The week in climate and nuclear news – Australia and Overseas

Well, Donald Trump and Kim Jong had a nice little photo-shoot in Vietnam. Nothing actually came of it. But , look on the bright side.  It could have been a lot worse.  Meanwhile USA and South Korea officially call off annual military exercises amid nuclear talks with North Korea.

Climate change’s impact on the oceans is already affecting marine life, and the world’s seafood stocks are declining. How to face what is happening – global environmental collapse. Good news – The young are stepping up to the climate challenge – The Sunrise Movement



NUCLEAR. Friends of the Earth congratulates “The Advertiser” on its coverage of the safety dangers of Kimba nuclear waste dump plan. Minister Canavan incorrect in saying that terrorism risks had not been raised.  Matt Canavan, Minister for Resources (not very bright) , got very flustered about nuclear waste dump safety issues. Dept of Industry Innovation and Science promoting nuclear waste dump to Aboriginal group.  Three people treated at Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear facility after chemical spill.

Olympic Dam Uranium Mine  Major Development Declaration

Long delayed realisation of Australia’s brutal history of massacres of Aboriginal people.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. It’s time for Australia’s renewables industry to go all in.  South Australia’s second biggest solar farm begins production.


Cold War-like arms race is likely to follow the collapse of a historic nuclear treaty.

The possibility of nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Oxygen in oceans declining – climate change brings another threat to marine life

YouTube has become a leader in climate change denial.

Energy companies  should be planning for an industrial revolution driven by renewablesCompletely impractical to replace coal power with nuclear.

ARCTIC. Arctic ice – summers without it could happen sooner than predicted.

JAPAN. Japan’s long-drawn out nuclear “comeback” – safety and cost issues.  ‘Ionising radiation’ not so bad’ – subtle cover-up of the dangers, by Japan’s Centre for Environmental Creation. Japan’s nuclear watchdog concerned at possibility of volcano near nuclear station.

Nightmarishly high radiation levels –robots the only chance to deal with Fukushima reactors’ molten fuel. 2020 Olympics A grand propaganda effort – to minimise the reality of the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. Fukushima’s mountains of radioactive soil – community opposition to recycling it.  The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tokyo Olympics. Along the 2020 Olympics torch route in Japan – higher radiation levels.   Japanese Govt Olympic Games campaign to “showcase” Fukushima’s recovery is not really working.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s major nuclear reactor has been shut down for months.  North Korea’s frighteningly strong non-nuclear artillery.

IRAN. International Atomic Energy Agency chief again confirms that Iran is keeping to the nuclear deal.

RUSSIA.  Vladimir Putin signs decree suspending Russia’s membership of  Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).  Russia to lease nuclear-powered attack submarine to India for a cool $3 billion.

PAKISTAN. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh warns on Pakistan’s readiness to use nuclear weaponsImran Khan to consult nuclear chiefs after India’s first air strike on Pakistan in decades.


UK. Faslane nuclear submarine base had hundreds of health and safety incidents in 2018. Rolls Royce largely getting out of the nuclear industry.

FRANCE. New defects, after a series of problems and delays, in France’s supposed “nuclear flagship” Flamanville. Huge workforce at Flamanville nuclear reactor, employed to fix unsafe welds.


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