This week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news –   California Begins Covering Canals with Solar Panels to Fight Drought.       World’s first 100% hydrogen-powered trains now running regional service in Germany to replace diesel. 
End of Covid pandemic ‘in sight’, says World Health Organization

Climate : As resistance grows to the fossil fuel regime, laws are springing up everywhere to suppress climate activists.

Coronavirus. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update.

Nuclear.  Oh dear. I hope that the  Zaporizhzhia situation works out safely. Even the IAEA are worried, and their job is to promote the nuclear industry.  They also think that Australia’s AUKUS nuclear submarines will be fine – no weapons proliferation implications!

Personal note. I also do hope that the news coverage of the Queen’s death has been adequate, and that everyone is getting enough public holidays etc about this.   I can’t get through to TPP Wholesale, to find out when and if they’re restoring our website I guess they’re still in mourning.


Australia needs a non-nuclear submarine – the TKMS TYPE 218SG would be fine – just do it, Richard Marles! China, and others, see the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as biased in supporting AUKUS nuclear submarines plan .

The Defence Strategic Review – Australia is becoming a proxy or is it a patsy for the US in a possible conflict with China. Aw gee shucks – Australia can be IMPORTANT if we lead USA’s attacks with our AUKUS submarines !

Barngarla people say NO to a nuclear waste dump.

‘Doesn’t seem genuine’: Ex-Pacific leaders question Australia’s climate stance


Doomsday scenario: Simulation reveals nuclear war with Russia would cause 90 million casualties.

New research on how nuclear war would affect Earth – it won’t matter who is bombing whom.

What’s the real price tag for renewable energy for the planet?

World BEYOND War Volunteers to Reproduce “Offensive” Peace Mural.


China, AUKUS clash over nuclear subs.

Nuclear Power Is Too Risky Even in Peacetime. Ukraine Is the Tip of the Iceberg.     Nuclear power still doesn’t make much sense.

Gullible governments – US Energy Department returns to costly and risky plutonium separation technologies.

The madness of some environmentalists sucked in by Edward-Teller style nuclear propaganda.

Extreme hunger is soaring in the world’s climate hotspots – Oxfam

Plunging costs of renewable energy – as nuclear power costs increase. Fast transition to renewables will save the world  at least $US12 trillion ($A18 trillion) by 2050.

Study shows ‘unprecedented’ changes to world’s rivers


American-backed Ukrainian attack to recapture Zaporizhzia nuclear power plant is a critical part of the Western strategy .

Is Zaporizhzhia safer now?

U.S. Finally Admits Ukraine Bombs Zaporizhzhia’s Nuclear Power Plant.          Ukraine’s threatened nuclear power plant has been shut down. Has a crisis been averted? Main power line reconnected to Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant . Back-up power lines restored to the shut-down Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station .

Ukraine cracks downs on civilians – official. (Amazingly, this is reported also in the Washington Post – article headed: “Ukraine hit squads are killing Russian occupiers and collaborators”) Hundreds Of Children Included In Ukrainian Public Kill-List. Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Ukrainian lawmakers to drop media bill . 

Caitlin Johnstone: Ukraine crawling with CIA & Co. Zelensky and NATO plan to transform post-war Ukraine into ‘a big Israel’.

JAPANPlan to encase a Fukushima nuclear reactor and then flood it.

Tepco to revise power prices for industry, factoring in nuclear restart.


RUSSIA. Russia’s Stranglehold On The World’s Nuclear Power Cycle. New study reveals Russia’s comprehensive buildup of nuclear missile test-ground at Novaya Zemlya.

JAPAN. Sendai and Genkai nuclear power stations in the path of powerful Typhoon Nanmadol.

 40% of Japan’s nuclear plant staff lack experiences of reactivation.

USA. Veteran Intelligence Professionals: Ukraine Decision Time for Biden. U.S. military leaders are reluctant to provide longer-range missiles to Ukraine. ( Zelensky itching to attack Crimea?)       US-South Korea Provocations in the Pacific.

The Weapons Industry as a Taxpayer Scam How we got to an $850 billion Pentagon budget – “independent” think tanks are funded by weapons corporations.

Space race – the old macho aim – USA and China to beat each other.

General: Supply chain problems are hurting nuclear modernization. 

Plutonium secretly shipped to Nevada removed sooner than expected. Weapons-grade plutonium secretly sent from South Carolina to Nevada removed early. Watchdog sues nuclear agency over Los Alamos National Laboratory evaluations.

CANADA. Walk held to protest storing nuclear waste in Northwest. Walkers Count on Local Politicians to Oppose Nuclear Waste in North West Ontario.

Israeli sabotage should not be allowed to kill Iran nuclear deal: Middle East Eye.

TURKEYRussian state firm signs $9.1bn loan deal to fund nuclear plant in Turkey. Turkey, Russia reach deal resolving nuclear plant dispute.


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