Nuclear news – in the lead-up to Cop26

Nuclear might get in to Cop26 as ”green”, but maybe as ”amber”

Miles too long this week. But, in the lead-up to Cop26 I think it’s important to note climate policies , and to recognise the movements towards energy conservation and genuinely clean energy.    The nuclear spotlight is on Britain this week, with much brouhaha about small nuclear reactors, (though they’re not actually small, and not much government investment is actually going in to them, – nor are they attracting private investors)
Pandemic news  around the world.
The climate  disaster is here.  Earth is already becoming unlivable. Will governments act to stop this disaster from getting worse? The Kids Are Not Alright.
It’s hard to find ”good” news, but a lot of good work is being done, in climate activism. And also in genuinely clean energy. see


Nuclear.   Australian Labor Party has no intention of developing nuclear power. David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture – a National Party enthusiast for the nuclear industry. On economics, nuclear power just doesn’t stack up – Labor’s Shadow Minister for Climate Change.

Nuclear and climate.   Nuclear power? It’s of zero use to Australia’s emissions plan. National Party may demand that nuclear power be part of Scott Morrison’s ”net zero by 2050” aim. Australia set to disappoint key allies on 2030 emissions target

Submarines.   Concern in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN ) about Australia’s nuclear submarines. No safety assessment for nuclear submarines in Adelaide 

   Australia’s pro nuclear lobby revs up its propaganda, with News Corpse, but it’s short on facts. The nuclear industry’s new spin is the same old outdated propaganda Nuclear propagandist Kevin Scarce back on the bandwagon. Kevin Scarce again shows his nuclear ignorance and misinformation.

  Nuclear waste shipment to come from UK to Lucas Heights. Kimba agricultural group supports nuclear waste stored at Lucas Heights, rejects dump on farming land.

Coalition avoids meltdown over emissions target – but at what price? National Party did a secret climate deal with Morrison, but nuclear power was not included.


Impact of the pandemic – women, and people of colour now losing their jobs in the area of Nuclear Policy .

UK High Court Should Deny Extradition Because CIA Planned to Assassinate Assange

There are no real climate leaders yet – who will step up at Cop26? – Greta Thunberg. Cop26: ‘World conflict and chaos’ could be the result of a summit failure. ICLEI launches its 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Energy Compact.

Renewable not radioactive – Joint organizational statement prior to the COP26 Climate Summit. Nuclear power has no place in a green energy future-because of – time delay, success of renewables, huge costs, dangers, weapons connection, and wastes.

Nuclear power has no place
 in a healthy, sustainable future- IPPNW. Research shows that a rapid truly green energy transformation will quickly achieve a near-net-zero emissions energy system. Insurance industry not convinced that nuclear power is ”green”, and is wary of nuclear as an investment risk.

James Hansen says nuclear power is answer to climate. Is he right?  

Simulated space radiation causes ill effects on central nervous system of male mice. More evidence that space radiation may be harmful to the male brain.

OSPAR Convention for the Protection of the North-East Atlantic discreetly postpones its commitment to reduce radioactive discharges at sea .

EUROPEEuropean states disagree on nuclear power – Eastern states pro nuclear, Western against it, (except for France) . The nuclear industry might get taxpayers money by calling itself ”amber”, if it’s too hard to appear ”green”.

FRANCE. France’s Global Chance association recommends renewable energies, see nuclear power as unsustainable. The RTE (Electricity Transport Network) Energy Futures 2050 study shows that $100 renewables is feasible. l’association négaWatt reports on planned closure of nuclear reactors, and carbon neutrality to be achieved by reducing energy consumption and by renewables. 

 France may have hidden agenda in promoting small nuclear reactors.

France: public inquiry into disposal of nuclear waste. Close security on village where France’s nuclear waste inquiry commission works.

JAPAN. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirms release of Fukushima wastewater to start in 2023. Backlash against Japanese Prime Minister’s haste to dump Fukushima nuclear water into the ocean, Japan’s Carbon Goal Is Based on Restarting 30 Nuclear Reactors   . China and 8 Asia-Pacific island countries raise joint objection against Fukushima wastewater disposal. Recently restarted – Fukui nuclear unit halted for a year on safety issues.

UKRAINE. COVID Restrictions Deny Southern Belarus Children Rare Escape From Chernobyl Radiation.



INDIA. Tamil Nadu leaders call for a nuclear-free zone, and stopping of development of Kudankulam project .

PAKISTAN. Why the U.S. let Pakistan nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan off the hook .


CHINA. China did not test hypersonic nuclear missile, foreign ministry says. China backs ‘no first use’ nuclear policy, calls on nations to cut warhead stockpile.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s ongoing nuclear missile tests prove it’s time to normalize relations.

SPAIN. Spain is turning rapidly away from coal and nuclear, going for renewable energy.

GREENLAND. Greenland to reinstate its ban on uranium mining.

AFRICA. Nuclear disarmament: how Africa can play a role in securing a nuclear weapons free world.

SWEDEN. Swedish authorities delay permission for nuclear waste dump operation, due to concerns over corrosion of copper in containers.  

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