International Women’s Week – Nuclear and climate news

The nuclear industry took the opportunity to push itself as an equality-for-women campaigner. Also, in the media, parents were warned to see that their girls got STEM skills (Science Technology Engineering Maths), or else they’d be jobless dropouts.

Now I too believe that these skills are important.  But I deplore the downgrading of the so-called “soft” studies, that is going on at the same time. With the crises facing the world now, surely for decision-making, we need people with knowledge of languages, history, sociology, ecology. On the health effects of nuclear radiation, and of global heating, the “soft” sciences of biology and genetics are essential.  And, as social commentator Eva Cox has pointed out, the occupations with social values of caring and nurturing ought not to be downgraded and poorly paid, in comparison with the techno world and competitive occupations with macho values.

While climate and nuclear threats are the focus of this newsletter,  the reality is that the planetary mess is made of many interconnecting factors, in the unsustainable economy of “endless growth”. A big reminder –  investigative journalismPlanet Plastic.

A bit of good news -Farming in the Forest: A Chance to Reverse 1,000 Years of Destructive Land-Use Practices


The demonisation of Julian Assange: Former foreign minister Carr calls on the Australian govt to intervene. Government’s latest pressure on the ABC is slammed by Paul Keating.


CLIMATE.  Christiana Figueres– “Australia, you’re not ‘meeting and beating’ your emissions targets”  Global heating is causing a decline in River flows in Murray Darling Basin. Kyoto carryover is “legally baseless”, international law experts warn Morrison government.  Cosy little cocktail party for Liberal and Labor MPs, with coal industry bigwigs.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Morrison to cancel Australia’s participation in the Energy Transition Hub.  CSIRO spin-off, Windlab, looks to Africa after “year of frustration” in Australia.  Solar farms to carry cost of Territory government’s glacial pace on grid reform.  Schletter Australia has partnered with SCP ‘Solar Car Parks’ to launch the HELIOPARK range of Solar Car Ports for the Australasian market. Tasmania sets world-leading target of 200 per cent renewables by 2040. Home battery boost as Victoria expands rebate, NSW launches interest-free loans.


Why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus?

Investigative journalism Big Oil and Big Soda and plastically polluted Planet Earth.

The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty – now more important than ever.The Threat of a Nuclear War Between the US and Russia Is Now at Its Greatest Since 1983.

A sceptical look at NuScam’s small nuclear reactor plans.

RUSSIA. Nuclear reactors on the sea floor – Russia’s costly problem. Russia’s Poseidon thermonuclear torpedo being tested.


UK. Government advisers warn Britain against costly new nuclear reactors.  Nuclear industry appeals for new funding model to support Sizewell C.    12 week public consultation on proposals for Bradwell B nuclear reactors. 50 years of uranium enrichment.   Protesters call for Capenhurst Urenco nuclear plant to be closed down.    Worker at Hinkley Point nuclear station has now developed coronavirus COVID-19. Nuclear and other toxic wastes dumped in Beaufort’s Dyke, which lies between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

USA.  Investigative journalism – Deceit and Dark Money -Ohio’s nuclear subsidy saga.  Dr Chris Busby exposes the facts on Cancer in US Navy  Nuclear Powered Ships.  Trump gives huge funding increase to nuclear agency that develops nuclear warheads.  Trump’s America prepares to use  low-level nuclear weapons as a “viable option“. – Russia fears.   Trump picks nuclear envoy – Marshall Billingslea, formerly involved in torture program. Tennessee Valley Authority violated whistleblower protections for nuclear workers.  Bill in California to call nuclear power “renewable“!.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.  Middle East arms race to begin, as United Arab Emirates to open world’s largest nuclear reactor?

INDIA. Westinghouse nuclear reactors – a very poor deal for India. India retains its nuclear weapons no-first-use policy.

FRANCE. France starts a series of nuclear power shutdowns.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. Marshall islanders continue their fight for nuclear justice.

SOUTH AFRICA. Strange turnaround for South Africa’s EFF leader Julius Malema – nuclear best for blacks, renewables for white elites?

PHILIPPINES. Catholic prelate calls on President Duterte to reject nuclear energy. Nuclear power a very bad option for the Philippines.

CANADA. Nuclear – a failing technology, example Canada’s risky CANDU reactors.

POLAND. Poland’s nuclear power development with USA to cost $15.56 billion.


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