A week of nuclear, climate and coronavirus news

Awareness about infectious diseases seems to have faded, up until suddenly just lately. It really is a long time between epidemics, and now we have a pandemic. The quickly spreading Coronavirus disease is being handled differently, according to each country. Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains this, and warns on the necessity of urgent action.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_udREjTrBo&t=59s  Another excellent resource is Corona Virus – With Dr. John Campbell. There is also the inhumane theory of “herd immunity”, being recommended by some as a strategy for Britain.

Climate scientists are bemoaning the slowness to take action on the coronavirus, but, even more so, the continuing slowness to act on global heating.

A bit of good news – One Million ‘Wonder Plant’ Seedlings Are Planted in Wales to Fight Climate Crisis—and Create Healthy Seas


Coronavirus spreading –  Federal and State governments taking appropriate action .P.M. Scott Morrison a bit slow to cop on, and, Trump-style, inclined to use the occasion as a PR pitch.

Australian defence officials and politicians, like Christopher Pyne, rotate quickly between government and weapons industry jobs.

Australian govt rejects a report that recommends nuclear submarines.


CLIMATE.  Global heating is intensifying a rare natural phenomenon that brings severe drought to Australia.  Climate change fuelled Australia’s devastating Black Summer – Climate Council Report. The climate denialist spin machine – the “Anti-Greta” in Australia.   NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean contradicts the Coalition party line – wants climate action and NO nuclear.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Rooftop solar unstoppable as market breaks “all previous records” in February .  NSW unveils two new renewable energy zones in $11 billion Net Zero strategy. Major clean energy industry events postponed in response to Coronavirus. Regional community solar and storage projects win NSW government grants. Australian researchers smash efficiency record for ‘tandem solar cells’Major solar farm and battery approved for New South Wales coal country.


Polar ice melting at an accelerating rate. The planet’s largest ecosystems could collapse faster than we thought.

Global response to Covid-19 is rapid. Response to climate change is too damn slow. Coronavirus poses threat to climate action.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warns on doomsday.   Hypocrisy: new commitments to Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) include push for nuclear power.

Nuclear modernisation, cyber operations, raise a dilemma for nuclear deterrence.

Investigative journalism –  Fukushima, and the ocean’s history of nuclear waste dumping.

Tritium – more hazardous than gamma rays and most X-rays.



UK. UK’s nuclear regulated asset base (RAB) financing passes all financial risks to electricity customers.  Nuclear waste transport disrupted by measures to stall coronavirus. Bradwell B Nuclear power plant consultations cancelled amid coronavirus fears. Groups question the viability of the three coastal sites for UK’s new nuclear plants.  The lies about nuclear waste dumping in Scotland – from U.S. nuclear submarines.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Nuclear power, then nuclear weapons? for United Arab Emirates.

SOUTH AFRICA. Murky links between the nuclear and coal lobbies in South Africa. Eskom nuclear troubles – the outcome of years of corruption.

INDONESIA. Nuclear Agency employee accused of illegally storing radioactive waste at his home. Indonesia warned on dangers of nuclear power, advantages of renewable energy.

GERMANY. German grid and nuclear plant operators step up coronavirus precautions.

IRAN. Iran continues to provide international inspectors access to its nuclear facilities.


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