The week in nuclear news

So much news, so overwhelming – the pandemic, climate extremes in China. South Asia, USA, Europe, UK.   In the middle of all the gloom, quite an inspiring article from science writer Julian Cribb,   with a method to save the world. He argues, passionately and persuasively for putting the ”weaker” sex in charge. In The Age of Women, Cribb says that If humanity is to survive the vast and growing threats it faces, women must assume the leadership of government, business, religion and social institutions around the world.

Some bits of good news –   Overwhelmed by environmental disaster? Here’s a scorecard to inspire optimism.     The bright spots in the State of the Environment report.  

State of the Environment report shows our growing cities are under pressure – but we’re seeing positive signs too


Documents show Australian Labor government supports Assange’s extradition to the USINSIDE LABOR’S ASSANGE GAME PLAN.

Militarism and submarines:   The tragic obsession with the Chinese threat.        AUKUS – contrived to foster the unrealistic and unattainable aims of American foreign policy.        Defence Minister Richard Marles is confident about AUKUS, nuclear submarines, and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Not everyone is so sure.          Ask Fuzzy: Will Australia’s nuclear-propelled attack submarines require weapons grade fuel?

Military chiefs to hold talks on basing UK nuclear submarines in Perth. Australia’s price tag for nuclear submarines could soar by $billionsNonsense to say ‘Australia needs nuclear submarines to defend itself.

British soldiers used as radiation guinea pigs in nuclear bomb tests in Australia.

Climate: Climate protesters criminalised as climate crisis escalates.

Environment:  A scientist reacts to State of Environment reportBe scared, very scared, as the environment goes from disaster to utter catastrophe.        State of the Environment: Blinky Bill is in intensive care.    Thousands of dead and dying frogs found across Australia.        What the bald eagle and a tiny bat can tell us about Australia’s broken system for protecting nature.

Poor and deteriorating’: Australia’s environment is sick and getting sicker.        Plibersek says Morrison government hid ‘shocking document’ outlining the state of Australia’s environment.    ‘We do need to change our laws’: Environment Minister.    It’s about time we acted like we’re in a crisis”: Greens to push Labor ‘further and faster’.


The Age of Women.

War wins the ‘big bucks’ while climate gets the ‘change’

Calling Putin ‘Hitler’ to Smear Diplomacy as ‘Appeasement’.

NATO: The Most Dangerous Military Alliance on the Planet.     Phil Wilayto column: The provocations behind the ‘unprovoked’ war.      The Biggest Lie The Hawks Ever Sold. In Ukraine, a proxy war on the planet.       US Military Analyst: West Can’t Afford Ukraine Spending, Will Run Out of Ammo to Send to Kiev.          Global action urged to block AUKUS plan on transfer of nuclear materials.

Nuclear Power Plants Are Struggling to Stay Cool.

Baseload nuclear power not needed in an all-renewable future – Claverton Energy Research Group.

Death toll rises above 1,500 as temperatures soar across Europe.

As Europe burns, the world’s climate plan, such as it is, unravels.


FRANCE. Evacuation of site , as wildfires rage near nuclear power plant being decommissioned.      La Hague is still threatened by wildfires Monday afternoon: firefighters mobilized on July 18 not far from the Orano nuclear site.  Macron facing NUCLEAR nightmare as scorching heatwave cripples SIX reactors. 4 French nuclear reactors authorized to discharge hotter water during heatwave, as 29 others remain offline, (nuclear the cure for global heating?)

 Nationalisation of EDF seen as ‘inevitable’ to carry out France’s nuclear plans. France’s costly nationalisation of the nuclear industry. Employee shareholders to sue EDF over France nationalising nuclear industry .          New failure on the Flamanville EPR, the reactor control system’s malfunction. EDF to change design of EPR nuclear reactors following troubles of the China one – (making it up as they go?)  Protest against radioactivity-contaminated water, at French nuclear site.

SWITZERLAND. Swiss nuclear power plant reduces output to protect fish during heatwave.

USA. Was Obama right about Russia-Ukraine? Biden Rebuked for ‘Openly Praising War Profiteering’ at Lockheed Martin. The Great American Military Rebrand.         Leaked documents – Facebook ‘Bot’ adviser secretly in the pay of USA regime change agency.    President Biden’s $6 billion effort to save distressed” nuclear power plants is misguided. No operational need, and no climate case for the nuclear power industry -The Electricity Journal . MidAmerican shouldn’t waste money studying small nuclear reactors. The lingering horror of thorium radioactive poisoning in West Chicago .

Extreme heat warnings in effect in 28 states across US.

CANADANuclear industry veteran to lead nuclear waste group’s board – ( the revolving industry-govt door)

IRAN. Iran critical of President Biden telling Israelis that USA is ready to use force against Iran . ‘Israeli cell planted explosives at nuclear facility,’ Iran media says.

JAPAN. Japan halts shipment of black rockfish caught off Fukushima over radiation. Japan’s nuclear regulator formally approves release of Fukushima wastewater to the Pacific. Japan approves nuclear-contaminated water discharge plan, may turn Japanese people into ‘sick men of Asia,’ seafood consumption and export nosedive. Stiff resistance by fishing unions to Japan’s move to dump Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the ocean.        Fukushima bosses ordered to pay billions for failing to prevent nuclear disaster.    Shinzo Abe Failed to Rearm Japan. Let’s Keep It That Way.


RUSSIA. Russia’s Rosatom to take legal action against Finland company, over terminated €7 billion nuclear power plant project.

GERMANY. Germany criminalizes journalist for exposing Ukrainian war crimes.

AUSTRIA. Visit of the Slovak Prime Minister to Vienna: Disagreement on Nuclear Technology Issues.

RUSSIA. Russia to Scrap World’s Largest Nuclear Submarine.



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