Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation using bushfires to promote nuclear power?

Today, 15 January, there was a ’round table” meeting, (I think in Canberra) of “top scientists” on the urgent need to develop new bushfire adaptation and mitigation techniques.

And guess who’s at the top of the list in these TOP SCIENTISTS ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Why, none other than The Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO)

Of course, ANSTO is prominent in promoting the lie that nuclear power is the solution to climate change. They’ve put in submissions to parliamentary inquiries, You can bet that they’ve got one in now, to the Victorian Inquiry (submissions close 28 February.) One must admire the timing of the nuclear lobby’s manipulations, and the speed with which they are jumping on the bushfire-fix bandwagon.

One Response to “Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation using bushfires to promote nuclear power?”

  1. NoNukeSouthAustralia Says:

    ‘Twill be important to realise that the 2019-2020

    1. holocaust of bushfires


    2. deluge of floods

    are happening at a time when Human$ are

    1. planning to massively drill for oil in Great Australian Bight in Southern Ocean
    2. actively increasing the in-situ leach-mining of uranium at Honeymoon mine site in South Australia
    3. dumping all ill-manner of nuclear waste at Kimba on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia
    3. attacking all agriculture with genetic modification of foodstuffs in South Australia

    How could these be related :

    Well subjectively by the reactions by the Intelligencs of Nature to Human Pollution, Greed and Destruction of the Planet.


    Ivan T. Sanderson : zoologist of previous century who pointed out that during the past several hundred MILLIONS of years of life in the oceans, there have PROBABLY been creatures to evolve far past the human mark in time and space, to acquire psychokinetic skills necessary to defend the Oceans from human and any other land-based life form destruction and disturbance.

    Ted Owens : ACTUAL UFO (OVNI) contact who proved beyond question of a doubt that UFO Space Intelligences could direct ANY phenomana at will to defend Earth from human miscreants.

    Examples: How to Contact Space People by Ted Owens (1969)

    Flying Saucer Intelligences Speak by Ted Owens (1969)

    Under $urveillance/Intimidation by

    the past 50 years for

    Pro Peace Anti War
    Pro Environment Anti Nuclear

    sentiments and activities.

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