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Uranium mining companies to fight it out in court

November 13, 2009

Miners clash on native title
* Sarah-Jane Tasker
* From: The Australian
* November 13, 2009

THE joint-venture partners in what is expected to be Australia’s next uranium mine are locked in a legal dispute over a native title agreement on the project. (more…)


Australia’s vested interest while preaching disarmament

November 2, 2009

Australia and Iran Pickled Politics Sandra Hajda 31st October, 2009
“…………….The meeting was in fact brokered by the International Commission on Nuclear Non- Proliferation and Disarmament, a body founded by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
At first glance this appears to be little more than a minor think-tank (more…)

Opposition to WA uranium mining, despite Mega beatup

October 29, 2009

Mega beat up on uranium mining. Conservation Council WA & Anti-Nuclear Alliance  21 October 2009   Environment groups are standing strong with regional communities who are opposing uranium mining in WA, despite Mega Uranium and industry over-confidence.Natalie Lowrey, Uranium Free campaigner, Conservation Council of WA says, (more…)

Chinese nuclear company buys 70 percent of Australian uranium miner

October 29, 2009

Calls for clarity on Chinese resources investment October 29, 2009 The Australian AUSTRALIA’S policy on Chinese investment in resources has, if anything, become murkier since Chinalco’s controversial $US19.5 billion Rio Tinto rescue package fell through earlier this year, prompting renewed calls for more clarity (more…)

Unions push for more jobs, through renewables

October 28, 2009

Renewables ‘could save manufacturing Sydney Morning Herald October 28, 2009 –  AAP  Renewable energy and low-emission cars could help save Australia’s dwindling manufacturing industry, key trade unions say. (more…)

Federal govt ignores risks of uranium mining

October 28, 2009

Oil spill disaster continues – the toll rises

“…………………..the federal government has jettisoned its three mine uranium policy and is now considering a rush of exploration licence applications. (more…)

Uranium mining close to Kalgoorlie?

October 28, 2009

Uranium explorer now on Kalgoorlie’s golden doorstep

Atom Energy one of the explorers launched at the height of the uranium boom two years ago will now embark on an exploration programme on licences immediately north of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

  MIneWeb Ross Louthean
 27 Oct 2009

Atom Energy Ltd (ASX: AXY) will embark on a drilling programme next week at the Excelsior and Zoroastrian deposits at Bardoc, immediately north of Kalgoorlie…………………….. -Joining the exploration programme is geologist David Hamlyn who was managing director of Atom Energy for its first year but left after some boardroom disputes.

Atom retains uranium prospects in and around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and after a new board was appointed early this year it joint ventured its Cleos uranium project in the Pine Creek region, south of Darwin to Thundelarra Exploration Ltd, a Perth company that has made a high grade uranium discovery in that region.

Mineweb – URANIUM – Uranium explorer now on Kalgoorlie`s golden doorstep

A politician with principle

October 28, 2009

True to his socialist beliefs

The Age By IVAN MILTON  and KAREN LARGE October 28, 2009

PETER Milton, an ALP activist for more than 60 years, who served in the Federal Parliament as the member for La Trobe in Victoria for 10 years from 1980, has died of cancer at home in Northcote. He was 80.

An ardent opponent of uranium mining, he and colleagues John Scott and Lewis Kent caused an uproar in parliament (and within the ALP) in 1986 when they walked out on Paul Keating’s budget speech when the treasurer announced the the government’s decision to resume uranium sales to France.

True to his socialist beliefs

NT’s secret: nuke waste dump deal, despite govt promises

October 22, 2009

Secret $200k nuclear dump contract criticised ABC News By David Coady 22 Oct 09 The Greens are criticising the Federal Government for keeping secret a contract with traditional owners about a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory. (more…)

Hypocrisy of Australia over uranium sales

October 22, 2009

The Forgotten Nightmare: Global Cooling By Robin Davis 21 October, 2009 “……Here in Australia, advocates of uranium mining and export claim that this gives us a more credible voice in the world arena than we would otherwise have. They say our position as the largest source of uranium and the second largest exporter after Canada makes us more effective in preventing nuclear proliferation than we would otherwise be. In other words, by selling the stuff from which nuclear weapons are made, we are helping to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

This absurd reasoning extends to the so-called “safeguard” agreements – essentially book-keeping entries – that supposedly track every morsel of “Australian Obligated” uranium during its travels around the world, including its reprocessing and on-selling. We can rest assured that Australian uranium won’t be used to make nuclear weapons – or free up other uranium for that purpose – because we say it can’t and the buyer nations say it won’t………

History tells a different story. Of about 60 countries that have nuclear power or research reactors more than 20 have used their “peaceful” facilities for covert nuclear weapons research or production or both. India, Pakistan, Israel, South Africa and North Korea have all developed nuclear weapons under cover of “peaceful” nuclear programs……………..

The belligerence and blatant double standards demonstrated by the “big five,” who also hold the five permanent seats and veto power on the UN Security Council, provides motivation and “justification” for other states – some repeatedly threatened with attack, including nuclear attack (“all options are on the table”) – to develop a nuclear “deterrent” of their own. “Peaceful” nuclear programs are the obvious way for them to develop the necessary expertise and facilities and to acquire the technology and essential raw material: uranium……………

It seems the straight-faced hypocrisy of successive Australian governments is boundless: joining in the vilification of the latest designated nuclear “rogue” states, worrying over nuclear terrorism and mouthing non-proliferation platitudes on the one hand while allowing exports of the raw material for nuclear proliferation on the other. If Australia were sincere it would leave its uranium in the ground..

The Forgotten Nightmare: Global Cooling By Robin Davis