Australia and overseas – Nuclear and Climate News to 27 November

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are now at a record high levelMountain water serving half the world is disappearing.

Against the background of all the disturbing climate news, it’s a bit of a shock to learn the lengths of duplicity to which politicians will go, to prevent climate action.

And, on the nuclear scene, duplicity of a different kind. I hate to use that tawdry phrase “fake news”, but that’s what it was, a false report of a nuclear explosion in the South China Sea.

Some bits of good news – In India, an intrepid old farmer grew a lush oasis in a cold desert In drought-stricken Australia, some farmers are learning to improve the soil, and conserve water, with regenerative farming.  Patients’exposure to medical radiation is going down.


Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Assange faces ‘unacceptable’ and ‘disproportionate’ punishment. A previous Prime Minister intervened to help political prisoner: Scott Morrison could do this for Julian Assange.  Appeal from former political prisoner to Australia’s Prime Minister to help Julian Assange.

Australian government rushing laws to crack down on protestors. Journalists beware! Australia now a surveillance state.

CLIMATE. Bushfires flare and temperature records fall amid catastrophic conditions in South Australia. Climate change will make fire storms more likely in southeastern Australia.  Survey showed environment and climate to be Australian children’s top concerns.

How does the climate denialist Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) get away with being a “charity”?  Religiosity of Scott Morrison – about global heating and bushfires. Cuddling coal and people: does Scott Morrison think that Australians are that stupid about climate change?

University of New South Wales first engineering school to sign declaration to reduce harmful carbon emissions.


“The case made by the uranium bulls is in reality full of holes


States go it alone on energy after Coalition buries talk of emissions. How are Australian States progressing on renewable energy? South Australia way ahead.  South Australia Liberals celebrate nation-leading switch to wind, solar and storage.

Australian billionaire Cannon-Brookes says $20bn solar project will be “lighthouse” to world.  Is Gina Rinehart finally ready to switch to green energy and cut emissions? NSW tenders $3.5 billion supply contract in firm test for wind and solar. Right-wing front group Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) wants to hit Electric Vehicles s with road tax “before they appear in every driveway”.  Electric car ultra rapid chargers arrive in heart of brown coal country.


Journalism’s future in crisis – the case of Julian Assange.  Political manipulations– the Swedish allegations against Julian Assange.

Global heating is shrinking and accelerating the jet stream.   Pursuing nuclear power slows down real action on climate change by faster, cheaper, energy sources. Analysis: Global coal power set for record fall in 2019.

On nuclear radiation – past and future – extract from article on Chernobyl.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. As the Runit nuclear waste dome crumbles, Marshall Islanders want honesty and justice.

IRAQ. New report on Iraqi babies, deformed due to thorium and uranium from U.S. military actions and bases.


CHINA. Further debunking of the conspiracy nonsense about a nuclear explosion in the South China Sea.  China’s $2.5bn renewables investment in Inner Mongolia.

UKRAINE. Studies on Chernobyl nuclear disaster show that it’s relevant today, and for the future.


SOUTH KOREA. South Korea nuclear regulator wants information on radioactive Fukushima water release.


FRANCE.  France’s nuclear company EDF – report – a litany of failures  France’s Flamanville nuclear financial catastrophe gets worse. France’s government is giving mixed messages on future of nuclear energy. France’s company EDF selling out of USA nuclear plants, Exelon to buy.

INDIA. India’s government ignores opposition as it plans to build spent nuclear fuel storage facility.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s nuclear waste storage almost completely full; a dangerous situation.

RUSSIA.  Putin told bereaved families that nuclear accident scientists were working on an “unparalled”weapon.

TAIWAN. Taiwan govt to give $2.55 billion to Orchid Island in nuclear waste compensation.

GERMANY. In Germany , renewables replace nuclear and lower emissions simultaneously.

CANADA. Toxic flushing of nuclear poisons into Lake Winnipeg.

IRELAND. Irish wind power for France, as France’s EDF nuclear electricity is in a financial mess

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  1. Claudio Pompili Says:

    HI Christina, wanted to say how much I appreciate you nuclear news updates. Best wishes for the new year, cheers Claudio

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