Some dream of Australia as an international nuclear waste dump – the ultimate in colonial degradation

Right now, the Boris Johnson crowd in Britain, and the Emmanuel Macron crowd in France are enthusiastically thumping the tub for the mythical ”New Nuclear”, and for prolonging the operation of their creaky old nuclear reactors way beyond their proper use-by date.

Their whole plan is super expensive, and also pretty much irrelevant to climate action, seeing that new nuclear reactors take decades to become operational.

But it’s not just the cost that’s so unwise, so imprudent.

It’s the waste problem. Both governments have a nonchalant attitude to that

Manwhile, back in this colony, the nuclear fans, which include Keith Pitt, the Minister for Resources, and sundry other politicians, keep pushing for a ”temporary” nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia. (Other quieter players push for one in Western Australia,)

It looks to me as though the old nightmare of Pangea still lives in Australia – the transforming of this colony into a colonial nuclear waste dump. Australians need to be aware that this plan – to benefit a few greedy grasping Australian entrepreneurs and sycophantic politicians, could be seen as a convenient solution for our international ”betters”.


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