South Australia: academia infested with nuclear promoters right at Universities’ top!

Correction to this post, thanks to reminder from Arnold Garnsey. I originally forgot to add these salient points:

UniSA Chancellor Jim McDowell is also Chair of the ANSTO Board & ex-CEO of BAE.
AdUni Chancellor is Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce.

University of Adelaide and UniSA in merger talks, InDaily,   Bension Siebert- 19 June 18 The University of Adelaide and UniSA have announced historic talks to merge into a single university which they claim could be immediately placed within the world’s top 100 universities.

The governing councils of both universities have agreed to a six-month “period of collaboration” to negotiate a potential merger, according to a joint statement released by the universities today.

University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen and UniSA Vice-Chancellor David Lloyd will oversee a joint report into the prospective merger, to be delivered by the end of the year.

The university councils will decide on the viability and merits of a merger at that time.

In a joint statement, University of Adelaide Chancellor Kevin Scarce and UniSA Chancellor Jim McDowell say now is the right time to consider joining together as a single university.

“Now is the time to facilitate a conversation about whether uniting our universities would create a new internationally renowned university of scale that would be well placed to anticipate and respond to this changing landscape,” the statement reads……..
Merging the Adelaide University and UniSA was an ambition of former Labor Premier Jay Weatherill in 2015, but universities and both sides of federal politics were opposed to the idea. ……..

However, this morning Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham, Premier Steven Marshall and SA Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas all congratulated the universities on the move. …..


2 Responses to “South Australia: academia infested with nuclear promoters right at Universities’ top!”

  1. Arnold Garnsey Says:

    A confusing (email) post on an interesting and important matter.
    I was a bit unsure the point or story so googled.Just hope this helps clarify or bring a bit more info. More depth could be found on

    :McDowell, who is the Chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, …

    Rear Admiral Kevin John Scarce AC, CSC, RANR is a retired Royal Australian Navy officer who was the 34th Governor of South Australia, serving from August 2007 to August 2014.
    Former Governor Kevin Scarce recommends go ahead for nuclear ……kevin-scarce…nuclear…/ec156beae29af829a17136a…
    May 10, 2016 – Kevin Scarce handing over the report from The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission to South Australian Governor Hieu Van Le at …———

    Then this Related
    25 prominent South Australians sign up to Ben Heard’s Bright New Nuclear Bullshit
    In “Christina reviews”
    Bjorn Lomborg’s Climate Consensus Centre for Flinders University?
    In “climate change – global warming”

    “Plea to Vice Chancellor of The University of Adelaide – stop promoting nuclear power as climate solution” *extract shows a different name than this article for the vice chancellor* “I plan to make a lot of noise in the days and weeks ahead. My primary target is Warren Bebbington, the Vice Chancellor of The University of Adelaide.”

    The Vice Chancellor is a newcomer to the scene and can claim “no blame” while cutting the fraudsters away from the Uni.

    • Christina MacPherson Says:

      Thanks indeed for this valuable comment.
      In fact – I posted this one in such a hurry that I left out the salient points that I had meant to include.
      I’ll include them now, and pay tribute to your apperception (yes this is a real word – I just found it)

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