to 3 May – Nucear News, Australia and Beyond

Nuclear issues seem to be on the back burner, in Australia, and pretty much everywhere else. South East Asia is the exception, with countries worrying about Japan’s plan to release the Fukushima nuclear waste water into the Pacific Ocean.    Still, I’ve found far too much nuclear news this week, for what is supposed to be a short newsletter.  Perhaps that’s an indication that anxieties about the nuclear industry are simmering away,below the surface, and behind the media trivia.

At least the pandemic is getting the media attention that is so desperately required.    The world is in the midst of its worst coronavirus crisis so far.
The one great lesson of the pandemic is surely that global issues should trump national greediness, and call for global cooperation..   Tackling climate change too requires global policies.

A bit of good news –  Countries step up to supply oxygen and medicine to India. Pakistanis express solidarity with India over its COVID crisis, pledges supplies and medical aid. 


Australian government plan for a nuclear waste dump tears apart the small rural community of Kimba. ‘‘Low Level” radioactive trash to be removed to USA from posh Sydney suburb, while govt plans to send Higher Level nuclear waste to Kimba, rural South Australia. 

ICAN addresses Mount Isa City Council after nuclear appeal pledge .

UK in secret talks with Australia and others, about mining rare earths.  


We must continue to expose and refute the lies of nuclear industry.

Paul Beckwith on the failure of universities to address real world problems

The huge carbon footprint and massive energy use of online activities and of Bitcoin.

For climate action, renewables clearly beat nuclear power.

Chernobyl disaster and the U.N. response – a global matter.

Nuclear fallout from the Cold War might be killing our bees.

Growing aggressive behaviour by nuclear proponents – is nuclear facing obsolescence?

. In India’s pandemic nightmare, India and Pakistan need to invest in health, not nuclear weapons.

JAPANThyroid cancer increased 20-fold in Fukushima children. Radioactive leakage from nuclear waste containers near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Even with water release to the Pacific, Fukushima nuclear plant needs more storage tanks.

Governor of Fukui Prefecture to approve restart of aging nuclear reactors, but local community is opposed.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korean fishermen protest against the dumping of Fukushima wastewater into the Pacific Ocean.


MARSHALL ISLANDS. The US Should Apologize to the Marshall Islands for Nuclear Tests.

UKRAINE. University of Sheffield researchers do detailed study of radioactive materials inside the wrecked Chernobyl nuclear reactor. On 35th anniversary of Chornobyl disaster, Ukraine opens new nuclear waste site. Chernobyl nuclear disaster: ‘Three-day evacuation lasted 35 years’. Corrosive corruption continues in Ukraine’s nuclear industry.

RUSSIA. Soviet Documents Reveal Cover-Ups At Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Before 1986 Disaster.

UZBEKISTAN. Does Uzbekistan really need a nuclear power plant?

EUROPEFrance and Russia portray nuclear hydrogen as ”green’‘- arousing anger of several European nations. The dangers of extending the operating lives of old nuclear reactors.

FINLAND. Delays, increased costs and geopolitical uncertainties throw doubt on construction of nuclear power station in Finland.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech Republic’s nuclear plan hangs on hope for European Commission to call nuclear ”green”.


. ‘If it’s safe, dump it in Tokyo’ – Pacific Islanders don’t want Fukushima waste water. France tested 41 nuclear weapons in the Pacific, and grossly underestimated the radioactive fallout.

SOUTH AFRICACabinet appoints critic as member of nuclear regulator board.

CANADA. Canadian government rejects Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, but majority of Canadians support it.

IRAN. Iran’s foreign minister criticises influence of Revolutionary Guards and speaks of nuclear deal in leaked audio.

SWITZERLANDCity of Geneva calls for the closure of French nuclear station in Bugey.

RUSSIA. Not to be forgotten – the 1957 nuclear explosion in Mayak centre, Russia, that continues to poison the region.

FRANCEHigh level of radioactivity near France’s uranium processing factory.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand nuclear veterans want apology and compensation from the government.

MALAYSIA. Malaysia needs to speak out on Japan releasing nuclear waste into the sea .


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