Nuclear news – week to 16 November, Australia and more

As in last week. the media continues to be preoccupied with the American presidential situation, and after all, that IS pretty important.  The really big global stories are the global coronavirus and climate change.

Still, nuclear issues continue – simmering tensions in nuclear weapons states, and the remarkably co-ordinated promotion of Small Nuclear Reactors to governments around the world, in both rich and developing countries.  The  site will now have to stick to just NUCLEAR news.

 Some bits of good news –          Vaccine Alliance Raises $2 Billion to Buy COVID Shots for Poor Nations. Renewable Energy Defies COVID-19 Downturn To Hit Record Growth in 2020.


Why the site  will now stick to examining NUCLEAR issues.

Federal nuclear waste dump plan for Kimba, South Australia

Senate dumps on the Australian government’s radioactive waste plan. The Australian government can still bully its way to imposing a Kimba nuclear waste dump.   Karina Lester speaks out: ”Traditional owners’ voices not heard and rights stripped over nuclear waste dump”.  Minister Pitt on Kimba nuclear waste dump plan – inept, badly briefed, or just plain lying? Planned nuclear waste dump at Kimba has absolutely nothing to do with the production of nuclear medicine. Doctors call for an open independent review of nuclear waste production and disposal.

Australian govt’s Kimba nuclear waste dump plan will be torpedoed in the Senate. Relief in Kimba, that Labor and crossbench Senators want a fair process on nuclear wastes.  Uncertainty over Kimba nuclear waste dump as farmers go to Canberra to oppose it.

Senator Sam McMahon enthuses about Generation IV nuclear reactors for the Northern Territory.

Australian government ponders nuclear submarines.

Since Penny Sackett, Australia’s Chief Scientists have moved further towards the extractive industries.  Previous Chief Scientist not a fan of Small Nuclear Reactors

CLIMATE.  Australia’s freedom of information system hides climate documents.


Hibakusha renew their push for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Julian Assange ‘targeted as a political opponent of Trump administration and threatened with the death penalty’.

Topics in today’s “Nuclear” headlines on Google News.

JAPAN.   TEPCO claims it is running out of space to store radioactive water and simply must discharge it into the Pacific.  Over one million tons of radioactive water will be discharged into the sea from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Disposal plan all at sea? apan’s nuclear regulator maintains view on Fukushima reactor 3 blastsRadioactive Isotopes Measured at Olympic and Paralympic Venues in Fukushima Prefecture and Tokyo, Japan.

Governor of Miyagi Prefecture approves plan to restart Onagawa nuclear reactor. Japanese govt rules out new nuclear reactors for 10 years. J



MIDDLE EAST.  Financial problems, proliferation concerns put the brakes on nuclear development in the Middle East.

EUROPE.  U.S and Russia battling it out to market new nuclear reactors to Eastern Europe countries.
Source: UxC Research.  New European Court of Auditors report has concerns about the EU’s nuclear fusion project.

BELARUS.  Belarus shuts down its newly inaugurated nuclear power plant to replace equipment.

IRAN. Iran’s president calls on Biden to return to nuclear deal.  Iran moderates hail Biden win, but any nuclear talks expected to be fraught.

SOUTH AFRICA. NuScam pushing to sell its ”small” nuclear reactors to South Africa.

INDIA. Nuclear lobby gets its tentacles into education in India

RUSSIA. Putin and officials discuss huge new underground bunker almost completed.   Russia shuts down West Russian nuclear reactor.

CANADA.  Canada’s Greens call on federal government to abandon nuclear and invest in renewables.


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