Climate and nuclear news – first week in March

This week there’s quite a lot of news about nuclear weapons development. Nobody seems very interested – all same-same? Weapons anxiety fatigue? UN disarmament chief hopes upcoming conference will address current nuclear challenges. Some experts think that the subject should get a mention in the USA 2020 election race.

The Coronavirus has gripped the media – with climate change taking a back seat. Bad though that epidemic is, global heating also moves on inexorably.

a bit of good news –  Designer Works to Erect First Modern Village to Generate its Own Electricity–and Food–in 100% Sustainable Loop




RENEWABLE ENERGY  Australia could soon export sunshine to Asia via a 3,800km cable . Why an Australian mining giant chose wind and solar over gas for $1 billion project.  Australia’s first detailed database on household solar, batteries and EVs goes live.  Victoria energy efficiency market rides wave of optimism, NSW hopes to follow. Industry joins call for ARENA funding extension, as Energy MinisterTaylor ducks commitment. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020 – 100% carbon-offset in partnership with Powershop.


Coronavirus – right-wing media reactions and conspiracy theories.

The Planet Is Screwed, Says Bank That Screwed the Planet. USA fails to stop G20 finance ministers and central bank governors‘ warning on climate change.

Nuclear testing left a signature of radioactive carbon all around the worldThe Castle Bravo bomb and its effects on the soldiers, and on the planet.

A Brief Study of Molten Salt Reactors.

Climate action? – you simply couldn’t build enough nuclear reactors.

ANTARCTICA . Antarctic ice walls protect the climate.

IRAN. Iran Nuclear Accord Parties Meet to Try to Salvage Deal.


USA.  2020 election – Big climate change policy unlikely no matter who wins the White House. Trump is using Yucca Mountain to drum up Republican votes.

Half the US population favors the nuclear abolition treaty. U.S. Pentagon demands $167 billion tax-payer nuclear funding through to 2025. Pentagon toys with a plan to win a “limited nuclear war” against Russia .  USA’s nuclear insurance places the big responsibility on the tax-payer.

California’s Super Tuesday primary and Diablo nuclear station – symbol of USA’s nuclear corruption.

Hanford’s radioactive underground structures likely to collapse. New Mexico’s elected leaders waver on Holtec’s nuclear waste plan. No vote on high level nuclear waste storage in New Mexico, despite Memorial opposing the dump. Plans to remove Lewiston nuclear waste.

Safety check records falsified at SC nuclear plant. USA desperately pushing the fantasy of Small Nuclear Reactors to India. NuScam’s nuclear reactor looks suspiciously like an old design, (that melted down).

FRENCH POLYNESIA. Veterans groups not happy -France wants to abolish the National Commission for Monitoring the Consequences of Nuclear Tests.

INDIA. Trump’s toxic nuclear sales pitch to India- undermining India’s nuclear liability law.

UK. Radioactive wastes into River Clyde could have devastating effects on community and wildlife. Is Cumbria about to become the world’s plutonium dump? Outage’s at EDF’s Hinkley nuclear station extended until June.

EGYPT. Egypt going into $25 billion debt to Russia, to buy nuclear reactors.

KAZAKHSTAN. Kazakhstan local residents may be stuck with costs of decommissioning nuclear reactor.

SWEDEN. Sweden now faces years of nuclear reactor shutdowns and waste disposal problems.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.  Nuclear power not economic, nor safe, but it bolsters a secretive autocratic regime, United Arab Emirates.

INDONESIA. Illegal radioactive substances found in South Tangerang house, Jakarta.


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