Nuclear news this week – Australia and beyond

Again – climate and nuclear news collide. In Japan, Typhoon Hagibis re-spreads nuclear contamination far and wide – nuclear workers at heightened risk. Low lying Marshall Islands, victim of nuclear testing, now declares a Climate Emergency.



CLIMATE. David Glynne Jones on the unwisdom of nuclear power for Australia in a heating climate.  The role of climate change in A ustralia’s early bushfire seasonBushfires continue burning across Australia, destroying homes. Northern Territory Aboriginals call out for climate action as mangroves dieback with heat.  Weather experts predict more heat and fire risk coming, though fewer cyclones. Climate change – heat -drought – more mass fish deaths to come.

Greens seek to outlaw coal use by 2030, push climate emergency as Labor wavers. Don’t nuke the climate Australia.

Dick Smith, Julian Assange, and USA’s “outrageous” claim to “universal jurisdiction over every person on earth”.

Civil Liberties – Media Freedom  Barnaby Joyce and former foreign minister Bob Carr urge stoppingt extradition of Julian Assange to USA. Pamela Anderson to confront Scott Morrison and plead for Australia to help Julian Assange.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Is Energy Minister Angus Taylor on a one-man mission to stop wind and solar?  EnergyAustralia calls for “unity” to enable “inevitable” transition to renewables.   Solar reaches 80 per cent share of demand in South Australia on Saturday. Clean-energy hub Adelaide a drawcard for local and global innovators.   Queensland approves new 180MW wind farm, with possible battery. Massive 5,000MW solar and wind projects set to fuel WA’s hydrogen expansiono wind turbines. AEMO’s Zibelman calls for system plan, says ‘just in time’ investment won’t work.


Revealed by Wikileaks – facts about nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry.

Climate Scientists urge protestors to keep on going with Extinction Rebellion.  Google publicly decries climate change, privately donates to climate denialism Massive Carbon Tax is needed– International Monetary Fund.   U.N. officials on how Nuclear Power is irrelevant to climate action. The woman who was first to scientifically show, in 1856, how atmospheric C02 caused global warming.

The impossibility of nuclear power solving climate change. Mainstream media fails to cover news on military carbon emissions.

Physics Nobel Laureate predicts NO Migration to Other Planets.


FRANCE. Soaring costs of France’s Flamanville project casts a blight on the global nuclear industry. EDF’s Flamanville nuclear project – more costs, more delays.  The million year problem – deep burial of nuclear wastes.


NORTH KOREA. North Korea threatens to resume nuclear, long-range missile tests.  A Partial North Korean Nuclear Agreement Is Better Than None at All.

SOUTH KOREA. Drones a threat to nuclear facilities.

INDIA. Continued strong public opposition to nuclear power in India.

RUSSIA.  Putin warns on the need for a new nuclear weapons treaty.  Russia and the quest for nuclear power in space.

TURKEY. USA anxiety over its nuclear weapons stashed in Turkey.


IRAN. Iran categorically opposes nuclear weapons – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.  Urgent need for diplomacy with Iran.

PHILIPPINES. Senate to probe Philippine’s nuclear energy program.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. UAE cooperating with Russia to buy Russian nuclear fuel, minister.

SAUDI ARABIA. Russia ready to work with U.S. to build Saudi nuclear power plant – Rosatom.

ISRAEL. Submarine launched missiles in Israel’s probably 300 Nuclear Weapons.


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