Hawker ballot says no to nuke waste dump 

 https://www.9news.com.au/national/hawker-ballot-to-close-on-nuke-waste-dump/18ef3ba3-8409-4783-a114-2652368da458#close   By AAPstra6:12pm Dec 12, 2019 A community poll among residents in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges has narrowly voted against the construction of nuclear waste dump in the area.

About 52 per cent of the people who took part in the ballot voted against the federal government’s facility being established on land near Hawker.
The result came after a similar poll of residents on SA’s Eyre Peninsula voted almost 62 per cent in favour of the dump being built on one of two sites near Kimba.
The federal government is yet to respond to the poll, but environmental groups said it should rule out the Flinders Ranges as a potential dump site.
Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner Dave Sweeney said the result came amid clear opposition from regional pastoralists and the area’s native title holders.
“There is no broad community support for a national radioactive waste facility in the Flinders Ranges,” Mr Sweeney said.
While the Friends of the Earth said it was time for the federal government to abandon the dump plan altogether.

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