This week- nuclear news, Australia and international

Pandemic.  Daily Update: What you need to know about the coronavirus around the world right now. World Coronavirus Dispatch: Three studies hint at where pandemic is headed.

Oh dear – I promised myself that I would not digress off into the pandemic discussion.  But – I’m finding it scary – to come across people who think that the pandemic is not real, or that vaccination is some plot to take over the world, or who’ve decided that they don’t need vaccination..  Dammit – vaccination is our best bet.……

Climate. As if anti-vacc isn’t enough to worry about, now we’ve got climate complacency – possibly more dangerous than climate denialism –   as global heating moves on inexorably.  Hundreds of millions of people worldwide at risk from rising sea levels.  Canada sets all-time record-high temperature as North America’s north-west cooks under ‘heat dome‘.

Nuclear. Well it’s the drums of war beating. The one thing that Western conservatives and progressives agree on –  we’d better boost our nuclear weapons ready for a war on China. Meanwhile, the promotion of new small nuclear reactors goes on. See below –  excellent article  by  Victor Gilinsky, Henry Sokolski, (highlighted in yellow) 

A bit of good news –  Park it! Why the world is greener.


Australia’s collective voice should silence the ‘drums of war‘. Federal nuclear waste dump plan


Nuclear power is in the front line of climate change – and NOT in a good way. Ten reasons climate activists should not support nuclearRising sea levels might mean the end for many nuclear power stations. Increasing carbon emissions from uranium mining.

Increasing numbers of nuclear warheads globally.Nuclear fusion’s unlikely future, – too late for climate action.

Old cracked infrastructure – the Florida building collapse – a warning for old cracked nuclear reactors.

CANADA. Scientists say New Brunswick’s plutonium plan is undermining the global nuclear weapons non-proliferation regime. High school lobbyists ‘thrilled’ as Winnipeg unanimously supports ban on nuclear weapons, 



RUSSIA. Russia,China Pledge to Not Use Nuclear Weapons First, Avoid Firing Missiles at Each Other . Russia unveils largest nuclear submarine built in 30 years.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa the only country to have dismantled its nuclear weapons capability,.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand Greens want to stop New Zealand’s participation inthe militarisation of space.CHINA. China’s Taishan nuclear reactor has 5 damaged fuel rods. EDF will try to minimise the radiological leak at thr Taishan nuclear plant – but the damage is done. China’s plans for a huge nuclear waste bunker.

INDIA. Yet another incident of stolen nuclear materials in India.

JAPAN. Alarm at Japan’s plan to restart Kansai’s ageing No.3 nuclear reactor. TEPCO begins process to scrap Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant, Japan’s murky management of Fukushima nuclear wastewater.

Protests against France’s Tricastin nuclear station, Greenpeace activists face gaol..

IRANSabotage attempt on Iran nuclear reactor. Iran refuses to give nuclear site images to IAEA. Iran says Nuclear Deal Salvageable But Will Not Negotiate Forever.

IRAQ. Iraq’s stability depends on Iran and the US re-entering the nuclear dealALGERIA. Long legacy of France’s nuclear tests in Algeria.  


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