Nuclear news – to wind up January 22

The Ukraine crisis drags on – no American soldiers will be fighting, but American weapons companies making great sales.  Here’s hoping that in the event of war, nobody will strike Ukraines’s nuclear reactors  – each of them in them in themselves a sitting nuclear bomb.

Some bits of good news : Chinese Method For Growing Veggies Year-Round in Frigid Canada Really Works–And Has No Heating Costs.    South Australia Smashes Renewable Record Using 100% Solar And Wind For Full WeekSolar Power Will Account for Nearly Half of New U.S. Electric Generating Capacity in 2022

CoronavirusLPandemic or endemic: Where is COVID heading next?
ClimateHot Oceans & Escaping Consumerism

AUSTRALIA.Massive flooding in Kimba district, – the Agricultural (no it’s now the Nuclear Waste) Town of the Year. Serious doubts that the Australian government has a plan for nuclear waste dump vulnerable to flooding. Kimba flooding: Australian government must immediately abort nuclear waste dump project. WASHED AWAY – Minister Keith Pitt’s grand dream of a Kimba nuclear waste dump. Kimba and the South Australian government must protect this precious agricutural region from nuclear waste dump’s danger of ground contamination. 
 Traditional Owners welcome expiry of uranium mine approval, but the fight isn’t over. Defence Minister Peter Dutton evasive about the 137 member nuclear submarine taskforce, which does not include a South Australian govt rep.  Pandemic pollution: how COVID-19 has fuelled Australia’s waste crisis

What drove Perth’s record-smashing heatwave – and why it’s a taste of things to come

Doctor reveals severe health effects from heatwaves and humidityAustralia’s collapsing reputation – way way down on Transparency International Corruption Index/


The rulers of the great powers are playing with fireVoices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons .   The threat of nuclear winter hangs over our warming planet. 

 Swapping one dangerous fossil fuel technology for another dangerous nuclear technology is NOT progress.  Former nuclear regulators say that nuclear power is not a feasible option for tackling the climate crisis.

Russia proposes US returns American nuclear weapons from NATO countries close to Russia. U.S. and Russian Threats Over Ukraine—What They’re About .

US and British governments are effectively using “lawfare” to ensure Assange’s continued detention UK High Court gives very little chance for Julian Assange.

Rockets Destroy Ozone and Cause Climate Change – Aerospace Programs’ Deadly Impacts to the Earth.

Scientists say no to Solar Geoengineering . 

Nuclear incidents and meltdowns – far more than we realised. ‘We have to stop believing the nuclear hype’ , former chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other leaders.  Busting the nuclear propaganda about Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR).

UKRAINEFull scale war in Ukraine? With its 15 nuclear reactors – no more Ukraine, no more Europe. Increased mutations in animals affected by Chernobyl radiation. Nuclear warfare without bombs.
JAPAN.Japan needs a realistic debate instead of new push for fast nuclear reactors. Momentum building for nuclear ban treaty, with hopes that Japan will participate.
Fukushima.Leakage of coolant water from ice wall around crippled Fukushima nuclear power station. Can reactor fuel debris be safely removed from Fukushima Daiichi? Fukushima nuclear radiation has had strange effects on plants and treesThe more radiation, the weirder Fukushima’s fir trees became. Father continues to suffer in court over Fukushima nuclear accident: “I exposed my son to radiation.


CANADA. NB POWER seeks unprecedented 25-year licence for Point Lepreau nuclear power station.   Unease in Ontario about planned nuclear waste dump (nobody suggests that they stop making this trash?) Canada’s nuclear waste body ousted liaison officer for being ‘too much on the side of the community,’ lawsuit claims
 Chief Hugh Akagi will present the case against having a CANDU-6 nuclear reactor on Peskotomuhkati land. NB Power and New Brunswick government gamble on untested, non existent ”small” nuclear reactors (SMRs). 
Canada’s state broadcaster CBC peddles lies and slanders about jailed journalist Julian Assange.


SWEDEN. Swedish government to decide on construction of nuclear waste dump. Sweden approves plan to bury spent nuclear fuel for 100000 years. The Swedish government allows the nuclear industry to build   an unsafe repository for spent nuclear fuel.

FRANCE.  Marine Le Pen has pro nuclear, anti-renewables policy for the coming election.   Striking workers reduced France’s nuclear power generation by 2.2gigawatts (GW). France’s far-rightEUROPE.Debate flares in Amiens over the attempt to include nuclear in the ”green taxonomy”. Europe must get serious about energy conservation.

ITALY. Nuclear not competitive’ and too late for energy transition: Enel Green Power CEO..

IRELAND. “Ireland must take firm stance against greenwashing of EU Taxonomy” – Member of European Parliament.PACIFIC ISLANDS. What’s the situation of Bikini atoll and its people now?

IRAN. Iran ‘will consider’ direct talks with US, says foreign minister. Nuclear deal unlikely unless Iran releases US prisoners: Report. Iran nuclear negotiations reaching final stage. MOST of Iran’s nuclear facilities are vulnerable to devastating drone attacks.

ISRAEL. Shadowy battle – Israel’s attacks on Iran’s facilities and personnel.

GERMANY. Germany’s dramatic departure from the nuclear industry. Other European States follow.

CHINA. China now well and truly the world leader in offshore wind.

RUSSIA. Russia’s nuclear powered container ship is sailing into thick ice. NATO practices nuclear missile sorties near borders of the Russia-Belarus Union.NORTH KOREA. Nuclear-armed North Korea tests long range missile.        


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