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Smart power for Australia’s regional energy

October 6, 2009

Smart power works best when used by bright sparks The Age JOHN MARTIN October 6, 2009 “…………An intelligent grid will also accept power from different and decentralised sources, not just the huge, centralised, coal-burning, power plants in places such as the Latrobe Valley. (more…)


Natural gas best transitional energy for fighting global warming

October 2, 2009

Push for shift to natural gas The Age MATHEW MURPHY

October 2, 2009

A SWITCH from coal to gas could cut Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent, says Australia’s peak gas transmission body, which has warned that governments will fall short of emission reduction targets unless the deployment of gas is accelerated. (more…)

Australia’s Smart Grid will speed up renewable energy

October 1, 2009

Australia’s Smart Grid A Step Closer by Energy Matters 1 October 09 The Australian Government yesterday announced the next step in transforming Australia’s ageing electricity grid into a “smart grid” (more…)

Solar energy held back by Australia’s muddled policy

September 28, 2009

Solar sector held back by foggy energy policy  THE AUSTRALIAN GREENCHIP: Giles Parksinson | September 28, 2009  WHEN Kevin Rudd returns to Australia to translate the grand rhetoric of the international stage into action on the domestic front, he could start by trying to sort out the mess and the confusion in the country’s solar ambitions. (more…)

Clean energy meeting to develop Australian investment

September 24, 2009

Clean energy heavyweights to determine industry direction
ecogeneration September 23, 2009

The future of the clean and renewable energy industry will come under the microscope when speakers representing more than a trillion dollars in private capital discuss the business of investing in the sector at the All-Energy Australia conference next month. (more…)

Australian initiative on climate issue

September 21, 2009

Australia moves to resolve climate issue

9 News Sep 21 200 A proposal to resolve thorny climate change issues dividing developed and developing nations is being proposed by Australia in the lead up to the Copenhagen summit in December. (more…)

New dawn for solar power

September 19, 2009

World wakes to new dawn for solar power
The Age PADDY MANNING September 19, 2009

WHEN Lindsay Tanner says greenies are ”obsessed” with solar energy, he’s right. And it’s obvious why.Clean coal is a myth. (more…)

Renewable energy feed-in tariff will attract investment and provide jobs

September 16, 2009

National feed-in tariff good for jobs and renewables
G-Online 15 Sept 09
A national feed-in tariff is the way to go to create thousands of Australian jobs, will support the uptake of renewable energy technologies and put the nation on the right green track, a new Greenpeace report suggests. (more…)

Solar parks ready soon

September 12, 2009

Solar parks ready soon
Bendigo Advertiser12/09/2009
SOLAR parks in Bendigo and Ballarat designed to promote carbon emission reductions at a community level are due to be completed in less than six months.

The $42 million Central Victoria Solar City solar parks plan is aimed at providing large-scale, locally generated power from a renewable source. (more…)

Join the rush to renewable power

September 9, 2009

Join the rush to renewable power

THE AUSTRALIAN Tim Blue | September 09, 2009“………………the process of mitigating climate change with the recent passage of the renewable energy bill makes for a challenge for investors wondering where to position themselves. (more…)