Climate/nuclear news Australia – week to 21 January

With apologies to Samuel Johnson and “MadMen” – “Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of the economy going bust ”  Now, at the 50th anniversary meeting of  the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, climate change is the top subject. While poorer countries for a decade or more have suffered extreme droughts, floods -the impacts of global heating, it has taken the extreme wildfires of a rich country, Australia, to make the world’s big business people now sit up and take notice.

The case of Australia is remarkable also, in that the wildfires’ consequences have affected an entire continent.

While the news media is now more awake up to the global heating crisis, thing are pretty quiet on the nuclear scene.  The world continues to teeter on the nuclear war brink, and the millennials are apprehensive about this. On January 23rd, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will announce the 2020 time of the Doomsday Clock.

A bit of good news – Dutch Guy Famous for Cleaning Up Pacific Garbage Patch is Now Clearing the World’s Rivers Too




Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO), jumps on the bushfire propaganda bandwagon.   Independent MP Bob Katter nominates two small rural towns as desirable sites for nuclear power stations. Experienced physicist doubts the value of small modular nuclear reactors for Australia.

It would be wise to cancel the plan for dumping Lucas Heights’ nuclear waste in South Australia. New short films show the shocking impact of nuclear waste plan on the Kimba community. Scandalous that the Australian government plans a nuclear waste dump on our precious, scarce, agricultural land.


The prosecution of Julian Assange – a travesty of justice.


Climate change afflicting the health of the world’s children. New review confirms that global heating  increases the risk of wildfires. The oceans are getting hot.

Debunking James Hansen’s claims in favour of nuclear power.

Low dose radiation causes cell mutations – new research.

Nuclear industry in terminal decline – over to solar and wind. Nuclear’s swansong?

JAPAN. Japan’s Olympics – recovery for Fukushima? rescue for the nuclear industry? Japanese High Court rules against nuclear reactor restart.  No chance of re-using spent mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel, its storage highly dangerous.

IRAN. Tehran warns it may cease cooperation with IAEA.

KENYA. Vast swarm of locusts ruining the livelihood of 1000s in East Africa.

CHINA. China’s nuclear ghost city 404 – a personal story. New report: China soon to join countries with renewables cheaper than coal.

TURKEY. In Turkey, renewable energy rising, as nuclear partnership with Japan is scrapped.


UK.  UK’s nuclear region, Cumbria, has unusually high rates of certain cancers. Bottled Water Use – Many West Cumbrians frightened to drink the tap water.

In UK, energy bosses bullying locals into submission over Sizewell nuclear build?  The highly controversial question of how to fund UK’s nuclear build. Britain’s Sizewell nuclear project in jeopardy, as EDF struggles to get funding. As building large nuclear stations stall in UK, sites are picked for ‘small’ nuclear reactors.

Britons want real action on climate change, but Boris Johnson’s govt missing in action on this.

EUROPE. European Parliament endorses $1.6 trillion investment plan for Green New Deal.  Europe’s Just Transition Mechanism excludes nuclear from the European Green Deal.  V4 group and Austria disagree on nuclear power.

BELGIUM. Belgium lawmakers narrowly agree to keep U.S. nuclear weapons, Belgian public overwhelmingly opposes this.

BELARUS. Anxiety in Belarus and Lithuania, over new Chernobyl-style nuclear power station.

TAHITI. Australian bushfire smoke across the Pacific shows how French nuclear tests spread radiation.

MIDDLE EAST.  Nuclear reactors for the gulf region could be an even worse threat than global heating.

FRANCE. Significant drop in France’s nuclear energy production.

CANADA. The fallout from a false nuclear alarm .

One Response to “Climate/nuclear news Australia – week to 21 January”

  1. miningawareness Says:

    Excellent summary of the news, as always! Have the fires impacted the areas of Australia’s uranium mines? Some are reporting high levels of rad in the region and blaming Fukushima. While I know that Fukushima got to the southern hemisphere, I don’t believe it would result in a sudden spike that occurred at the time of the fires.

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