Australia is STILL America’s Deputy Sheriff

And we thought. by getting rid of the bullying blustering Scott Morrison and his war-mongering muse Doomsday Dutton, we were at last to have an intelligent administration, that recognised Australia’s position in the Pacific region, and did not automatically jump to the whim of the American military-industrial-corporate. Albanese sounds like a more diplomatic. intelligent P.M

But no – on our TV screens we witnessed Albanese in Spain, fawning all over NATO. Now, NATO seems to be expanding its great reach to the Southern Hemisphere. Next thing, we’ll be joining NATO , and revving up the warmongers plans for attacking China. AUKUS is the start.

For a while there, China and Russia had some disagreements. But good old NATO is now succeeding in joining them together. I mean, why fight Russia, or ight China, if you can take on both of them at once?

Does that make sense? Does Australia really have to make enemies of both Russia and China?

These days – we seem to a be afflicted with Prime Ministers intoxicated by being seen on the big stage with the US President, kow-towing to whatever is the current USA whim.

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