Week to beginning of June – nuclear and climate news

The media’s, politicians’ and the public’s gaze has now shifted from the health aspects of coronavirus, to the economic effects of the pandemic, and of the response to it.

Which brings us to the question of – what should governments be doing with tax-payers’ money?

Well, one thing they shouldn’t be doing is wasting it.  Yet, in the case of the nuclear industry, that is what’s happening, and especially in the cause of nuclear weapons.   Alex Smith, of Radio Ecoshock covers not only the shocking economics of the nuclear industry, but its unsafety in this time of pandemic, the associated secrecy and bungling in America, Russia, Japan, China, Canada, Europe and beyond. And this includes the vulnerability of nuclear facilities to the effects of global heating.


And yes, so far, Australia is doing very well in its response to the pandemic.


Australian nuclear dump decision trashes indigenous peoples’ rights.

Submissions to Senate Committee on Radioactive Waste Management Amendment Bill:

BHP Olympic Dam copper-uranium mine operates on outdated 1991 era Occupational Radiation Exposure Limits.

A tribute to the Maralinga traditional owners.

Australia must not forget – the plutonium abuse of an Australian child, by Argonne National Laboratory.

ERA’s focus is now on rehabilitating the Ranger uranium mine site. Prospective Northern Goldfields uranium miner fails to submit environmental and mine closure plans on time.

Australia’s national environment laws ‘actually allow extinction to happen’.

CLIMATE.  The Australian government has officially given up on climate action.  Wind, solar and drought drive down emissions, but Australia still lags on targetsMorrison government has not modelled a zero emissions scenario.  Federal energy and emissions reduction minister Angus Taylor says higher emissions targets ‘not necessarily good policy’. Australia won’t budge on 2030 climate targets, keeps mum on longer term intentions.   Covert-19: Government stacks Covid Commission with oil and gas mates, cosy deals follow.

In 2019, fire chiefs were ‘gagged’ when trying to give climate change warnings to government.

 News Corp cuts represent an huge threat to Australian democracy ⁠- enormous power of Rupert Murdoch over Australia’s media.  Australian media is not doing its job to expose power and corruption.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Networks can now replace costly poles and wires with solar and storage micro-grids.    Ausgrid seeks thousands of NSW homes to join expanded virtual power plant . NSW calls for wind, solar, storage ideas for first renewable zone in central west.  Huge Uungula wind project edges closer in NSW renewable energy zone.  Sun Cable’s solar and battery mega-project may be first of many.   Suntech’s 9.4MW Robinvale solar farm completed in Victoria.  Lawyers’ picnic, and $47m at play, as Sunraysia solar farm faces further delays.  “Once in a lifetime opportunity:” NSW farmer on why he wants to host a wind farm.


Eminent Persons Warn Against Any Demonstration Nuclear Test Explosion. – “grave challenge to global peace and security” – Nuclear watchdog on potential U.S. nuclear test.

The Environmental Legacy of Nuclear Weapons Production: Five Case Studies — HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

The Triumph of Doubt‘ – corporations’ war on science.

Research is needed into health effects of 4G and 5G [electromagnetic] radiation.

SOUTH ASIA Extreme heat, humidity, air pollution – combined threat to South Asia.

EUROPE. European Union’s recovery plan promotes renewable energy, omits nuclear

FINLAND. Finland’s new nuclear reactor hit by valve leak.

LUXEMBOURG. New Luxembourg law allows claims over nuclear accidents.

BELARUS. Lithuania, Belarus sign nuclear incident notification agreement.

SWEDEN. Sweden gets a new Nuclear Emergency Plan.


CANADA. Ontario’s nuclear re-build postponed due to pandemicOpposition in Canada to nuclear waste dump on agricultural land.  Canadian farming community not happy about taking on nuclear wastes.

RUSSIA.  Oleg Bodrov on the status of the Russian nuclear industry.


JAPAN. Green light for Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing plant, but is it viable?  Coronavirus pandemic hampers Japan’s nuclear regulators’ probe into Fukushima disaster.

FRANCEResistance developing to EDF’s plan to store nuclear waste at Belleville-sur-Loire. Safety lapses at France’s nuclear reactors, new delays at EDF’s Flamanville 3 nuclear reactor .  Radioactive pollution at the Bugey nuclear power plant in France : EDF condemned.  Court set-back to France’s EDF nuclear supply contracts.

IRAN. Iran tops the list of countries which accepted inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2019.     Britain, France, Germany not happy that USA will end waivers for Iran civilian nuclear projects .  Iran envoy says that Trump has pulled the final plug in violating nuclear deal. Trump administration to remove almost all sanctions relief to Iran.

CHINA. The way that China plans its nuclear weapons strategy.

UKRAINE.  Ex-president Kravchuk estimates compensation for Ukraine’s nuclear weapons at US$250 bln.


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