Nuclear and climate news to 3 September

It’s not that climate change is getting any better – it’s just that there were fewer news articles about it this week. There was a pretty desperate call from Pope Francis for governments to act.

One weather news item that is getting a lot of coverage is Hurricane Dorian -. not necessarily caused by climate change, but exacerbated by it. It’s of particular interest because of the St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power stations on alert in Florida, potentially in its path.

August, the month when we remember the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,– has been an ominous month for bringing us all closer to World War 3. Donald Trump moved to trash all the nuclear arms agreements, that might put the brakes on international conflict.  Pentagon experts recommended Artificial Intelligence to control nuclear weapons. There have been at least 3 occasions when the imagination and intuition of a human being has just narrowly saved the world from a nuclear holocaust.

A bit of good news. Spanish group gives summer holidays to kids from Chernobyl’s polluted region.



CLIMATE. Queensland extinguishes native title over Indigenous land to make way for Adani coalmineIndigenous landowner challenges Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s decision for coal mine.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  NSW coal city, Newcastle, sets sights on 100 per cent renewables. Victoria government triples number of home solar rebates for September.     Solar and giant “water battery” to slash university’s grid consumption by 40%.

They are trying to break Julian Assange “physically and psychologically”. Injustices to Julian Assange in British prison. (Why is Australia making a huge fuss about an Australian detained in China, but ignoring Assange?)


Climate change is destabilising the Earth’s marine environment. ‘12 Years to Act on Climate Change’ – what does this really mean?

Nuclear winter – the global threat to life.   A freezing and deathly aftermath would follow a US-Russian nuclear war.

BRAZIL. International calls for urgent action on climate, as new fires rage in Amazon forests.

JAPAN. Nearly 17 Tons of Radioactive Materials Detected in Japanese Food Imports. The danger of sourcing food and material from the Fukushima region.  Radioactive sushi: Japan-South Korea spat extends to Olympic cuisine.  South Korea concerned over food safety at Olympics with events slated for Fukushima.

Fukushima tragedy: The day of black snow. Japan says no specific decision yet on disposal of Fukushima radioactive water.  New tactics from TEPCO to get Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPP reopening approval.


UK. Expert on birds warns of environmental catastrophe if UK’s planned Sizewell nuclear station goes ahead. A report corrects Sellafield nuclear damage to Ireland scenario from the UK.

INDIA. Tensions between India and Pakistan, as India contemplates abandoning its No First Use policy on nuclear weapons.

FRANCE.  France’s plan for a Generation IV nuclear reactor bites the dust.  France’s sodium-cooled fast Nuclear reactor turns out to be a dud. Cancelled.  The rocketing costs of Jules Horowitz materials testing reactor (JHR) hastened the demise of the Astrid fast nuclear reactor project.  The Flamanville EPR nuclear reactor – a nightmare site for EDF. “Chernobyl on the Seine” – Marie curie’s radioactive legacy.

IRAN. Iran’s President Rouhani talks with Emmanuel Macron, warning on reducing nuclear commitments.

RUSSIA. U.S. intelligence assessment – Russia’s Mystery Nuclear Explosion Occurred During Missile Recovery at Sea.  Trump’s friendliness with Putin makes it hard for NATO to do anything about Russia’s weapons tests and radioactive explosion. Examining the radioactive isotopes from Russia’s mystery explosion. Russia Spreads Influence in Africa Using Nuclear Power.

NORWAY. Nuclear Norway: Halden spiralling costs and no home for the radioactive waste.

CANADA. Canada didn’t sign the UN nuclear ban treaty, but can still take up its humanitarian provisions .

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