Nuclear news: focus on France this week

MAXPPP OUT Mandatory Credit: Photo by LUDOVIC MARIN/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10695784ad) French President Emmanuel Macron takes part in a working session during the G5 Sahel Summit in Nouakchott, Mauritania, 30 June 2020. The leaders of the G5 Sahel West African countries and their ally France are meeting to confer over their troubled efforts to stem a jihadist offensive unfolding in the region, six months after rebooting their campaign in Pau, southwestern France. G5 Sahel Summit in Nouakchott, Mauritania – 30 Jun 2020

Miles too long again this week  – sorry.  I put the most interesting bits in  bold.

Nuclear. The interesting thing right now is France’s struggle to get Europe to agree that nuclear power is ”clean” and ”green”. The background to this is that France’s nuclear industry is in a pretty bad state. Debts, scandals and safety problems. Most reactors getting near their use-by date. Strangely, the prestigious and independent Court of Audits has reported that nuclear power has a dubious future, but President Macron is ignoring that report, and promising a global nuclear revival, led by France.
Coronavirus –  it’s all still happening.Climate: COP 26 is over – but global heating is all still happening, too.
Some bits of good news:   The EU drafted legislation to tackle deforestation.   The UK’s largest urban rewilding project was approved. Refugees in Cameroon Have Turned aTreeless Desert Camp Into a Thriving Forest.


New files expose Australian govt’s betrayal of Julian Assange and detail his prison torment.


The consumerism that destroys life is also the cause of the environmental emergency.

The 2015 Paris climate agreement – a weak ‘treaty’, but it is working up to a point.  Nuclear energy: a distraction on the road to climate solutions. 

Global agreements against the dumping of nuclear waste into the world’s oceans.

America’s relentless pursuit of Australian Julian Assange is a threat to any journalist who might expose a USA massacre of civilians.

Gorbachev: claims that nuclear weapons guarantee peace are a delusion. The elimination of nuclear weapons a moral imperative – Vatican. New film: The ‘Mothers of the Revolution’ Who Stared Down Nuclear Weapons. Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons Takes a New Approach With Informative Videos for Children and Young Adults.

Low dose radiation has its medical benefits, but has harmful effects on the immune system.

Use Less Stuff Day-Thursday November 18th

ANTARCTIC. Antarctic ice sheet changed alarmingly quickly in past – and may be happening again now.


GERMANY. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel maintains stand against nuclear power being classified as sustainable. German banks sceptical about nuclear and gas inclusion in green taxonomy.l

EUROPE. Over 100 European non government organisations urge the European Commission to block nuclear power from being accepted as a clean green investment . EU Council stresses the need to fully implement and universalise the NPT treaty.

AUSTRIAAustria prepared to sue European Union if it includes nuclear in green finance taxonomy.

SWEDEN. The growing unsolved problem of nuclear waste – becoming desperate in Sweden.

FINLAND. Finland’s nuclear power project collapsing – unprofitable and unnecessary.

BELARUS. Belarus’ new nuclear power station has further problems, shut down at present . Belarus leader says he wants Russian nuclear-capable missile systems.

RUSSIA. Russian diplomat calls for coordinated global efforts to enact Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. ‘The graveyard of the Earth’: inside City 40, Russia’s deadly nuclear secret.

CANADADisastrous floods intensified by climate change.


JAPAN. Japan’s PM Kishida resolved to achieve nuclear-free world . Japanese municipalities are finding resistance to hosting nuclear waste dump, despite substantial government bribes. 

Temperature of Fukushima Daiichi’s “frozen earth wall” rises again. Japan’s nuclear regulator inspecting seismic risks at Shika nuclear power station..
U. N. nuclear agency team to review plans for release of Fukushima water.


MARSHALL ISLANDS“Blown to Hell: America’s Deadly Betrayal of the Marshall Islanders” 

NORTH KOREA. North Korea replaces, punishes 14 cadres and technicians working on nuclear-powered submarine program. The Central Committee criticized the technicians for failing to follow party policy to “localize” production . No North Korea nuclear, ICBM tests for the time being.

KENYA. Kenya’s $5billion nuclear power dream is delayed by 10 years.

EGYPTCOP 27: Growing concern that civil society groups will have restricted access.

NEW ZEALAND. The global nuclear weapons race is back on: New Zealand needs to continue its stance for disarmament.

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