Australia’s Anti Environment Minister Greg Hunt squirms when questioned on Climate Change

a-cat-CANThere’s a sort of exquisite pleasure in watching a fool squirming.

I mean – in Christian charity, I should be feeling sorry for Greg Hunt, Australia’s hapless Anti-Environment Minister.  But I just couldn’t help my schadenfreude in watching as Leigh Sales skewered Greg Hunt on the ABC 7.30 Report last night      (If you’re not familiar with schadenfreude, look it up. Because many Australians are going to feel this feeling as they watch Australian Government Ministers explaining their Climate Lack of Policy over coming months.

Anyway – I can’t help feeling that it was fun.  English teachers across the nation can use Greg Hunt as a perfect example of double-speak and wobbly words.   Mr Hunt struggled to not answer Leigh Sales’ quite clear and simple question:

Why are you wasting tax-payers’ money on reviewing emissions trading schemes, when you have stated that this government will never have an emissions trading scheme?”

Poor Greg floundered about, and in this and subsequent interviews, he has been a sample case in weasel words, such as  “Let me be quite clear” and  “at the end of the day”



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