As COP 26 ends – Nuclear and Climate News -Australia and more

It’s all about COP26 this week, but the pandemic persists.And- the media’s gone quiet on nuclear issues, – but at COP26 and elsewhere, the nuclear lobby is working away relentlessly.


Nuclear power for Australia? A crazy fantasy that would surely lose the election for the Liberals. 

Submarines. Large hurdles to Australia getting nuclear submarinesFormer Prime Minister Paul Keating scathing about Australia’s planned nuclear submarine deal. Australian-UK-US nuclear submarine deal makes the connection clear between civilian and military nuclear activities. US Ex military man says nuclear submarines could arrive sooner, wants USA to get tough on China, re Taiwan.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) must be required to fully inform the Kimba community of the safety and financial risks of the nuclear dump. Unanswered questions and problems in secretive Kimba Consultative Committee about the proposed nuclear waste dump.   

Issue for The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA): IS ANSTO’s NUCLEAR REACTOR VIABLE?


The greenest energy is the energy we don’t use

COP26 – while some progress has been made, a current policy world of 2.6C or 2.7C warming is still one with potentially catastrophic impacts on human and natural systems. COP 26 waters down the prospects of world action to stop coal pollution.

COP26 – Why Nuclear is NOT a Solution. EU states split on classifying nuclear energy as ‘green’.  Is nuclear power the way forward to combat the climate crisis? – Allison Macfarlane cautions.

Action on global heating? Inadequate COP26 kept this possibility alive, by just a thread. Experts alarmed at the weakening of climate targets at COP26. “Cover decision” – a draft outcome of COP26 climate talks – planet still headed for 2.4C of warming above pre-industrial levels. New draft of climate deal of COP26 weakens plans to get rid of fossil fuels

The People’s Summit for Climate Justice plans ambitious pressure on governments for real action. At People’s Summit for Climate Justice, campaigners accuse COP26 of failing the climateGreta Thunberg and youth activists filing legal petition to UN, urging for a declaration of “system-wide climate emergency”. 

Study shows that the biggest delegation of all at COP26 is that of fossil fuel lobbyists. Unfair restrictions on observers at COP26 climate talks. Honest Government Ad | Net Zero by 2050 .  Carbon capture and storage – not all that it’s cracked up to be. China and Saudi Arabia blocking progress towards a deal at COP26.

cross-continental electricity interconnector grid system may be a practical option for renewable energy.

Nuclear weapons. The environmental dimension of the use of nuclear weapons. Nuclear War and Climate Change: The Urgency for Action .

ICAN and PAX show how despite $billions still going to nuclear weapons, – $63 billion has moved away from this funding. “Perilous Profiteering: The companies building nuclear arsenals and their financial backers

Escalation of nuclear tensions between USA and China as a result of the AUKUS deal. Winning and losing the nuclear peace.

Over time, radiation causes damage to the structure of nuclear reactors.

Wind and solar can supply most of world’s energy needs, most of the time, says study.

Bitcoin could be nuclear power’s last hope of salvation?

EUROPEInvestor backlash predicted, if European Union were to include Nuclear and Gas as ”Green” in its EU Taxonomy. Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria and Portugal warn against including nuclear in the proposed EU taxonomy. France and other pro nuclear countries push for nuclear to be included as ”sustainable” in EU taxonomy.. Europe’s dilemma over whether or not to include nuclear power in its sustainabble finance taxonomy.

GERMANY. Germany reaffirms its opposition to nuclear power being designated as ”sustainable’‘.

FRANCE. President Macron boosts nuclear industry, but in reality, France’s prospects for new reactors are grim. President Macron does not have the legal power to decide on new nuclear reactors – requires Parliamentary agreement . France: public inquiry for the authorization to reprocess new fuels. EX manager sues EDF over safety concerns.

JAPAN. Agency to phase out health care aid for evacuees in Fukushima. Pacific concerns over plans to release contaminated water from Fukushima.



CHINA. China’s Taishan nuclear power plant remains closed, following fuel leak.

MARSHALL ISLANDSThe Children Who Suffered When a U.S. Nuclear Test Went Wrong.

 Taiwan’s referendum about unsealing nuclear power plant: but safety risks persist. Referendum on safety issues concerning Taiwan’s long-mothballed Fourth Nuclear Power Plant.

FINLAND. Finland’s Greens remain anti-nuclear, despite antics of a breakaway group.

RUSSIA. Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers on patrol over Belarus for second day amid ‘migration crisis’.

SOUTH AFRICA. FW de Klerk, who ended South African apartheid, leaves another legacy: nuclear disarmament.

HUNGARY. Opposition Leader Keresztes accuses Hungarian government of secrecy and errors in approval of Paks Nuclear Power Plant Upgrade.

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