sunday.

While the world is preoccupied with Covid-19, and with national responses, and economic effects, climate change should not be forgotten, as it moves on inexorably.  Climate change’s big problem – there’s no quick fix.  Climate change is seriously hitting women, right now.

July 16 will be the 75 years’ anniversary of the first nuclear bomb detonation. Why do we hear so little about this other sword of Damocles hanging over our collective heads.  ? Globally taxpayers $billions go to nuclear weapons, with the ever increasing risk of nuclear war and nuclear winter, resulting from accident, human error, misunderstanding, or “limited” or unlimited nuclear attack.

   A bit of (qualified) good news.  –  Why New Zealand decided to go for full elimination of the coronavirus.   Coronavirus: No new cases of COVID-19 in managed isolation in New Zealand.   Covid-19 coronavirus: Ashley Bloomfield’s warning as NZ records lowest testing day since March.


CLIMATE.  Australia a big world player in producing greenhouse gas emissions.  Australia now the biggest exporter of global heating– the Saudi Arabia of coal and gas.   In contradiction to Angus Taylor, Australia’s Minister On Behalf of Polluting Industries, the States are leading on clean energy.  Revealed: How the big energy lobby tried to use Covid-19 to derail energy market reforms. Pressure on new member for Eden Monaro Kristy McBain to live up to climate credentials.   Court action in India against Adani – allegations of ‘coercion, fraud and undue influence’.


Keep Australia’s nuclear prohibition laws: it appears that nuclear is no part of climate action, not necessary.

Kimba “interim” nuclear waste site – bad news, uncannily like the misguided New Mexico waste plan.

RENEWABLE ENERGY .  NSW sets itself for biggest and quickest transition from coal to renewables. Dubbo’s new renewables zone shows the path away from fossil fuels.  West Australia ready to seize ‘once-in-a-generation’ battery storage opportunity.  Queensland Energy Minister Lynham keen on renewable energy zones, warns LNP will bring renewables to a halt.  “Five times size of Snowy 2.0” – V2G trial to tap potential of EVs as mass mobile storage .  Uni Newcastle’s printable solar cell innovation gets real-world test. Foreign nuclear waste headed to Australia.


Paul Ehrlich warns that overpopulation and overconsumption are driving us over the edge .

Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms.

American-Israeli strategy developing for clandestine not-quite-war strikes on Iran?

Lower-latitude oceans drive complex changes in the Arctic Ocean.    Faith in Climate Action — The Church’s Response to Hothouse Earth.  Facebook allows climate denial propaganda, and restricts climate scientists.

Radiation-related health hazards to uranium miners.

INDIA.  90 Coronavirus cases among India’s nuclear workers, most at Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.

IRAN.  Explosion at Iran’s nuclear facility probably caused by Israel.   Iran says world ‘must respond’ to Israel after blast at nuclear site.

UKRAINE.  In 2020, a new radiological danger in Chernobyl.


EUROPE. EU lawmakers ban nuclear from green transition fund, leave loophole for gas.  Rapid coal phase-out could drive European green recovery: Bloomberg.

FRANCE. The umpteenth financial slide of the Flamanville EPR.    France’s state auditor questions the wisdom of EDF’s Hinkley Point nuclear project in UK.  Court reveals that EDF deceived UK about the true financial risks of Hinkley Point nuclear project.

JAPAN. Rally opposes proposal for Fukushima wastewater .  Movement in Japan to suspend Olympic Games. Fukushima’s Olympic makeover: Will the ‘cursed’ area be safe from radioactivity in time for Games?  Nine years on, Fukushima’s mental health fallout lingers.   Fukushima nuclear waste decision also a human rights issue.

UK. UK Ministers losing enthusiasm for small nuclear reactors developed with China.  Britain’s nuclear future in trouble, aging reactors, and not enough money without China’s help.  The connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

MARSHALL ISLANDS.  Anniversary of nuclear bomb test on Mururoa Atoll.

SPAIN. Reducing radioactive waste in processes to dismantle nuclear facilities.

RUSSIA.  Evacuation of a tiny Russian village, – in preparation for a nuclear missile test?.

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