This week’s climate and nuclear news

I am struggling to find good news – news that would be fitting for this festive week. Well, I guess that “bad” news is pretty much the definition of news, anyway.  As most people are behaving reasonably and decently, and many things are going well – that’s not noteworthy: then the unusual, the bad thing is, by definition, “news”.

On a positive note, Dr Helen Caldicott reminds us that although the nuclear-weapons nations are poised for ecocidal war, the path to peace is still possible;

       The United States of America urgently needs to rise to its full moral and               spiritual height and lead the world to sanity and survival. I know this is               possible because, in the 1980s, millions of wonderful people rose up                     nationally and internationally to end the nuclear arms race and to end the         Cold War.

       This, then, is the sound template upon which we must act.

On the climate front, my own country, Australia, is afire, with bushfires in every state. Australia is a “test case”- the continent most vulnerable to global heating, but also with a pretty much climate denialist government, lackeys of the coal industry.


In the media – the big events have been a rich mens’ yacht race, and cricket. And – Sydney’s to have a great fireworks night on 31st December; they hope it will be visible through the smoke haze   -oh well!

CLIMATE. Australia’s unprecedented bushfires, and the role of global heating.  Evacuation of thousands as Victoria’s bushfires merge. South Australia facing hightened bushfire conditions, as blazes continue. New Year heat wave threatens Australia with more bushfires.

‘Climate Emergency’ – the phrase that elicits anger and outrage. Thousands of Koalas Feared Dead in Australia Fires; Much Koala Habitat Already Destroyed By Deforestation.

Call to Prime Minister Scott Morrison – Time to stop pretending that you have a climate policy. Scott Morrison’s ‘brand’ damaged by silly cover-up of his Hawaii holiday.

NUCLEAR. Australian Parliamentary Report uses dodgy and incorrect nuclear information.  South Australia’s Liberals keen to weaken health and safety laws on uranium.   Uncle Kevin Buzzacott warns that the people, and the lizard are fighting back against BHP and its uranium mine.

Pastoralists relieved that Hawker is safe from threat of nuclear waste dump. Kimba is now the nuclear lobby’s target.

In water-scarce Australia, cooling water for nuclear power would become an impossible burden.  A reality check on the cost of nuclear power for Australia.     Nuclear Groundhog Day in Australia.

Australia’s dangerous subservience to the war-obsessed USA.


These 32 experts refute the claim that nuclear power is a sustainable method against climate change.    Busting the false claims of the thorium nuclear lobby.

Nuclear cost and water consumption – The elephants in the control room.The engaging of youth in the movement to end nuclear weapons.

Risks in incorporating artificial intelligence into nuclear weapons systems.

Ionising radiation damages brain connections.

Julian Assange “slowly dying” and “often sedated” in Belmarsh prison.

Renewables – Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019.

SOUTH AMERICA. The Amazon at a Tipping Point.

JAPAN. Further delay in removal of spent nuclear fuel at Fukushima No. 1. Tepco (once again) saying they will put a giant cover over Fukushima No.1 reactor.  Japan proposes Fukushima water release to sea or air.  Tokyo ‘Recovery Olympics’ offer scant solace to displaced victims of Fukushima nuclear disaster.Toshiba warns it may not continue as ‘going concern‘.  Japan Gov’t liability denied for nukes damages, Tepco to pay minimal damages to evacuees.

EUROPE. European Union split on nuclear energy, but manages a draft Green Finance deal.

KYRGYZSTAN. Kyrgyzstan bans uranium, thorium mining.

RUSSIA Russia deploys first hypersonic missiles. Scientists track down the source of radioactive plume, – Russian cover-up of a nuclear accident.

NORTH KOREA.  North Korea preparing for nuclear negotiations with USA.   Kim Jong Un refers to North Korea being ‘prepared’ for war, hinting at nuclear capabilities.


MARSHALL ISLANDS. Hawaii’s law-makers very worried about the nuclear coffin at the Marshall Islands.  Seafloor mapping reveals the degradation of ocean floor by Bikini nuclear bomb tests.

FINLAND. Yet more delay – Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor already 12 years behind schedule.

FRANCE. “Potentially faulty electrical components” in France’s nuclear backup systems.

GERMANY. Germany’s next nuclear reactor closure on December 31st.

UK. Goats irradiated in 1950s now pose possible environmental danger in Berkshire, UK

SWITZERLAND. Swiss nuclear power station shut down, due to a technical problem.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Dangers of weapons race, terrorism, disaster, as United Arab Emirates proceeds with nuclear power plan.

IRAN. 5.1 magnitude earthquake near Iran nuclear power plant.

PHILIPPINES. Philippines prone to natural disasters, but still contemplates nuclear power.


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