Nuclear news this week, Australia and beyond.

It has been a funny week in the news, funny not as in ha ha, but as in weird.  The news here prioritised the Olympics. Oh goody, my countrymen and women won lovely medals, for doing sporty things, very fast.- so, extensive coverage of all that. 

You wouldn’t know that the host city, Tokyo, is now daily getting close to 2000 new cases of coronavirus. You wouldn’t know that megafires are torching U.S. Western  States, and North Eastern Siberia. Briefly mentioned – huge floods inEurope and China.  Oh, and by the way, I think that the pandemic is still on, world wide, with the highly infectious delta variant.
The second biggest story, after the glorious Olympics, has been the success of the billionaire space playboys – Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos. The media can’t wait until Elon Musk and Bill Gates do their next thing – missile envy bringing great things for the world,(though we”re not quite sure what things)


Opposition to nuclear waste transport
 through the port of Whyalla, South Australia. Port at Cape Hardy could be the entrance place for radioactive waste transport to Kimba, South Australia. Barngarla native title owners were excluded from decision-making on Kimba nuclear waste plan.  A strong convention on radioactive waste safety means that nuclear’s toxic by-products should be kept as close as possible to the point of production

Western Australian site far more suitable than Kimba, South Australia, for nuclear waste dump. Regional site in Western Australia geologically and geographically suited to nuclear waste repository, unlike the Kimba site in S.A. Resources Minister Keith Pitt and his bald-faced lies about the Leonora nuclear waste proposal.

Submissions to the Federal Public Works Committee: 


Moral Intelligence or Nuclear War.

The world’s climate catastrophe – there is little time left to act.  All We Can Save”: As Climate Disasters Wreck Our Planet, Women Leaders Are Key to Solving the Crisis.  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) preparing assessments for COP26.

Climate change, extreme weather, is taking its toll on the nuclear industry. The nuclear industry determined to influence climate talks before COP26.

Racism and the misguided efforts to expand nuclear energy around the world,

After the lab-leak theory, US-Chinese relations head downhill.

Progressive lawmakers join across the world in a Global Alliance For A Green New Deal.

Huge carbon emissions of space tourismSpace tourism: environmental vandalism for the super-rich . Climate change report: Jeff Bezos & the new wild west show. Jeff Bezos and the corporate colonisation of the stars. Perils to austronauts’ health – high radiation and low gravity.

Emerging technologies and nuclear stability. Small Nuclear Power Plants No Use in Climate Crisis. Bill Gates’ fast nuclear reactor ”Natrium’‘ – not so safe and a nuclear weapons proliferation risk.

Why Scientists Plant Sunflowers After Nuclear Disasters.

Energy-guzzling Bitcoin must be allied to dangerous costly nuclear power.

 ARCTIC. Environmental degradation, illness, international tensions – small nuclear reactors had bad results in the Arctic.  

Nuclear Games” expose Japanese government’s spin about the Olympic Games. The fantasy of the Olympic Games as ”recovery” from nuclear disaster, and from Covid-19. Softball match in Fukushima was intended to showcase ”recovery from nuclear disaster”, but that has fallen flat. Fukushima effect: Now, South Korea to check food at Olympics for nuclear radiation. 

 Safety blunders fuel Japan’s mistrust of nuclear power. Using snakes to monitor Fukushima radiation, Radioactive cesium found in honey produced near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. 

 New Analysis Shows Japan Would Accept U.S. No First Use of Nuclear Weapons Policy 

 Japanese govt’s new Basic Energy Plan will prioritise renewable energy. Japan’s cleaner energy vision marred by burden of nuclear power.


. Maohi Lives Matter’: Tahiti protesters condemn French nuclear testing legacy . Emmanuel Macron in French Polynesia – not likely to satisfy campaigners resentful of France’s nuclear tests legacy.

EUROPE, Floods threaten nuclear power stations: call for endangered reactors to be shut down.

UK. China’s nuclear power firm could be blocked from UK projects. The Green Jobs Taskforce. Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior aims to help workers to transition to renewable energy work. Facebook blocks users from Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)’s website. Villagers in England very apprehensive about government plans for a nuclear waste dump..

FRANCEMacron dithers on nuclear power investment as issue divides France. Despite the rain, France’s nuclear reactors are still threatened by global heating.

CHINA. China threatens Japan with nuclear war over intervention in Taiwan,

Problems at China’s nuclear power plant
 at Taishan are serious enough to warrant shutdown, French co-owner warns. China to activate molten salt nuclear reactor, but it’s not clear if they have solved its safety problems.

CANADA. Risk of cracks in pressure tubes of Canada’s ageing nuclear reactors – how long can they keep operating safely? Canada’s small nuclear reactor project is looking like just a pipe-dream. Moltex Energy’s nuclear pyroprocessing project with plutonium would produce weapons grade material and encourage weapons proliferation. Investigation of uranium miners’health to be carried out by pro nuclear bodies. City Council in Calgary not happy about ”rushed” agreement to own stranded nuclear wastes in Maine.

GERMANY. Do Germany and the Netherlands want to say goodbye to US nuclear weapons

NORTH KOREA. The tally of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

INDONESIA. Shoddy, shoddy, shoddy: How they built the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

ARCTIC. Environmental degradation, illness, international tensions – small nuclear reactors had bad results in the Arctic.  

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